Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 27 - Dec. 30, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 27, 2017, through Dec. 30, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Janice Jodon to Gregory A. Shufran and Jennifer L. Shufran, 447 E. Curtin St., $175,000.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to GGW RP LLC, 155 E. Ardell Lane, $1.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to MTW RP LLC, 240 S. Monroe St., $1.

Shirley J. Wilt to LSC RP LLC, 601 Scenic St., $1.

Benner Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Valentino Shvenke and Abigail J. McDonald, 268 Raymonds Lane, $175,000.

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Patrick Mel White and Alice White, 123 Gravel Hill Road, $232,647.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to LSC RP LLC, 127 Fishburn Hill Road, $1.

Daryl Ness to Stephen J. Thor and Erin E. Thor, 179 Exter Lane, $184,900.

Boggs Township

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to GGW RP LLC, 860 S Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Gary G. Wilt to MTW RP LLC, 886 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Louis O. Vogt Estate, Louis O. Vogt Sr. and Louis O. Vogt Jr. to Louis O. Vogt Residuary Trust, Louis O. Vogt Jr., Jane E. Vogt f/k/a Jane Vogt Vere, Property Located on Panther Road, $1.

Troy S. Guenot and Stefanie D. Guenot to Keila D. Guenot and Nathan D. Sharkey, 1375 Pine Glen Road, $127,500.

Roy E. Study and Gloria H. Study to Roy Study, Gloria Study and R E and G H Study Revocable Living Trust, 201 Viehdorfer Road, $1.

Centre Hall

BoroughBryan L. Lingle Estate, Bryan Weaver and Chad Weaver to Brookside Property Holding LLC, 110 Water St., $85,000.

Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to Scott Carts, 325 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $75,000.

College Township

Bank Of America and Marjorie C. Parks Revocable Trust to Harold R. Parks, 400 Boalsburg Road, $1.

Russell B. Yearick and Amy Yearick to Gavin M. Crutchfield, 114 Watson Road, $225,000.

Peter E. McNeil, Jeanne Brennan McNeil and Casey B. McNeil to Casey B. McNeil and Nicole L. McNeil, 206 Elm St., $1.

Joseph C. Meyer Jr. and Carolyn M. Meyer to J. Dennis Meyer, 770 Linden Hall Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Mary Lou Bennett to Alan R. Graefe and Deborah R. Graefe, 4316 W. Whitehall Road, $100,000.

Jonathan C. Nachtigall and Yanna K. Nachtigall to Todd Zook and Ermonela Zook, 1465 N. Foxpointe Drive, $457,500.

James Lee Harpster and Doris Sunday Harpster to Linda R. Donohoe, Elisabeth Culver and Rachel Anstrom, 3301 Shellers Bend #903, $240,000.

Bonasa Covert LLC to Jamshid K. Assadinia and Patricia L. Assadinia, 101 E. Aaron Drive, $220,000.

Trudy L. Mccrea, Craig J. Strapel and John R. Strapel to Ronald J. Strapel, Trudy L. McCrea, Craig J. Strapel and John R. Strapel, 1842 Marengo Road, $1.

Vanessa L. Baronner and Michael G. Brindley to Kevin D. Spotts, 350 Selders Circle, $194,000.

Donald Hampton a/k/a Donald Charles Hampton, Tanya Rissmiller a/k/a Tanya Rissmiller Hampton to Donald Charles Hampton, 1691 Sheffield Court, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Michael George Metil, 285 Winesap Drive, $187,500.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Steven M. Weidman and Joan S. Weidman, 277 Beacon Circle, $457,742.83.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Joseph D. Whitlark and Linda M. Whitlark, 120 Derek Drive, $593,000.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to William Syrett and Leslie Syrett, 335 Derek Drive, $136,000.

Alison Borkowska and Kamil Borkowski to Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc, 129 Honeysuckle Drive, $172,000.

Elizabeth H. Strickler to Elizabeth H. Strickler and Daniel R. Snyder, 315 Bailey Lane, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Marsha C. Jensen, 274 Beacon Circle, $371,937.

TOA PA IV LP to Clinton S. Lucas and Colleen A. Lucas, 262 Beacon Circle, $783,854.14.

Howard Borough

Robert B. Montgomery and Carolyn W. Montgomery to Abraham D. Wagner and Janet E. Wagner, 254 Shirlyn Drive, $220,000.

Robert D. Confer and Deborah K. Confer to Freedom Life Christian Center, Property Located on Walnut Street, $1.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J Wilt to MTW RP LLC, Property Located on Walnut Street, $1.

Howard TownshipMark Ott and Olivia Ott to Tyler J. Penland, 198 Gravel Point Road, $35,000.

Liberty Township

Rebecca R. Holt Estate, Margaret E. Bowman a/k/a Marget E. Bowman f/k/a Margaret E. Pensel, Sean Evans By Custodian and Morgan E. Evans to Robert G. Hanley, Property Located on Monument Orviston Road, $3,500.

Miles Township

Terry W. Crissinger Jr. and Rynne M. Crissinger to Steven R. Wengerd and Joy W. Freed, 127 Greenburr Gap Road, $147,500.

Patton Township

Hawbaker Family Investments to Joan H. Brower, 819 Galen Drive, $1.

Hawbaker Family Investments to Samuel H. Hawbaker and Janice I. Hawbaker, 813 Galen Drive, $1.

S & A Homes Inc. to Elizabeth A. Holtzinger, 117 Deans Way, $350,308.

Lois E. Bailey and Faye L. Erhard to Kyle C. Peck, 461 Douglas Drive, $196,000.

Randall E. Moore and Nikke J. Moore to Andrew J. Bubb and Amy P. Bubb, 208 Doubletree Place, $299,900.

Nagesh Sonti and Jayashree Sonti to Philip Miller and Carmen Miller, 447 Candlewood Drive, $308,000.

Julia M. Kiefer and Peter T. Kiefer to Susan T. Sanders and Philip M. Spangler, 565 Brittany Drive, $275,000.

Paul C. Horn and Gina M. Horn to Roger E. High and Susan G. High, 628 Galen Drive, $175,000.

Penn Township

Chester Habecker and Verna M. Habecker to Timothy C. Hollinger and Geraldine A. Hollinger, 142 Beulahs Lane, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Georgia Ann Myers, Irvin J. Myers, Eldon Dennis Goss, Douglas L. Goss and Sharon Goss to Claire A. Dreibelbis, 104 N. Fifth St, $82,500.

Potter Township

Shirley A. Rossman, Terry A. Rossman, Carol A. Rossman and Gary L. Rossman to Centre County Farmland Trust, 114 Century Drive, $1.

Gary G. Wilt to LSC RP LLC, 119 Wiltshire Drive, $1.

Lloyd M. Ilgen Estate, Marvin Ilgen and Patrick W. Corbett III to Daniel R. Corbett, 116 Way Lane, $120,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Rene Nastase Estate and Margaret Nastase to Roger A. Proctor, Darla J. Proctor and Adam R. Clark, 101 N. Sixth St., $119,120.

Spring Township

Daniel W. Loftis to Stevie Nicole Posegay and Eric J. Posegay, 403 Wiltshire Drive, $247,450.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Brad E. Buterbaugh and Lori M. Dale, 221 Jonathan Lane, $233,179.

Gary G. Wilt to GGW RP LLC, 200 Walker Lane, $1.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to Leslie S. Cottrell, 182 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Gary G. Wilt to MTW RP LLC, 126 Wiltshire Drive, $1.

Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt to MTW RP LLC, 650 Willowbank St., $1.

Holy J. Barnard to Kody Kellerman and Samantha B. Kellerman, 629 Fairview St., $129,000.

Billie D. Tibbens Estate, Bill D. Tibbens Sr. Estate, Daniel L. Tibbens Sr. to Lori Musser and Gary Musser, 125 Oak St., $21,500.

Betty J. Genua and Robert G. Benner, 512 Jacksonville Road, $132,363.

Siltop Visions LLC to Precision Acoustic Devices LLC, Property Located on Rolling Ridge Drive, $310,000.

FV -1 to Quality Rehabs Inc., 226 Upper Coleville Road, $91,500.

State College Borough

Frank A. Clemente and Claudia F. Clemente to Francis J. Hoey, Leslee M. Hoey and Jaxson T. Hoey, 322 Arbor Way, $515,000.

College Township IDA to Joel N. Myers, 623 W. College Ave. Rear # 8, $1.

Jacob J. Loverich and Ann D. Tarantino By Attorney to John Minturn, 714 W. Foster Ave., $495,000.

James D. Vanderveer and Janice L. Vanderveer to Christopher J. Lincoski and Susan E. Lincoski, 1315 Inverary Place, $719,000.

Natreal Limited Partnership to Janzo LLC, 1341 S. Atherton St., $1.

Walker Township

Michael Wrisley and Tracy Wrisley to Daniel S. King and Ella S. King, 120 Kaylene Lane, $270,000.

Darrell L. Sharp and Heather N. Sharp to Kurt William and Michelle A. Young, 503 Forest Ave., $249,000.

Robert L. Cain, Lisa K. Cain and Megan Cain to Timothy Abbott and Diane Abbott, 112 Trophy Way, $60,000.