Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 9 - Jan. 13, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Jan. 9, 2017, through Jan. 13, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Catherine Mary Amante estate a/k/a Catherine M. Amante Estate and Robert Amante to John R. Marchione and Eva T. Marchione, 235 N. Penn St., $57,900.

Richard Mizerny, Jan Freeman Cheney f/k/a Jan Freeman Knisely to Jan Freeman Cheney, 1316 Joanna Drive, $1.

Mary J. Dewitt Estate a/k/a Mary Julia Dewitt Estate and Sandra L. Evans per Rep to Sandra L. Evans, 555 East High St., $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Dorothy M. Royer Estate and Judith A. Taylor to Judith A. Taylor, 122 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

College Township

Karen W. Roush f/k/a Karen W. Martinec and Keith A. Roush to Michael Jeffrey Barney, 526 Hickory Lane, $190,000.

Peter K. Forster and Catherine S. Forster to Jennifer L. Frank and Katherine A. Fiegel, 1221 Haymaker Road, $315,000.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Pennsylvania Investment Properties II LP, 2501 E. College Ave., $500,000.

Kathryn M. Croyle f/k/a Kathryn Putt and Jay E. Croyle to Kathryn M. Croyle and Jay E. Croyle, 100 Elm Shade Drive, $1.

Laura M. Vanderhook to Bokai Chen and Shanting Chen, 200 Willtree Court, $276,500.

Kathryne M. Croyle f/k/a Kathryn Putt and Jay E. Croyle to Mark A. Hayes and Kathleen Geier-Hayes, Property Located in College Township, $60,000.

Curtin Township

Theodore L. Flowers and Debra E. Flowers to Theodore L. Flowers, Property Located on South Mountain Road, $1.

Bryan R. Zeamer to Heather R. Zeamer, 266 Turkey Trail Road, $1.

Harris Township

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Bidong Sun, 140 Derek Drive, $545,000.

Philip S. Gelenberg and Pene S. Gelenberg to Ronald B. Then Jr. and Sarah E. Lehman, 817 Brookside Drive, $142,000.

KBBH Partnership to Neal E. Black and Ruth S. Black, Property Located in Harris, $236,144.

KBBH Partnership to Laura Velasquez, Property Located in Harris, $192,900.

Howard Borough

Andrew G. Kotzur to Drew Miller Kotzur, 753 Spearing St., $1.

Liberty Township

Charles E. Rider, Nena Marie Haines, Trent S. Heizman and Brenda Jeanne Heizman to Dwayne H. Haines and Darla J. Haines, 11067 N. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Marion Township

Martin S. Hlay and Carolee Hlay to Brian M. Park and Jennifer L. Park, Property Located on Two Mile Road, $42,000.

Milesburg Borough

David D. Bierly and Darlene R. Bierly to David B. Swarey, Property Located on East Main Street, $245,000.

David D. Bierly and Darlene R. Bierly to Rudy J. Swarey and Eva L. Swarey, Property Located on East Main Street, $119,000.

Ricky E. Homan and Maribeth R. Giannone to Desiree N. Adams and Shane B. Adams, Property Located in Milesburg, $1.

Grace A. Weidensaul to Leon J. Kanagy and Martha K. Kanagy, Property Located on Route SR- 0192, $170,000.

Millheim Borough

Davis & Wagner Inc and Brookside Homes to Richard A. Wilkinson, Property Located in Millheim, $29,900.

Patton Township

Eric K. Dare and Caitlin B. Dare to William S. Hoy and Wanda Rae Hoy, 286 Michael Road, $154,500.

Amy L. Gaver to Trent A. Marsh and Jessica R. Fenton, 422 Amblewood Way, $172,000.

John G. Shawver and Louisa N. Shawver to John G. and Louisa N. Shawver Prim Res Pro, John G. Shawver and Louisa N. Shawver, 153 W. Clearview Ave., $1.

Brian M. Kissinger, Chole R. Kissinger and Chloe R. Kissinger to Lori A. Losch, Robin W. Losch and Kyle A. Losch, 2990 Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Robert F. Carline and Marguerite C. Carline to Edward C. Demeter and Agatha L. Demeter, 123 Gibson Place, $354,000.

Daniel R. Hawbaker, GW Venture One LP and Grays Woods to Kevin R. Murray and Pamela A. Murray, 1411 Deer Brook Drive, $90,000.

Kevin R. Murray by Agent and Pamela A. Murray by Agent to Kevin R. Murray and Pamela A. Murray, 603 Windfield Court, $1.

Penn Township

Kristopher J. Myers and Elisia Myers to Robert J. Shawver and Andrea L. Shawver, 1st Alley, $165,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Susan G. Bannon, Gary J. Bannon , Nancy T. Kerly, Nancy K. Townsend, Kenneth J. Kerly and Donald Alan Townsend to Tara Storck, 321 Hampton St., $85,000.

Potter Township

James D. Walker and Cathy A. Walker to Craig T. Anthony and Katherine M. Anthony, Property Located on Upper Georges Valley Road, $112,000.

Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Beauchemin Builders Inc, Property Located in Potter Township, $57,000.

Rush Township

Leroy E. Myers and Sandra L. Myers to Daniel John Myers, 139 Womer Road, $208,000.

Brenda M. Adams By Sheriff to Bank of New York Mellon, 212 Walker St., $4,456.10.

Spring Township

Witherite Property Management Inc to Michael P. Logsdon and Angel A. Walter, 205 Bilger Ave., $290,900.

JFDC And Acquisition LLC to Stephanie D. Bell, Property Located in Spring Township, $234,900.

State College Borough

Daniel R. Nold and Lynn S. Nold to Philip W. Martin and Jill L. Martin, 1197 Smithfield St., $295,000.

Anita Kaplan Linker to Rudy L. Slingerland and Ellen W. Slingerland, 636 Sunset Road, $455,000.

Ora Ben-David to Jing Zhu and Xianrui Fu , 522 E. College Ave., $144,680.

Fiore Brothers Inc to Konstantinos Ilias Mikropoulos and Despina Mikropoulos, 403 S. Allen St., $355,000.

Joel N. Myers and Maria E. Myers to Joel N. Myers, 619 W. College Ave., $1.

College Township

IDA to Joel N. Myers, 619 W. College Ave., $109,000.

Walker Township

Dennis J. Ebeling and Myrna Beth Ebeling to Dennis J. Ebeling, 176 Scenic Drive, $1.

William J. Ingram to Ingram Family LP, 121 Pine St., $1.