Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 16 - Jan. 20, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Jan. 16, 2017, through Jan. 20, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jonathan J. Mortensen, 678 Buffalo Run Road, $107,000.

Ryan T. Dann By Sheriff to Saratoga Partners LP, 1002 Valley View Road, $93,601.

Boggs Township

Tyler Lucas, Alania Lucas a/k/a Alaina Lucas to Grace M. Lucas, Property Located on Runville Road, $1.

Peter B. Rider and Delores E. Rider to Peter B. Rider, Delores E. Rider, Paul Wesley Auman and Terri L. Auman, 597 Gates Road, $1.

Janet Breon a/k/a Janet B. Breon to Denedia M. Park, 502 Market St., $162,000.

College Township

Steven J. Schweitzer By Attorney and Wendy L. Schweitzer to Wendy L. Schweitzer, 1301 Charles St., $1.

Kathleen Ann Porteous Estate and Mori Mackenzie to Min Pang, 100 Jefferson Ave Unit #114, $195,000.

Lynn E. Drafall and Robert W. Drafall to Steven C. Booz and Theresa D. Booz, 130 Winchester Court, $220,000.

Ronald A. Smith and Susan F. Smith to Penelope Smith Eifrig, 701 Berry St., $1.

Harold R. Parks to Harold R. Parks and Susan T. Parks, 400 Boalsburg Road, $1.

Plus Point Partners to Mark C. Bigatel and Paula M. Bigatel, Property Located on Lenor Drive, $50,000.

Plus Point Partners to Brian D. Bigatel, Property Located in College Township, $50,000.

Curtin Township

Charles Confer and Raymond Confer to Elmer W. Confer, Charles Confer and Raymond Confer, 138 Buckridge Road, $1.

Patricia A. Rosenberger Estate and Robyne R. Rosenberger to Robyne R. Rosenberger and Randee R. Rosenberger, Property Located on McCloskey Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Arthur F. Hogrefe Estate and Frederick V. Hogrefe Guardian to Millbrook Ventures LLC, 3140 Sheffield Drive, $245,000.

George B. Ruth, Rhondalyn E. Ruth a/k/a Rhondalyn Renee Ruth to George B. Ruth and Rhondalyn Renee, 678 Devonshire Drive, $1.

James K. Ringer and Bethany A. RInger to Qing Liu and Peng Liu, 116 Beagle Run Court, $342,000.

Haines Township

Byrd M. Futhey to Elmer F. Stoltzfus and Rebecca B. Stoltzfus, 235 Fiedler Road, $685,000.

Halfmoon Township

Juniata Valley Bank to Matthew M. Barr to Carla M. Barr, Property Located on Houtz Lane, $210,000.

Donna L. Vaux to Donna L. Vaux and Kenneth L. Vaux, Property Located in Halfmoon Township, $1.

Harris Township

Dustin D. Klinger and Deanne W. Klinger to Jonathan Essick and Kelly A. Essick, 1140 Kathryn St., $295,000.

Anne G. Heebner to John J. Heebner and Lesley D. Heebner, 705 Brookside Drive, $175,000.

Huston Township

School of Living to School of Living, 4022 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

School of Living to School of Living, Property Located in Huston Township, $1.

School of Living to School of Living, 215 Julian Woods Lane,$1.

Liberty Township

Joseph E. Marasco, Eleanor L. Marasco and Christopher E. Marasco to Christopher E. Marasco and Michelle L. Marasco, 356 N. Beach St., $1.

Hope L. Hill and Scott E. Hill By Attorney to David J. Sample, 116 Birch Way, $66,000.

Thomas J. Boone to Carrie A. Boone, 369 N. Beach St., $25,000.

US Bank and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Roger Butler and Peggy Butler, 109 Robin Road, $61,900.

Milesburg Borough

JJ Powell Inc to JJ Powell Inc, 201 Mill St., $1.

Carole Vetter Ripka and Douglas L. Ripka to Carole Vetter Ripka Primary Residence and Carole Vetter Ripka, 5225 Brush Valley Road, $1.

United States Marshal to David E. Lyons By US Marshal and Sandra M. Lyons By US Marshal to Kevin T. Snook, 304 Second St., $86,000.

Millheim Borough

Barbara A. Brownlee to Pisano Building LLC, 103 Penn St., $225,000.

Davis & Wagner Inc and Brookside Homes to Richard A. Wilkinson, Property Located in Millheim Borough, $29,900.

Patton Township

Asif I. Khatri and Shella A. Khatri to Zecomfort LLC, 1926 Waddle Road, $1,420,000.

Robert L. Harshbarger to Yuchen Wang, 688B Oakwood Ave., $279,500.

Leann S. Rossman to Mengmeng Zhang, 632D Oakwood Ave, $202,000.

Penn Township

Elam M. Stoltzfus to Elam M. Stoltzfus Jr and Sadie K. Stoltzfus, 369 Long Lane, $525,000.

Betty R. Stover to Jesse R. Stover, 160 Tea Hollow Lane, $1.

Potter Township

Adam G. Jepson and Meagan A. Jepson to Michael R. Godissart and Spring A. Krepps, 172 Neff Road, $200,000.

Jersey Shore State Bank to Jersey Shore State Bank, 2778 Earlystown Road, $1.

Jersey Shore State Bank to Jersey Shore State Bank, 2780 Earlystown Road, $1.

Daniel R. Weaver Estate and John T. Weaver to John T. Weaver and Gary L. Weaver, 149 Manor Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Travis L. Robinson and Kristen J. Robinson to Hunter T. Smitchko, 282 Fountain Road, $169,000.

Billy Ray Lidgett and Lora Lee Lidgett to Tammy L. Spicer and Billi Jo Coleman, 124 Gorton Road, $1.

Spring Township

Pamela R. Watkins Estate, Heather G. Kellander and John A. Watkins Jr. to Heather G. Kellander and John A. Watkins Jr., 234 Norman Ave., $1.

State College Borough

Mary Helen Elbin By Attorney to Steven Klebacha, 149 Oneida St., $189,900.

Mastros 1 LLC to Erik I. Schmalz and Jennifer L. Berkebile, 916 Southgate Drive, $140,000.

Pauline H. Rallis Estate, Polly H. Rallis Estate, Christos Rallis and Paul Rallis to Dan Rallis and Dennis James Rallis, 262 S. Corl St., $1.

Ardyce M. Jensen Estate and Bryan J. Jensen to Bryan J. Jensen, 429 E. McCormick Ave., $1.

Sol M. Margolies to Ryan Margolies, Brendan Margolies and Isabelle Margolies, 1176 Smithfield St., $1.

Mathew J. Eichelberger to Moses D.F. Ling, Susan M. Ling and Timothy Ling, 801 Stratford Drive, $149,000.

Molly Anne Heath by Attorney to Mathew Eichelberger, 234 E. Irvin Ave., $239,000.

Taylor Township

Melvin L. Reese Sr. and Jean D. Reese to Melvin L. Reese Jr., Property Located on Bald Eagle Pike, $1.

Joseph M. Bayer and Norma L. Bayer to Joseph M. Bayer and Norma L. Bayer, 173 Stahls Lane, $1.

Shirley A. Rothstein and Arlan Rothstein to Kelly Jo McClure and Robert M. McClure, 10940 South Eagle Valley Road, $14,000.

Kelly Jo McClure and Robert M. McClure to Kelly Jo McClure and Robert M. McClure, 10940 South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Shirley A. Rothstein and Arlan Rothstein to Shirley A. Rothstein and Arlan Rothstein, 10958 South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Union Township

Classic Four Group to Mitchell E. Snyder, 1393 Rattlesnake Pike, $90,000.

Ellery L. Litz Estate and David Litz to Gary Allen Hettinger and Bonney L. Hettinger, 182 Barnyard Lane, $320,000.

Walker Township

Nancy L. Stover to Michael D. Sagastume, 695 Snydertown Road, $135,000.

Whitney S. Bennett n/k/a Whitney S. Peters and Colby R. Peters to Nathan L. James and Tosha L. James, 141 Meadow Lane, $227,000.