Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 13 - March 17, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 13, 2017, through March 17, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

James R. Saylor and Jaqueline W. Saylor to Jordan White Stoner and Emily Sue Stoner, 1028 Airport Road, $179,000.

Benner Township

Parkside Homes LLC to Robert K. Bishop and Denise D. Bishop, 144 Aster Avenue, $430,485.

Village of Nittany Glen LP to John H. Carr and Connie M. Carr, Property located in Benner Township, $209,427.

Boggs Township

Gary E. Derr to David G. derr and Tammy jo Krape, 293 fetzertown Road, $1.

College Township

Andrea Weber and Tina Kopilchack to Gregory R. Kunes and Patricia R. Kunes, 125 Pepperberry Lane, $116,500.

Greogry R. Junes and Patricia R. Kunes f/k/a Patricia M. Kunes to Andrea Weber and Tina Kopilchack, 132 Washington Place, $225,000.

Frank C. Greenleaf and Nancy A. Greenleaf to Toumayants Family Trust, Garabed P. Toumayants and Araxi R. Caloustian, 432 Gerald St., $165,000.

Ferguson Township

Margaret Paige Kendall and Karen K. Mastin to Jacob J. Gummo and Heather L. Gummo, 714 Devonshire Drive, $268,000.

Dorothy Mae Pelick Estate and joseph T. Pelick Admr. to Joseph T. Pelick, 609 Berkshire Drive, $1

Christopher P. Dufour and Catherine S. Dufour to Joseph Michael Foley and Emily Alexandra Foley, 140 Lois Lane, $420,000.

Matthew J. Rhodes and Katie J. Rhodes to Schaumburg Family Revocable Trust, Gregory Schaumburg and Janie L. Schaumburg, 1387 MArengo Road, $268,500.

Charles H. Ness Estate and megan Brooks to Megan Brooks and Diana Ness Stevens, 1238 East Park Hills Ave., $1.

Ruth E. Newhouse to Joseph H. Garvey Jr. and Beth A. Garvey, 1985 Harvest Circle, $165,000.

Sound Technology Inc. to Accuweather Inc. 385 Science Park Road, $30,486.

Sound Technology Inc. to Sound Technology Inc., 401 Science Park Road, $1.

Accuweather Inc. to Accuweather Inc., 385 Science Park Road, $1.

Norman E. Williams and Andrea W. Williams to Kevin W. Schneider and Lisa A. Schneider, 115 Meadowview Court, $499,000.

David W. Archibald and Sara M. Rogers f/k/a Sara M. Archibald to Sara M. Rogers, 144 West Pine Grove Rd. $1.

Halfmoon Township

Howard B. Smith and Erika J. Smith to Kristan M. Morris, 3104 Marengo Road, $208,000.

Chad A. Wood and Heather M. Hott to Heather M. Hott, 112 Dunkirk Drive, $1.

Harris Township

Louis Alvarez to Peter M. Horn and Rebecca L. Horn, 1441 Willowbrook drive, $261,100.

Lucia Pelliciotta to Aaron M. Biega and Megan E. Yocum, 115 Honeysuckle Drive, $200,000.

S2 GTW Associates and GTW Associates to Maureen E. Riedel, 412 Homestead Lane, $260,000.

Pine Haven Realty LLC to Darlene E. Zweig, Property located in Harris Township, $230,000.

Liberty Township

Ronald Anthony Schirato, Christine M. Schirato and Robert Thomas Schirato to Ronald A. Schirato and Christine M. Schirato, 104 Short Ln., $1.

John H. Rummell and Erin M. Rummell to Tyler C. Shafer and Julia I. Shaffer, Property located on Nyman Lane, $15,000.

Marion Township

Todd A. Dolan and Karen I. Dolan to Todd A. Dolan and Karen I. Dolan, 4975 JAcksonville Road, $1.

PR Properties Partnership to Kyle S. Miller and Bennett Gray, Property located on Two Mile Road, $40,000.

Milesburg Borough

Larry E. Beahm and Priscilla R. Beahm to Robert E. Holt Jr. and Michele M. Holt, 300 Spring St., $241,000.

Tyler P. Boone and Jamie L. Boone to Jamie L. Boone, 302 3rd Street, $1.

Patton Township

Asif Khatri and Shella A. Khatri to Kenneth L. Teaman and Carolyn B. Teaman, 306 Skytop Lane, $1.

Robert M. Dively adn Shirley M. Dively a/k/a Shirley Jean Dively to Barry H. Dively, Paul R. Dively and Jill M. Toto, 934 Scotia Rd., $1.

Copper Beech Townhome Communities to Christopher P. Dufour and Catherine S. Dufour, 696F Oakwood Ave., $275,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Joseph C. Kephart Jr. and Carrie Wiley Kephart a/k/a Carrie W. Kephart to Carrie W. Kephart, 132 Windsor S., $1.

Marilyn Schaar Living Trust and Marilyn Patricia Schaar to Brea Beish, 107 North Fourth Street, $83,740.

Kimberly Hummel and Merrill A. Timchak to Cory D. Hummel Timothy J. Gardner, 514 North Tenth Street, $100,000.

Potter Township

Emily E. Keith to Emily E. Keith and Jamie L. Keith, Property located in Potter Township, $1

Emily E. Keith to Emily E. Keith and Jamie L. Keith, 170 Colyer Road, $1.

Valley Business Asssociates LP., Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Phil Meyer and Judy Meyer, Property located on Pepper Ridge Road, $157,000.

Rush Township

Dixon Family Revocable Trust and Phyllis Dixon to Sarah Phyllis Dixon a/k/a Phyllis Dixon and Milinda J. Flick, 411 Walker St, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Torey L. Bowling and Audrey L. Bowling to Torey L. Bowling, 509 South Moshannon Ave. $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Ridge Road Joint Venture, William S. Shuey, Harry E. Whitehill and Budd T. Henry to Scott H. Bode and Cindy Bouder-Bode, Property located on Spruce Road, $27,900.

Spring Township

Nathaniel A. Esterline and Laura H. Esterline to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC., 1071 West Springfield Drive, $299,900.

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC. to Michael Lash and Jara E. Dorsey-Lash, 10714 West Springfield Drive, $179,000.

John E. Mulfinger, John E. Mulfinger Jr. and Christine A. Mulfinger to Jody M. Sharer and Danan Sharer, 200 Bluebird Lane, $305,000.

Andy Breon to Alva Breon, 267 Harrison Road, $1.

Bruce R. Snyder and Marilyn Snyder to Marilyn Snyder, 393 Gregory Lane, $1.

Anca D. Miller a/k/a Anca D. Fountain to Matthew King and Andreea Daniela King, 213 Melanie Ln., $1.

State College Borough

Ming Fai Sham to Ronald E. Drager Jr. and Beth A. Drager, 804 Stratford Drive, $157,000

Parkway Medical Center to Easterly Parkway Group LP., 233 Easterly Parkway, $1.

Ryan Margolies, Brendan Margolies and Isabelle Margolies to Christopher Stanton and Anna Ziajka Stanton, 1176 Smithfield Street, $299,900.

Walker Township

Lloyd G. Rogers and Mildred A. Rogers to Carl L. Rogers, Rickey L. Rogers, Eileen J. Cramer and Helen M. Rogers-Koon, 251 Nittany Valley Drive, $1.

Zion Associates to William C. Kriner and Susan W. Kriner, Property located in Walker Township, $307,730

Wayne E. Heckman to David J. Myers and Jennifer J. Myers, Hecla Mountain Road, $142,900.