Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 3 - April 7, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 3, 2017, through April 7, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

William P. Burns and Cheryl L. Burns to Donielle M. Holderman, 1126 Centre St., $200,900.

Jacqueline P. Contois to Julia Diane Plummer, 134 N. Monroe St., $212,000.

Cecil S. Giscombe and Katharine E. Write to Benjamin R. Enders, Emilie Enders and John G. Enders, 428 N. Spring St., $127,000.

Benner Township

Thomas G. Benner , Larry S. Shaffer and Discount Remodelers to DMCK Lee LLC, 3076 Benner Pike, $195,000.

Matthew J. Bassett and April D. Bassett to Crystal L. Pecht, 201 Amberleigh Lane, $177,000.

Grove Park Associates Inc to Parkside Homes LLC, 190 Teasel Way, $44,562.

Centre Hall Borough

Curtiss D. Vonada and Brenda K. Vonada to Brenda K. Vonada, 127 Second St., $1.

College Township

Harry B. Taylor and Kathy J. Taylor to Jonathan B. Powers and Barbara L. Powers, 191 Aberdeen Lane, $412,000.

Steven R. Rossman and Laura A. Rossman to Brian D. Kramer Jr., 1095 Shamrock Ave., $395,000.

Daniel G. Workman and Melissa D. Workman to Mark N. Washik and Jia Shen, 347 First Ave., $254,000.

Fieldstone Investors Group LLC to S&A Homes Inc, 110 Windrush Road, $160,000.

Fidelis O. Ejianreh to Wayne K. Lowman and Debra Lowman, 224 Gerald St., $128,000.

Gerald B. Henderson Trust, Susan C. B. Hill and Thomas J. Hoyne to Susan C.B. Hill Trust and Thomas J. Hoyne, 1040 Haymaker Road, $1.

Bonita A. Frederick to Susan C.B. Hill Trust and Thomas J. Hoyne, 117 Wellington Drive, $289,500.

James C. Wambold and E. Alice Wambold i/k/a Alice E. Wambold to Jodi Hakes, 126 Randy Lane, $80,000.

Ferguson Township

Richard R. Coons and Susan R. Coons to Stephen H. Phillips II and Kathleen E. Phillips, 7 Sandra Circle, $374,000.

Bangzhi Liu and Yi Zhang to Xiaodan Liu and Marquil Liu Peng, 2168 Quail Run Road, $258,000.

Poole Family Limited Partnership to S&A Homes Inc, 111 Red Willow Road, $377,500.

Hannah J. Tuggy to Kyle R. Wright and Shannon M. Wright, 175 Irion St., $130,000.

Gregg Township

Mary Maye Horner Estate, Sharon M. Horner, Tammie K. Cahoon and Laron E. Horner to Thomas Aaron Riley III and Sarah D. Liddick, 125 Railroad St., $110,000.

Victor G. Shvenke, Julia R. Shvenke and Vaentino V. Shvenke to Matthew E. Compton-Clark, 107 Toolshed Lane, $204,000.

Haines Township

Rufus C. Zook and Saloma E. Zook to Reuben J. Zook and Emma E. Zook, 185 Eli Drive, $150,000.

Reuben E. Yoder and Fannie A. Yoder to Rufus C. Zook and Saloma E. Zook, 190 Blue Heron Drive, $292,000.

Halfmoon Township

Allie M. Love and Russell G. R. Love to William J. Herbick and Kelly A. Herbick, 205 Centennial Hills Road, $330,500.

S&A Homes Inc to Joyce Jose and Anoop Narayanan, 69 Stable View Drive, $546,162.

Harris Township

Brian E. Bortz, Jennifer S. Bortz, Charles M. Cummins, Norman F. Horn and Sean P. Farrell to Andrew G. Freeman, 116 W. Main St., $360,000.

GTW Associates to Chirstopher Turley, 140 Reuben Way, $65,500.

Howard Township

Sylvia R. Nyman Estate ak/a Sylvia Ruth Nyman Estate and Gail Miller to Lance S. Gates and Stacy R. Gates, Property Located on Township Bulding Road, $232,500.

Liberty Township

Tyler S. Mccall to Kaleb Long, Property Located on Robin Road, $21,500.

Milesburg Borough

Jacob K. Esh Jr. and Mary E. Esh to Aaron Z. Esh and Katie L. Esh, 200 Shaffertown Road, $1.

Patton Township

Christine Karg-Palreiro to Barbara Jones and William Jones, 128 Honors Lane, 343,000.

Gray’s Woods Professional Dev LLC to James A. O’Connor, 650 Grays Woods Blvd., $1.

Gray’s Woods Professional Dev LLC to Gray’s Woods Professional Dev LLC, 1019 Ghaner Road, $1.

Galen J. Mellott to James A. O’Connor, 650 Grays Woods Blvd., $1.

Galen J. Mellott to Galen J. Mellot, 670 Grays Woods Blvd., $1.

James A. O’Connor to Gray’s Centre LLC, 650 Grays Woods Blvd., $340,000.

Christopher Greene and Jennifer McElhoe to Stephanie L. Cutler, 1924 Park Forest Ave., $232,000.

Pinnacle Development LLC to S&A Homes Inc, 113 Deans Way, $160,000.

Alfred J. Pelland and Sonya E. Pelland to Xiuwen Chen, 454 Amblewood Way, $151,000.

Potter Township

Laurie A. Linton to Daniel W. Saltsgiver and Jennifer L. Saltsgiver, 123 Ridge Ave., $189,000.

Valley Business Associates LP, Pauline R. Nicosia and Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. to Chad R. Packer and Ashley D. Packer, 130 Pepper Ridge Road, $65,000.

Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr and Pauline R. Nicosia to David D. Lingle LLC, Property Located on Pepper Ridge Drive, $59,000.

Rush Township

Dona Navasky to Steven T. Rusnak and Melanie J. Rusnak, 163 Easy St., $195,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Robert Fye and Sharon Fye to Teri A. Rudy, 425 Elm Road, $1.

Spring Township

Geneieve A. Newman to Dan Arthur Woodring and Catherine Renee Woodring, 113 W. Spirngfield Dr., $298,000.

Jason Sincavage and Colleen Sincavage to Jason Sincavage, 210 Melanie Lane, $1.

Stephen V. Ripka and Jan M. Ripka to Bradley S. Holzapfel and Duane A. Herr, 322 S. Main St., $250,000.

Paul H. Neff and Sarah L. Neff to Dennis C. Brooks and Deborah K. Brooks, 101 Bending Oak Drive, $1.

James A. Bellis III to Bristol Global Mobility LLC, 141 Rosehill Drive, $265,000.

Bristol Global Mobility LLC to Matthew J. Jones and Brittany L. Dodson, 141 Rosehill Drive, $265,000.

JFDCLand Acquisition LLC to Marie A. Sagen and Stephanie L. Kirkpatrick, 204 Jonathan Lane, $189,900.

Leslie K. Root to Adam M. Lynch and Taylor V. Lynch, 824 N. Harrison Road, $135,000.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Michael A. Baughman and Jessica L. Baughman, 187 Jonathan Lane, $257,214.

State College Borough

Jeffrey A. Biber and Bettyann C. Biber to Rupal Brindesh Dhruva and Brindesh Rahul Dhruva, 726 N. Allen St., $357,000.

Walter A. Koltun, Catherine A. Koltun, Alex J. Koltun and Debra Marie Maclellan to Louis P. Leite, Kelly R. Leite and Kathryn E. Leite, 10 S. Patterson St., $444,500.

Alice M. Worthen to Anthony R. Richardella and Heidi M. Lorimor, 1338 Penfield Road, $307,000.

Kostadin Ivanov to Kostadin Ivanov and Maria Avramova, 540 Westview Ave., $1.

Taylor Township

Hilda J. Weaver, T. Wesley Weaver Jr., T. Wesley Weaver Jr. and Hilda J. Weaver RE, Nathanael Lee Weaver and Wade T. Weaver to T. Wesley Weaver Jr. and Hilda J. Weaver RE and Wade T. Weaver Jr., 462 McMonigal Lane, $1.

Union Township

Kyle H. Clymire to Philip Watson, 3050 S. Eagle Valley Road, $22,000.

Walker Township

Thomas J. Ebersole and Maryanna L. Ebersole to Kirsch L. McMaster and Melinda S. McMaster, 316 Meadow Lane, $238,000.

Darlene F. Packer to Thomas James Deysher and Margaret Strong Deyser, 1060 E. Springfield Drive, $365,000.