Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 27 - March 31, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 27, 2017, through March 31, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Bank of New York Mellon to Alan Investments III LLC, 212 E. High St. $26,455.

Mary C. Kahle Estate and Harry H. Hunt to C. Kendra Wagner, 524 N. Spring St., $132,000.

Andrew C. Cortopassi and Erin L. Cortopassi to Timothy E. Loduca and Christina N. Loduca, 133 S. Thomas St., $182,500.

Douglas A. Johnson and Sharon A. Johnson to Douglas A. Johnson and Sharon A. Johnson, 610 E. Linn St., $1.

Mark D. Mortensen to Timothy Grattan and Amy B. Grattan, Property Located on North Penn Street, $357,500.

Benner Township

Parkside Homes LLC to Henry A. Fifield and Susan Y. Fifield, 118 Aster Ave., $396,846.

Centre Hall Borough

Dona O’Hara to Dona R. O’Hara and Denise K. Sweitzer, 219 N. Hoffer Ave., $1.

College Township

Nathaniel Thomas and Jill Marie Thomas to Jill Marie Thomas, 208 Rainlo St., $1.

Gerald E. Rogers and Loretta M. Rogers to Pleasant Pointe LP, Property Located on Trout Road, $401,625.

Plus Point Partners to Mark C. Bigatel, Paula M. Bigatel and Brian D. Bigatel, Property Located on Lenor Drive, $57,000.

Thistle Patch Associates, Blake Douglas Gall and Linda Jean Gall to Samuel B. Bonsall IV and Lauren E. Bonsall, Property Located on Blackberry Lane, $1.

Randall A. Bachman, Lynor C. Bachman and Kenneth Bachman by Custodian to Tyler David Maines, 210 Holly Ridge Drive, $1.

Ferguson Township

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Bijan Zolghadr and Sharareh Zolghadr, 171 E. Pine Grove Road, $110,600.

Luke J. Depasqua and Lakisia E. Drew to Michael H. Penn and Amanda M. Parks, 144 Deepwood Drive, $262,000.

Megan R. Brown to Megan R. Brown, 1233 W. Gatesburg Road, $1.

Eric M. Nagy and Carrie Nagy to Joel L. Harris and Lauren A. Spencer, 190 Plainfield Road, $228,000.

David R. Venneri and Karen A. Venneri to Shawn M. Clark and Holly J. Wakefield, 1171 Chestnut Ridge, $380,000.

Lisa B. German and Gregory A. German to Darren J. Hrona and Hannah P. Bellwoar, 104 Chester Court, $425,000.

Gregg Township

Samuel Clair Boob and Eva Marie Boob to Samuel Clair Boob, 4164 Penns Valley Road, $1.

Lannie L. Homan to John L. Kubalak, Marilyn A. Kubalak, John D. Kubalak and Holli M. Kubalak, Property Located on Penns Creek Road, $40,000.

Russell E. Schleiden and Jeanne C. Schleiden to Russell E. Schleiden and Jeanne C. Schleiden, 180 Grenoble Road, $1.

Haines Township

Randall M. Stover By Attorney to Lyle Stover, Corner of Plum Street and Spruce, $150,000.

Harris Township

KBBH Partnership to Andre C. Butler and Chantee Y. Steele, Property Located in Harris Township, $215,980.

KBBH Partnership to Lawrence A. Smith Jr and Dawn E. Smith, Property Located in Harris Township, $273,538.

Toa PA IV LP to Paul G. Millard and Marion W. Millard, 254 Beacon Circle, $429,281.81.

Howard Borough

Keith C. Lyons and Theresa Gargett-Lyons to Gideon J. Ammerman and Jendi D. Ammerman, 282 Spearing St., $126,900.

Huston Township

Scott K. Kralik and Julia R. Kralik to Scott K. Kralik, 1540 Steele Hollow Road, $1.

Theodore Langham III to Stephen M. Taylor and Elizabeth C. Taylor, 281 Whetstone Run, $49,500.

Marion Township

Martin S. Hlay and Carolee Hlay to Spencer Boone and Jenny L. Boone, Property Located on Beech Bottom Road, $63,500.

Spencer L. Boone to Spencer L. Boone and Jenny L. Boone, 214 Beech Bottom Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Steven M. Hastings and Michelle L. Hastings to Richard E. Newman and Carol L. Newman, 503 Mill St., $60,000.

Ivan K. Beiler and Miriam B. Beiler to Ammon S. Beiler and Mary F. Beiler, 125 Rockville Road, $1.

Ivan K. Beiler and Miriam B. Beiler to Ammon S. Beiler and Mary F. Beiler, 118 Town Lane Road, $1.

Millheim Borough

Shirley M. Zimmerman to Nicholas D. Klaue, 128 W. Main St., $47,000.

Patton Township

Reed McCormick to Reed Mccormick and Skytop Vista Homeowners Association, Property Located on West Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Reed Mccormick to Edward S. Marflak and Lisa M. Marflak, Property Located on Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Golden Pund LLC to Quan Pi Shen, 101 Fernwood Court, $184,000.

Mark B. Stephens and Patricia K. Stephens to John P. Kuderka Jr. and Colleen A. Kuderka, 115 Alma Mater Drive #302, $232,000.

Brian D. Sheppard By Sheriff and Lori R. Sheppard By Sheriff to MTGLQ Investors LP, 1964 Highland Drive, $105,000.

S & A Homes Inc to Marcus A. Whitehurst and Sabrina V. Whitehurst, 1735 Woodledge Drive, $523,313.

S & A Homes Inc to Luiz De Viveiros and Maria Del Carmeona Benitez, 1717 Woodledge Drive, $467,306.

Norman A. Inkpen Jr. and Joy A. Inkpen to James D. Lefebvre and Jennifer M. Lefebvre, 727 Oakwood Ave., $225,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Gold Nugget Properties LLC to Zbigniew Leskiewicz, 100 N. Sixth St., $79,600.

William L. Pavlick to Sheila C. Rockey and Jeffrey L. St. Clair, 13 W. Maple St., $39,000.

Thomas A. Irvin Estate, Thomas J. Irvin and Alan J. Irvin to Richard L. Shelleman and Ann M. Shelleman, 131 Windsor Terrace, $185,000.

John W. Swartout and Kelly Swartout to Malcaje LLC, 5 N. Front St., $50,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Gardner Holdings LLC to Kenneth R. Schindler and Sandi L. Schindler, 102 E. Plank Road, $104,000.

Potter Township

Michele V. McCardle to Michele V. McCardle to Neil B. Foust, 2851 Earlystown Road, $1.

Dorothy Lee Alterio a/k/a Dorthy L. Alterio and Anthony L. Alterio to Dorothy L. Alterio and Anthony L. Alterio, 605 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

Stephen W. Coder to Theodore A. Toadvine Jr, 133 Mountainside Trail, $410,000.

Rush Township

Commonwealth of PA to Moshannon Valley Eonomic Dev Ptnr In, 210 Loch Lomond Road, $150,000.

Gary Conklin and Sandra Conklin to Yvonne R. Maruschak and Gina C. Maruschak, Property Located on North Richards Street, $5,000.

Rodney L. Brown Jr. and Joanne M. Brown to Justin M. Brown, 647 Loch Lomond Road, $1.

James A. Thal and Shirl A. Thal to James A. Thal, 219 Oakwood Drive, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Kurt L. McKinney and Bridget M. McKinney to Ryan F. Clute and Brenda L. Clute, 114 Summit Road, $49,5000.

Spring Township

Richard C. Curtis and Janene E. Curtis to Janene E. Curtis, 157 Faust Circle, $1.

Steven B. Yarnell to Steven B. Yarnell and Linda E. Yarnell, Property Located on Airport Road, $1.

Grace L. Frantz Estate, Sharon K. Hockenberry and Christine L. Glantz to Sharon K. Hockenberry and Thomas Daniel Hockenberry, 216 First Ave., $1.

Leonard V. Scott Jr . and Lannie L. Scott to Joshua C. Scott, Property Located in Spring Township, $1.

Koltay Homes Inc to Jaqueline M. Sabol, 142 Rosewood Cove, $228,728.

Harrison W. Tressler Jr., Joan I. Tressler and Michael Tressler to Daniel G. Workman and Melissa D. Workman, 308 Harrison Road, $440,000.

Randy G. Reeder and Janet A. Grassmyer to Scott F. Caldwell and Cassie G. Marsh-Caldwell, 114 Grant Circle, $298,500.

State College Borough

Matthew S. Jackson to Matthew S. Jackson and Amber W. Jackson, 918 S. Sparks St., $1.

University Park Plaza Corporation to University Park Plaza Corporation, 260 W. Hamilton Ave., $1.

Travers Residuary Trust, Susan T. Geering and David A. Baker to Xiaogong Zhao and Lei Zhao, 500 E. College Ave., $210,000.

Griffin T. Jones and Sharon D. Jones to Timothy J. Radio and Naomi M. Radio, 1049 Bayberry Drive, $335,000.

Mark D. Myers and Kathleen M. Myers to John Lawler and Helene Lawler, 802 Stratford Drive, $134,000.

Margaret Hardy Estate and William R. Hardy to Drew S. Yingling and Lynn Koehler Yingling, 1250 S. Garner St., $295,000.

Taylor Township

Paul L. Brown and Karen J. Brown to Janie A. Irvin, 822 Fowler Hollow Lane, $24,000.

Janie A. Irvin and Janie A. Irvin, 822 Fowler Hollow Lane, $1.

Paul L. Brown and Karen J. Brown to Paul L. Brown and Karen J. Borwn, 201 Shady Ridge Lane, $1.

Union Township

Russell E. Emel to Dolores A. Rider Bruss, 126 Cherokee Court, $1.

Unionville Borough

Jay D. Barndt, Denise A. Barndt, Gene E. Barndt Jr and Kelly S. Clemons to Jay D. Barndt, Jay I. Barndt and Troy R. Barndt, 380 Chestnut St., $1.

Walker Township

Hull Family Revocable Trust, John H. Hull and Deborah D. Hull to Wayne Heckman and Nicole L. Heckman, Property Located on Red Rock Lane, $90,000.

Paul A. Roncevich and Sarah D. Roncevich to Jennifer L. Crawford and Brian T. Buzard, Property Located on Two Mile Road, $78,000.

Brian Copsey and Valerie Copsey to Matthew L. Kuhlman and Sara E. Kuhlman, 350 Toni Terrace, $1.