Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 10 - April 13, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 10, 2017, through April 13, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Maritess A. Lumague by Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortage Corporation, 224 East Lamb St., $91,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 705 East Curtin St., $1.

Scott F. Caldwell and Cassie G. Marsh n/k/a Cassie G. Marsh-Caldwell to Daniel P. Kuhn and Rebecca C. Kuhn, 105 N. McAllister St., $235,000.

Boggs Township

Charles W. Mitchell and Kristin A. Mitchell to James S. Kephart Jr. and Maureen C. Richards, property located on Bullit Run Road, $120,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Thomas F. Coombs to Martin A. Wildy and Andrea E. Wildy, 230 Willow Ave., $1.

Anthony R. Beck and Jenna E. Beck to Robert D. Gardner, 2453 Buchenhorst Road, $206,000.

Dimitri N. Klinkowsky and Yulia Klinkowsky to Carolyn Triozzi, 116 Asbury Lane, $292,500.

Kissinger Bigatel and Brower Inc. to Nicholas Eric Platt, 126 Gaslight Circle, $370,000.

Beck Family Trust to Barbara A. Stabb Trust, 1216 Edward St., $1.

Samuel C. Thompson Jr. and Becky Sue Thompson to Glen A. Yeager and Janice L. Yeager, 270 Meadowsweet Drive, $790,000.

Robert D. Gardner and Carolyn A. Triozzi f/k/a Carolyn A. Gardner to David W. Manter II and Monica L. Manter, 113 MacDuff Circle, $115,000.

Daniel N. Abruzzo incorrectly identified as Daniel N. Abruzzio and Susan A. Abruzzo incorrectly identified as Susan A. Abruzzio to Denise L. Ruhl and Kim J. Ruhl, 134 Harris Drive, $392,000.

Curtin Township

Emile C. Weaver and Linda M. Weaver to Colt J. Weaver, 785 Summit Hill Road, $115,000.

Ferguson Township

Nikolay A. Loutsik and Alisa P. Loutsik to Centre County Properties LLC., 471 Hawknest Road, $1.

S&A Homes Inc. to Centre County Properties LLC. 169 Red Willow Road, $283,860.

Meredith A. White to Camillo Properties Inc., 4316 Tadpole Road, 125,000

Gary B. Kesler and Diane J. Kesler to Ryan B. Martin and Maureen M. Russell-Martin, 110 Gala Drive, $227,000.

Khanjan Mehta and Toral Zaveri to Brian T. Ellis and Monica C. Ellis, 148 Gala Drive , $215,900.

Edward C. Demeter and Agatha L. Demeter to Tieyuan Zhu and Mengxi Hu, 1312 Barnstable Lane, $610,000.

Patrick T. Terenzini and Caroline T. Terenzini to Robert D. Shepherd and Ann J. Shepherd, 1245 Westerly Parkway Unit #48, $299,000.

Jane G. Hess estate, Robert G. Hess Co-Extra and Anne Hess Co-Extra to Robert G. Hess and Anne Hess, 117 Fairbrook Drive, $1.

Gary L. Brown and Cheryl A. Brown to Siyuan Liu and Ce Liu, 2372 Corinna Court, $445,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Jingzhi Huang and Lily Feng, 130 Red Willow Road, $1.

Gregory J. Woodman and Anita F. Woodman to Bradley Evan Bathgate and Kelly Stull Bathgate, 1214 Deerfield Drive, $463,710.

Tyler E. Tressler and Breanna A. Sunday f/k/a Breanna A. Tressler to Tyler E. Tressler and Breanna A. Tressler, 858 North Nixon Road, $1.

Georgia C. Fink f/k/a Georgia C. Maguire and Donald R. Fink to Nathaniel Anders Miller and Krista Carolyn Miller, 602 Berkshire Drive, $262,000.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP. to Gary L. Brown and Cheryl A. Brown, 269 Beacon Circle, $410,371.59.

Walker Land Development Corporation to Walker Land Development Corporation, 105 Roundhill Road, $1.

Emily E. Rozelle n/k/a Emily Eleanore Hoober to Eric R. White and Nina R. White, 1631 West Branch Road, $168,000.

Huston Township

Allen W. Donley, Helen E. Donley and Allen W. Donley Jr. to Goat Haven Inn LLC., 448 Litil Der Buk Lane, $1.

Margaret L. Geyer Estate and Lauren Lynn Skibiel Extra to Lauren Lynn Skibiel, 252 Yeager Hollow Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Linda M. Gray to Tracy L. Gray, 111 Kunes St., $130,000.

Wesley C. & Faye S. Condo Rev Living Trust and Faye S. Condo Trust to Troy S. Darby, 146 Liberty St., $1.

Milesburg Borough

Stephanie M. MacNamara and Chad E. MacNamara to Gregory A. Ritter and Mary S. Ritter, 113 Serge St., $183,000.

Millheim Borough

Larry E. Shook by Agent, Janet L. Shook by Agent and Rickie L. Shook to Dale A. Hamilton and Heather Hamilton, 128 Sunset Drive, $120,000.

Patton Township

Shirley N. Harman to Michael N. Marsala and Karen M. Marsala, 601 Devonshire Drive, $337,000.

George J. Puchta III and Lisa S. Puchta to Zhaohui Yin and Kunhua Fu, 646 East Oakwood Ave., $225,000.

Mark A. Graves, Madelyn Graves and Erica M. Graves to Yu Xiong, 606 F Oakwood Ave., $245,000.

Pamela Lautsch-Bowman, Joseph Bowman and Holly Bowman to A. Jose Piedra and Ernesto Roederer, 187 Potters Lane, $429,500.

Susan T. Sanders and Philip M. Spangler to Jose M. Capriles-Flores and Alejandro I. Domic-Rivadeneira, 565 Brittany Drive, $359,900.

Karen V. Israelian and Marina Nikolaye Israelian to Sha Feng, 2037 Mary Ellen Lane, $164,900.

Adrienne R. Johnson f/k/a Adrienne R. Wallace to Brian K. Brubaker and Alece C. Brubaker, 456 Amblewood Way, $150,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Jan McDonald to Duvall Holdings LLC., 225 N. Seventh St., $12,000.

Potter Township

William I. Hile and Joyce A. Hile to Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation, Property located in Potter Township, $1.

Mark R. Matthews to Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation, 320 Old Route 322, $1.

William I. Hile and Joyce A. Hile to Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation, 174 Old Route 322, $1.

Charles D. Brecht and Debra Kay Brecht to Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation, 145 Sandcrest Road, $1.

Rush Township

Matthew T. Foster and Chelsea Foster to C&M Foster Properties Inc. Property located on One Mile Run Road, $90,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Dorothy J. Morgan Income Only Trust to Cynthia M. Angeline Trust, Property located on West Sycamore Road, $1.

Robert Thomas Gretzler and Elizabeth W. B. Gretzler to Kim T. Park and Mary J. Park, 236 Turkey Ridge Road, $53,000.

Spring Township

S&A Homes Inc. to Anthony R. Beck and Jenna E. Beck, 270 Gwenedd Lane, $259,900.

James P. Buchanan Estate and Heir by Lisa Bickle to Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust, 915 West Water St., $6,127.15

Ray A. Walker Jr. and Carol L. Walker to Brian C. Brackbill and Andrea R. Brackbill, Property located on Greens Valley Road, $170,000.

Amberleigh L.P. to Creekside Partners LLC., Property located on Amberleigh Lane, $1.

Susan S. Lose, Douglas B. Smith By Attorney, Thomas S. Smith and Ronald J. Smith to Commonwealth of PA Department of Transportation, Property located in Spring Township, $1.

Travis J. Henry and Heather J. Henry to Gary L. Kwolek and Kathy A. Kwolek, 106 Slate Court, $345,000.

State College Borough

Frederick J. Kissinger Estate, Debra S. Hamilton Extra, David B. Lee and Joyce W. Lee to Brian M. Kissinger and Chloe R. Kissinger, 728 West College Ave., $850,000.

Nancy H. Heil to Commonwealth PA Department of Transportation, Property located in State College Borough, $1.

Cora Lee Phillippi and Jonathon H. Phillippi to Amanda M. Ramcharan and Mitchell L. Goist, 508 Orlando Ave., $234,000.

Ruth McKinley Sauder Parrish and Eric Michael Sauder Parrish to Joshua M. Wilson and Jessica J. Wilson, 645 East Irvin Ave., $139,000

Xiaogong Zhao to Yingguo Zhao and Xiaohang Jiang, 456 E. Beaver Ave., $200,000.

James P. Van Etten and Jane H. Van Etten to Tessa Barrett, 229 S. Patterson St., $275,000.

Dianmin Jiang and Shuying Jiang to Xiaoyue Niu, 800 Stratford Drive, $149,900.

Taylor Township

Paul L. Brown and Karen J. Brown to Scott L. Brown and Karen B. Brown, 201 Shady Ridge Lane, $450,000.

Worth Township

Janet Kimberly Hammond to Janet Kimberly Hammond and Corey R. Hammond Sr., 631 N. High St., $1.