Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Aug. 21 - Aug. 25, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from August 21, 2017, through August 25, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Kenneth R. Schleiden and Joan E. Schleiden to Joan E. Schleiden, 147 E. Linn St., $1.

Jonathan T. Berzas and Belynda Berzas to David M. McGoron and Megan A. McGoron, 420 E. Linn St., $239,000.

Benner Township

James C. Raymond to David R. Hartnett and Victoria B. Hartnett, 832 Spring Creek Road, $80,000.

Ernestine Tressler and Kermit L. Tressler to All Storage Solutions LLC, 1477 Rock Road, $400,000.

Boggs Township

David T. Irvin and Cecilia Irvin to David T. Irvin and Cecilia Irvin, 102 High View Drive, $1.

David T. Irvin and Cecelia Irvin to Kyle David Sipes and Hulzie Ann Sipes, 125 Highview Drive, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Brookside Property Holdings LLC to John R. Fisher and Ashley M. Seyler, 110 Water St., $200,000.

College Township

Harold R. Hockman III and Tanya K. Hockman to Harold R. Hockman III, 135 Hickory Road, $1.

Bonnie Lou Coulter n/k/a/ Bonnie Lou Peffer and David M. Peffer to William H. Woodring and Audrey L. Woodring, 2433 Heather Circle, $230,000.

Vincent M. Dadamo and Margery B. Dadamo to Henry D. Gerhold, 243 Village Heights Drive, $332,000.

Earline Biette Balko and Darren Troy Kellerman to Duane W. Reese, 531 First Ave., $108,000.

Shiloh Investors LLC to Jordan M. Taylor, 200 Jefferson Ave., $195,000.

Charles E. Loviscky and Barbara K. Loviscky to David B. Ellstein and Erin H. Ellstein, 1209 Edward St., $379,900.

Ronald E. Dills to William G. Horner and Barbara A. Horner, 720 Trout Road, $100,000.

Marica S. Tacconi and Jessica Karp to Marica S. Tacconi and Jessica Karp, 870 Walnut Spring Lane, $1.

Sergey Maslov and Tamara Maslov to Susan Hafenstein, 321 Mt. Nittany Road, $410,000.

Dixie d. Woodard to Robert L. Woodard and Angelique Bacon-Woodard, 103 Wellington Drive, $1.

Ferguson Township

Douglas E. Molhoek and Anna R. Molhoek to James E. Repko and Saleena R. Niehaus, 490 Hawknest Road, $267,500.

Mark D. Brungart to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 2572 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $470,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Nathaniel R. Yocum and Laura S. Yocum, 2572 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $470,000.

Jeffrey S. Crum and Sherry L. Crum to John D. Richendrfer and Leslie Richendrfer, 3118 Sheffield Drive, $287,000.

Brian A. Daly and Teresa B. Daly to Jeffery David Kampersal and Eileen Powers, 1904 Autumnwood Drive, $390,500.

Haines Township

Barbara J. Schneider and Nancy Moore to Raymond S. Fisher and Mary F. Fisher, 141 Eco Lane, $380,000.

Henry D. Speicher and Elizabeth B. Speicher to Amos E. King Susann K. King, 291 Middle Road, $95,175.

Amos E. King and Susann K. King to Amos E. King and Susann K. King, 291 Middle Road, $1.

Henry D. Speicher and Elizabeth B. Speicher to Henry D. Speicher and Elizabeth B. Speicher, 331 Middle Road, $1.

John Mark Hoffman to Henry M. Speicher and Elizabeth B. Speicher, 224 Amish School Drive, $255,000.

Halfmoon Township

Paula D Malone n/k/a Paula D. Debolt to Paula D. Debolt and Bruce Debolt, 19 Cedar Ridge Drive, $1.

Half Moon Land Company LLC to Derek R. Stoecklein and Stephanie L. Stoecklein, Halfmoon Valley Road, $169,900.

Harris Township

Terry A. Gingher and Elizabeth A. Gingher to Mark Suchanec, 1146 Karen St., $1.

Howard Borough

Carolyn P. Hollar and Patricia R. Delotto to Jonathan T. Long, 152 East Main St., $61,000.

Marion Township

Judith L. Mellott to Jacob S. Esh and Martha K. Esh, 1030 Nittany Ridge Road, $125.000.

Miles Township

U S Bank and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Justin Long, 103 E. Main St., $43,200.

Patton Township

Sanket R. Amin to Sanket Amin and Caroline Amin, 104 Westminster Court, $1.

Docie A. McCormick to Macbros LLC, 240 Miller Lane, $1.

Michael J. Basso and Susan McGarry Basso to Vincent M. Dadao and Margery B. Dadamo, 177 Beaumanor Road, $416,000.

Paul A. Roth and Katie A. Roth to Katie A. Roth, 791 Cornwall Road, $1.

Nathaniel R. Yocum and Laura s. Yocum to Michael J. McGowan and Michelle E. McGowan, $124 Haverford Circle, $175,000.

Rene C. Romero and Caroline S. Romero to Jeffery S. Crum and Sherry L. Crum, 124 Gibson Place, $366,900.

Anthony Sapia, Donald Goldberg and Beth M. Wilcox-Goldberg to Mabell Rivas, 407 Dougles Drive, $260,000.

Penn Township

Joann L. Richardson to Jason P. Bierly and Heather M. Bierly, 140 Abbies Lane, $148,000.

Potter Township

Daniel B. Grupp to Michael P. Malizia and Kimberly A. Malizia, 124 Horseshoe Lane, $362,000.

Rush Township

Cory L. McCully to Tammy S. Kardolly, 187 Pipeline Road, $1.

Tammy S. Kardolly to Marlin L. Neff, 187 Pipeline Road, $50,000.

Minnie M. Albert to Mark Albert, 317 State St., $1.

Spring Township

Vladimir R. Maslov and Valentina Maslov to Sergey Maslov and Tamara Maslov, 270 Upper Coleville Road, $1.

William K. First and Carolyn J. First to Pamela D. Asencio and David C. Asencio, Quartz Drive, $1.

Rosewood Cove Homeowners Association to Koltay Homes Inc., Rosewood Cove, $1

Snow Shoe Borough

Sandra J. Hall a/k/a Sandra Hall to Amy Jo Barnyak and Chad L. Hall, Sunset Drive, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Nathan Veneziano a/k/a Nathan W. Veneziano and Jennifer Veneziano to Nathan W. Veneziano, 951 Pancake Drive, $1.

State College Borough

Rosemarie C. Evans to Wesley D. Reohr and Sara E. Reohr, 810 Stratford Drive, $153,000.

Heather E. McWhorter f/k/a Heather E. Fennessey to David S. Gilbert and Kristin M. Gilbert, 219 S. Patterson St., $305,000.

Redevelopment Authority of the Borough of State College and Ian C. Boswell, 706 N. Allen Street, $327,500.

Roslyn Contis McNitt f/k/a Roslyn Fireman Contis and Richard P. McNitt to Roslyn Contis McNitt and Richard P. McNitt, 500 E. Prospect Ave., $1.

Nicola Ferralis and Luisa Ferralis to Erik I. Schmalz and Jennifer L. Berkebile, 918 3 Southgate Drive, $150,000.

Michael John Fullington to Anne R. Thomas, 800 12 Stratford Drive, $152,000.

Fraser Centre Residential LLC to Simple Equation Firm LLC, 217 1102 W. Beaver Ave., $849,900.

Elizabeth A. Klein to Matthew R. Herndon and Lauren E. McPhillips, 113 W. Lytle Ave., $250,000.

Mahesh C. Hardwag to Anuj M. Bhardwaj, 238 E. Doris Ave., $257,000.

Walker Township

Alice A. Herman f/k/a Alice A. Yocum to Christopher C. Barner and Lita M. Muthler, 134 Pine St., $125,000.

Eric W. Royer, Jay Frederick Wagoner, Kayla E. Wagoner and Kayla Ellen Wagon to Jay Frederick Wagoner and Kayla Ellen Wagoner, 128 Lisk St., $116,000.

P R Properties Partnership to Joseph M. Yech and Allison M. Kyte, Two Mile Road, $69,000.