Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 18 - Sept. 22, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from September 18, 2017, through September 22, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Nathaniel W. Porter and Annette R. Porter to Meagan Olson, 230 E. Logan St., $157,000.

Chad M. Owens and Lydia N. Owens to Mark A. Hayes and Kathleen Geier Hayes, 338 Reynold Ave., $200,000.

Teresa J. Sackey n/k/a Teresa J. Davis and Bruce Kay Davis to Glenn A. Sacona and Janet L. Sacona, 332 E. High St., $145,000.

Benner Township

Randall S. Moyer and Gina M. Moyer to Bradley E. Kersavage and Nancy R. Kersavage, 161 Osprey Lane, $615,000.

Far Hills LLC to George E. Mercer and Sherry L. Mercer, Far Hills Ave., $135,000.

Boggs Township

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Dennis W. Miller and Marion I. Miller to Seneca Leandro View LLC, 197 Fetzertown Road, $11,866.35.

College Township

Paul C. Kletchka and Dana C. Kletchka to Susan G. Strauss, 125 Grandview Road, $120,000.

Estate of Ruth M. Hewitt and Marsha E. Hewitt to Marsha E. Hewitt, Mulberry Lane, $1.

J. Monroe Associates LLC to Robert L. Summers and Karen A. Summers, 268 Wiltree Court, $330,762.14.

S&A Homes Inc. to Timothy I. Madden and Nancy J. Madden, 157 Mansfield St., $368,352.

I-Regen LLC to Erik Graff and Bridget Graff, Houserville Road, $58,000.

Chad M. Owens and Lydia N. Owens f/k/a Lydia N. Hayes to Chad M. Owens and Lydia N. Owens, 1313 East Branch Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Kristi Nicole Woodall to Chris Magent, 225 Madison St., $242,500.

Estate of Amos Leroy Harper, Peggy Conrad and A. Leroy Harper to James F. Campbell and Ellen H. Campbell, 125 46 Westerly Parkway, $275,000.

Amy B. Sanor n/k/a Amy S. Gavlock and Ryan M. Gavlock to Amy S. Gavlock and Ryan M. Gavlock, 2328 Quail Run Road, $1.

Mark E. Keene and Rosalie Keene n/k/a Rosalie S. Grove to Rosalie S. Grove, 1456 N. Foxpointe Drive, $1.

Gregg Township

Gary C. Gentzel and Charlene M. Gentzel to Ernest A. Auman and Bambi J. Auman, 100 South St., $178,000.

Mikhail F. Berezenko and Natalia Berezenko to Dylan J. Casner and Megan E. Casner, 134 Long St., $186,000.

Halfmoon Township

Gregory M. Brown a/k/a G. Michael Brown and Rebecca Lantzy to Gregory M. Brown and Rebecca Lantzy, 564 Shanelly Drive, $1.

Harris Township

Julie Ann Hershbine and John Todd Hershbine to Michael L. Johnson and Kennita L. Burns-Johnson, Misty Hill Drive, $250,000.

Christopher H. Turley and Kym Y. Jackson Turley to Howard J. Campbell III and Patrice D. Campbell, 140 Reuben Way, $370,000.

Gerald M. Beresny and Luann Beresny to Robert L. Rohrbaugh and Carola M. Rohrbaugh, 175 Beacon Circle, $440,000.

Huston Township

Stephen D. Seville to Calvin Seville and Linda Seville, 1949 Beaver Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Howard E. Rupert and Denise Rupert to Howard E. and Denise Rupert Real Estate, Howard E. Rupert and Denise Rupert, Eagleville Road, $1.

Miles Township

Rudy J. Swarey and Eva Swarey to John Z. Stoltzfus and Mary B. Stoltzfus, 124 East St., $130,000.

Milesburg Borough

Cynthia Ann Kunes and Joseph M. Krisch to Lane J. Kibe and Kimberly S. Rhoads, 207 Mills St., $165,000.

Millheim Borough

Donald R. Pecht to Christopher J. Stein, Frazier St., $29,250.

Marina E. Pusateri to Maria E. Pusateri, 120 W. Main St., $1.

Patton Township

Mark A. Eveleth and Rebecca S. Eveleth to Brian P. Hoover and Marta A. Hoover, 345 Oakley Drive, $289,000.

Pinnacle Development LLC, Pinnacle Development 2 LLC and Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC to S&A Homes Inc., 1759 Woodledge Drive, $75,000.

Estate of Ann T. Crowley and Elizabeth C. Watkins to Benjamin T. Jones and Mackenzie E. Jones, 494 Westgate Drive, $210,000.

Penn Township

Kathryn M. Dougherty to Buddy L. Cowher and Beth A. Cowher, 209 Poe Valley Road, $45,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Bonita K. Gillespie to Bonita K. Gillespie, 200 Water St., $1.

Dennis P. Weld to Clair A. Godissart and Eleanor M. Godissart, 315 N. Eleventh St., $6,164.95.

Estate of Andrew J. Belko and Any Jo Belko to Amy Jo Belko, 201 School St., $1.

Potter Township

John W. Combs and Julie F. Combs to Andrew G. Combs, 119 Flayhart Lane, $1.

Rush Township

Helen J. Leskovansky to Helen M. Leskovansky, 315 Logan St., $1.

Henry Tulowitzki to Hearts for Homeless, 199 Chestnut St., $1.

Krista C. Kahler n/k/a Krista C. Poppe and Ty W. Kahler to Martin J. Livingston, 1249 Phoenix Rd., $210,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Estate of Wilbert E. Snyder and Betty G. Shirk to Betty G. Shirk, 120 Ponderosa Road, $1.

Jason J. Vaux, Danielle M. Vaux, James F. Vaux and Jenny E. Vaux to Harry E. Youtz, Diane K. Youtz and Jonathan H. Youtz, 161 Ferns Road, $175,000.

Spring Township

Estate of Audrey L. Lynn and Russell B. Yearick to Jana L. Carson and Darren M. Vandyke, 106 Danielle Drive, $174,000.

David R. Lapp and Rachel A. Lapp to Brian T. Caldwell, 1515 Axemann Road, $178,000.

Estate of Marsha A. Shawver a/k/a Marsha C. Shawver and Michelle A. Miller to Chad-Gene Miller, 111 Milmar Circle, $38,000.

Glenn R. Brooks to Montana Moyer, 266 E. College Ave., $85,000.

Centre County Vocational-Technical School to Bald Eagle Area School District, Bellefonte Area School District and Penns Valley Area School District, 540 N. Harrison Road, $1.

State College Borough

David A. Skipper and Jill E. Skipper to Jill E. Skipper, 1060 Crabapple Drive, $1.

Bradley E. Kersavage and Nancy R. Kersavage to Bernard G. McCloskey Revocable Trust, Karen L. McCloskey Revocable Trust, Bernard G. McCloskey and Karen L. McCloskey, 1333 South Inverary Place, $600,000.

Temporary Housing Foundation INc. to Jillian Rodgers, 1126 Center Lane, $150,000.

Megan J. Evans and Jane E. Rhoa to Megan J. Evans, 810 Stratford Drive, $1.

Judith A. Beese n/k/a Judith A. Moline to Dennis J. Moline and Judith A. Moline, 811 Wintergreen Circle, $1.

Xiuyu Hu to Timothy A. Bieber and Deborah L. Bieber, 800 Stratford Drive, $140,000.

Taylor Township

Estate of Maryann L. Merryman, Richard L. Merryman, Clarence L. Woomer, Peggy Lou Woomer, Nancy J. Bolinda and Lynne A. Merryman to Walk Brothers Farm LLC, C. Fowler Hollow Road, $260,000.

Union Township

Christopher J. Snare and Tiara L. Snare to Dana M. Walters, 2159 S. Eagle Valley Road, $145,000.

Walker Township

Lois Ann Hunter a/k/a Lois A. Hunter to Lois A. Hunter Trust and Lois A. Hunter, 252 Benner Road, $1.

Brittany L. Broach and Rebecca V. Balaj, 105 Chadham Court, $140,000.