Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 25 - Sept. 29, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from September 25, 2017, through September 29, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

James E. Hockenberry and Kristin L. Hockenberry to Sarah S. Burke, 308 E. Linn St., $200,000.

Benner Township

Stephen B. Lueckel and Diane K. Lueckel to James D. Coder and Janet B. Coder, 151 Marshall Boulevard, $187,000.

Far Hills LLC to Scott Fleming and Debra Fleming, Far Hills Ave., $138,455.

Boggs Township

Jerry W. Summers and Connie B. Summers to Steven L. Stem and Lisa A. Stem, 361 Davidson Road, $130,000.

Jerry W. Summers and Connie B. Summers to Travis L. Stem, 355 Davidson Road, $50,000.

Robert B. Gates and Karen R. Gates n/k/a Karen Ruth Perry to Robert B. Gates, 1117 Old 220 Road, $1.

Centre Hall

Ruth E. Hay and Alexander F. Hay Jr. to Aaron Weyman, 230 N. Hoffner Ave., $131,500.

College Township

Robert W. Clark, Rebecca Rolley Clark and Ross W. Clark to Rebecca Rolley Clark and Ross W. Clark, 210 Oakwood Drive, $1.

Natalie L. Urban to William F. Mayer and Carolyn J. Mater, 168 Scenery Court, $249,000.

C. Shannon Stokes and Louise C. Stokes to Mary K. Ray Agnew, 144 Colonial Court, $342,000.

Jeffrey J. King and A. Reauelle King to William E. Sitzabee Jr. and Whitney L. Sitzabee, 214 Mossey Glen Road, $650,000.

Curtin Township

Victoria L. Boone, Spencer L. Boone and Tiffany Witmer to Michael L. Boone and Sherry L. Boone, Walden Way, $22,027.

Ferguson Township

S&A Homes Inc. to Matthew M. Plouffe and Nichole M. Plouffe, 100 Red Willow Road, $328,901.

Christopher Houck and Patricia Higgins to Christopher Houck, 137 S. Water St., $1.

Robert A. Johnson and Bonnie L. Johnson to James S. Stirling and Barbara J. Stirling, 3221 Shellers Bend #862, $355,000.

Samuel William Reish a/k/a Samuel W. Reish Sr. and Samuel W. Reish Jr. to Daniel V. Fritzsche, 826 Harold Drive, $215,000.

Gregg Township

Henry Z. Stoltzfus to Christ E. Fisher Jr. and Annie R. Fisher, 3841 Brush Valley Road, $250,000.

Lannie L. Homan to Todd E. Devinney and Elizabeth I. Hansen, 131 Cooper St., $145,000.

Halfmoon Township

Half Moon Land Company LLC to Steven Schellberg and Michelle Schellberg, Halfmoon Valley Road, $270,000.

Harris Township

Ross M. Oeder and Christa E. Oeder to Blake L. Ferchalk and Kerrie J. Ferchalk, 341 Kimport Ave., $225,000.

Nina L. Williams to Margaret C. Warner, 617 Beaumont Drive, $205,000.

Charles H. Soder and Ann L. Soder a/k/a Ann Louise Soder to Ryan D. Kanaskie and Pamela Kanaskie, 1006 Anna St., $228,000.

Nittany View Partnership to Alexander J. Popovich, 618 Boal Ave., $395,000.

Brian D. Rowan to Stewart L. Gingerich Jr., 718 W. Main St., $228,750.

Liberty Township

P & J Whitetails Inc. to Robert L. McGhee, 6048 N. Eagle Valley Road, $20,000.

Joseph D. Carter and Ruth A. Carter to Zachary T. Bowes and Ashley Bowes, 188 Carter Lane, $350,000.

Patton Township

Centre County Housing and Land Trust to Dominic M. Geleskie, 119 Woodycrest St., $168,500.

Emilia C. Jeffries to Emilia C. Jeffries Revocable Trust and Emilia C. Jeffries, 305 Carogin Drive, $1.

Robert W. Ryan to Jeremy L. Gossett, 339 Oakley Drive, $209,000.

Penn Township

Samuel T. Meyer and Elain V. Meyer to Nicole M. Gargiulo and James R. Searfoss Jr., 204 Summer Mountain Road, $211,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Buck M. Gates to Adam Snook and Megan Snook, 104 W. Plank Road, $115,000.

Potter Township

David D. Lingle LL to Sarah E. Dombrowski and Daniel J. Dombrowski, 270 Pepper Ridge Drive, $316,000.

Maggie E. Hohle to Hohle Family Trust, Bradford L. Hohle and Maggie E. Hohle, Gregg Station Road, $1.

Emma M. Zimmerman, K. Gerald Zimmerman, Nancy A. Zimmerman, Betsy D. Zimmerman Wilson n/k/a Betsy D. Zimmerman Morgans and George Morgans to Jerry W. Summers and Connie B. Summers, 109 Kreitzer Ave., $170,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Beverly A. Martin to Kim Jean Norfolk and Penelope Ann Guenot, W. Sycamore Road, $1.

Spring Township

John Baker and Cynthia L. Baker to John Baker and Cynthia L. Baker, Mulbarger Lane, $1.

John Baker and Cynthia L. Baker to Kiley N. Irvin and Trevor M. Irvin, Mulbarger Lane, $1.

John Baker and Cynthia L. Baker to John Baker and Cynthia L. Baker, 104 Mulbarger Lane, $1.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Julie M. Porterfield, 226 Jonathan Lane, $197,900.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Colleen A. Harlow, 228 Jonathan Lane, $197,900.

Arlene M. Allegretto to John F. Lomastro, 107 Marble Lane, $205,000.

State College Borough

White Family Trust and Jennifer Lynn White to Ryan T. Gill and Jennifer M. Kunkel-Gill, 1402 S. Garner St., $215,000.

Kenneth S. Feldman and Gail Lee Wasson Feldman to Geoffrey L. Field and Tania Izarra, 1113 Bayberry Drive, $343,000.

Peter T. Simpson and Patricia A. Simpson to William A. Aileo and Brenna B. Aileo, 807 Crabapple Court, $220,000.

Morris & Edith Malnick Trust and Joel R. Malnick to Joel R. Malnick, 702 Franklin St., $1.

Ronald M. Friedman, Edward A. Friedman, Jonathan E. Friedman, Alison R. Friedman and Andrea H. Friedman n/k/a Andrea H. Patel to Ronald M. Friedman, Edward A. Friedman, Jonathan E. Friedman, Alison R. Friedman and Andrea H. Friedman n/k/a Andrea H. Patel, 352 E. College Ave., $1.

Richard Jay Row Jr., Alma Pierce Row, Richard Joseph Row and Melissa Carole Row to Kory Blose and Sara Rosenberger, 244 Ridge Ave., $310,000.

Fraser Centre Residential LLC to Stuart D. Cook and Josepha E. Cook, property located in State College Borough, $805,231.

Saghir Ahmad and Misbah Ahmad to Benson M. Lichtig and Christine A. Lichtig, 914 Southgate Drive, $130,000.

Chao Jui Huang and Yung-Chen Chiu to Hannah Lin and Charis Lin, 923-4 West Whitehall Road, $142,000.

JRZZ LLC to Living Water Realty LLC, 326 S. Allen St., $720,000.

Walker Township

Darryl W. Thompson and Julie L. Thompson to Lee F. Chappell and Susan E. Chappell, 110 Franklin St., $299,800.

P R Properties Partnership to Jeffrey W. Stoltz Jr. and Tracy S. Everhart, Two Mile Road, $76,500.

Jason E. Bickle and Christina M. Bickle to John H. Deitrich and Chelsea L. Royer, 542 Panorama Lane, $252,000.