Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 16 - Oct. 20, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from October 16, 2017, through October 20, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Matthew J. Marr and Danielle N. Gaston to Susan Kubina, 412 E. Curtin St., $238,500.

Douglas C. Schreffler and Lindsay B. Schreffler to Jordan M. Confer, 328 E. High St., $171,250.

Raymond C. Hankinson and Janda D. Hankinson to Vestonia M. Viddy, 325 E. Ardell Lane, $85,000.

Sandra L. Evans to Michael A. Schroeder, 555 E. High St., $190,000.

Benner Township

Joshua B. Ickes and Jessica Bly Ickes to Kara M. Hritz, 1361 Buffalo Run Road, $240,000.

Boggs Township

William G. Sesler and Gregory P. Sesler to Cecily P. Sesler, 745 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Thomas M. Wilson and Donna J. Wilson to Terry L. Smith and Teresa M. Smith, 1450 Runville Road, $36,000.

College Township

John H. Mitchell Jr. and Maria E. Mitchell to Haubert Mitchell Partners, 275 Jay Lane, $65,000.

Richard P. Stringer and Sharon B. Stringer to Richard P. Stringer, 2421 Buchenhorst Road, $1.

Matthew C. Lykens and Cristie S. Lykens to Vincent Gelinas-Lemaire and Elizabeth Lagresa, 421 Mount Nittany Road, $379,900.

Gary L. Frank and Celeste I. Frank to Jedadiah L. Frank, 435 Summit Rd., $1.

Robert H. Hoffman and Ann S. Hoffman to Robert H. Hoffman and Ann S. Hoffman, 101 Hillview Ave., $1.

Ferguson Township

S & A Homes Inc. to Nathan Shupenko, 115 Red Willow Road, $327,209.

June McGill Gallagher to Darrick L. Brown, 666 Kansa Ave., $200,000.

Michael Joseph Sticht and Roberta Craven Sticht to Nancy J. Shields, 1972 Harvest Circle, $260,000.

Poole Family Limited Partnership to Ferguson Township, Property located in Ferguson Township, $1.

Gregg Township

Joshua L. Grove to Christian M. King, Rachel S. King and Samuel G. King, 272 Brush Mountain Road, $178,000.

Haines Township

Daniel W. Herr and Dawn M. Herr to Ivan B. Fisher and Sadie Ruth Fisher, 104 Apple Butter Road, $38,500.

Abram D. Zook and Elizabeth E. Zook to Roy K. Fisher and Rebecca L. Fisher, 161 Cowboy Drive, $250,000.

Rufus C. Guisewhite to Cory L. Guisewhite, 5589 Penns Valley Road, $1.

Francis X. Grossi III and Dorothy E. Grossi to Theodore G. Weaver and Tiffany B. Weaver, Broad Road, $100,000.

Theodore G. Weaver and Tiffany B. Weaver to Theodore G. Weaver and Tiffany B. Weaver, 121 Broad Road, $1.

Francis X. Grossi III and Dorothy E. Grossi to Francis X. Grossi III and Dorothy E. Grossi, Ingelby Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

John H. Mellott, Galen J. Mellott and Gerald A. Mellott to Gerald A. Mellott and Galen J. Mellott, 614 Blackburn Lane, $1.

Miles Township

Lester W. Gehman Jr. to C. Glen Hurst and James L. Kilheffer, 216 Madisonburg Pike, $54,800.

Patton Township

Timothy A. Decker and Judith K. Decker to Jin Chen, 551 Marjorie Mae St., $177,900.

Dale A. Toso and Blaire W. Toso to Brandin Patrick McDonough and Audrey Lynn McDonough, 1909 Norwood Lane, $260,000.

Goerge Anghelcev and Yoshani Anghelcev to Larry Russell Espenshade Jr. to Katelyn Marie Espenshade, 1975 Norwood Lane, $255,000.

Ronald D. Allison Living Trust, Shirley K. Allison Living Trust, Ronald D. Allison and Shirley K. Allison to Feng Sun and Ziao Liu, 827 Galen Drive, $1.

Estate of Howard A. Shartel and James A. Shartel a/k/a James Shartel to LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 29 Coventry Lane, $105,000.

Daniel John Larson to Daniel John Larson and Isa Melina Porro, 123 Saraway Drive, $1.

Aaron M. Fineberg and Hilary M. Fineberg to John L. Suit and Cathrine B. Suit, 182 Whisper Ridge Drive, $267,500.

Wing See Michel Leung to Wenhua Wang and Siwen Zhai, 680 C. Oakwood Ave., $275,000.

Camillo Properties Inc. to R & A Rentals Woodycrest-Strouse Ave., 303 Strouse Ave., $175,000.

Allen Haar and Karen Haar to Karen L. Haar, 573 Lanceshire Lane, $1.

Stephen J. Kach and Kathleen M. Kach to Matthew B. Leydig and Alyson J. Leydig, 166 Beaumanor Road, $339,000.

Penn Township

Roy K. Fisher and Rebecca L. FIsher to Aaron K. King and Ruth S. King, 1311 Penns Creek Road, $140,000.

James C. Haas to Lydia L. Gilmore, 231 Poe Valley Road, $95,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Tioga Publishing Company to Darla Karimushan and Syed Omar Ahmed Karimushan, 109 N. Front St., $13,500.

Port Matilda Borough

James P. Nolten and Susan E. Nolten to Joshua Nolten, 201 S. Main St., $160,000.

Potter Township

Daniel P. Stinson to Todd S. Jordan and Cindy L. Jordan, 227 High St., $65,000.

Jeffrey D. McClellan to Christi M. McClellan, 2145 General Potter Highway, $1.

Anthony W. Marrara to Missionary Church of Grace, 430 Mountain Back Road, $400,000.

Rush Township

Craig A. Neff and Jenna M. Neff to ADD Investment Properties LLC, Walnut St., $75,000.

James A. Thal to Craig A. Neff and Jenna M. Neff, 219 Oakwood Drive, $300,000.

Kristen M. Gramling and Scott T. Gramling a/k/a Scott Gramling to Wells Fargo Bank, 747 Tyrone Pike, $4,507.56.

Ryan A. Jones to Wells Fargo Bank, Ninth St., $10,778.97.

Shelly E. Andrews to Budd T. Henry Sr., Port Matilda Highway, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Adonis J. Ward and Nicole M. Ward n/k/a Nicole Mavis Flory to Adonis J. Ward, 1084 Clarence Road, $1.

Spring Township

Dominick V. Romanini and Chelsea B. Romanini to Jamie Ann Smith, 312 Park Ave., $134,900.

Pamela D. Asencio and David C. Asencio to Stefanovich Construction, Quartz Drive, $66,000.

State College Borough

Katherine C. Reiber to AKE Holdings Inc., 776 Westerly Parkway, $212,000.

Kenneth O. Lindquist and Mary Alice Lindquist to Phillip M. Douglass, 403 S. Allen St., $342,400.

Fraser Centre Residential LLC to F. Benjamin Bristol IV and Janet L. Bristol, Property located in State College Borough, $1,299,900.

450 E. Irvin LLC to Theodore J. Oyler and Jennifer L. Oyler, 450 E. Irvin Ave., $475,000.

Estate of Martha G. Beward a/k/a Estate of Martha Beward, Tamsim Crissman and Eileen B. Thomas to Creehan Foster Avenue Property, 333 E. Foster Ave., $810,000.

Taylor Township

Dewey C. McMonagle and Shirley L. McMonagle to David M. Dengate and Lindsey R. Dengate, Beckwith Lane, $1.

Unionville Borough

Larry L. Williams and Cathie L. Williams to Daniel T. Cowder and Wendy S. Cowder, 201 Walnut St., $149,900.

Worth Township

Dennis Keith Rissmiller to Adam M. Bittinger, 460 E. Mountain Road, $50,000.

Budd T. Henry a/k/a Budd T. Henry Sr. to Shelly E. Andrews, Ardery Hollow Road, $1.