Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 23 - Oct. 27, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from October 23, 2017, through October 27, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Ian P. Sheakoski to Ian P. Sheakoski, 624 E. Curtin St., $1.

Jeffrey E. Holter and Rebecca A. Holter to Dennis R. Meleshenko and Kay F. Meleshenko, 1208 Sherwood Court, $1.

Dennis R. Meleshenko and Kay F. Meleshenko to Dennis R. Meleshenko and Kay F. Meleshenko, 1208 Sherwood Court, $1.

Jeffrey E. Holter and Rebecca A. Holter to Jeffrey E. Holter and Rebecca A. Holter, 1241 Sylvan Circle, $1.

Jan Freeman Cheney to Jan Freeman Cheney and Patrick Gerard Cheney, 1316 Joanna Drive, $1.

Benner Township

Parker W. McClellan Revocable Trust and Katherine H. McClellan to Robert A. Wolfe and Jacqueline C. Wolfe, 164 Quarry St., $309,000.

Thomas H. McWilliams and Donna L. McWilliams to Joseph E. Schall and Karen K. Schall, 136 Rock Forge Road, $174,000.

Trubuild LLC to Opequon Hill Condominium Association, 121 Ellie Way, $1.

Boggs Township

Dustin T. Confer to Christopher Keilitz, 309 Old 220 Road, $170,000.

Stacey L. Summey to Dustin T. Confer, 121 Summermac Road, $310,500.

Lisa J. Sharkey and Kenneth J. Sharkey to Yvonne M. Fye and Katherine S. Lambert, 305 Fetzertown Road, $260,000.

Centre Hall

Stephen Zelznick, Cassandra M. Hazel, Dale R. Kensinger and Darlene R. Kensinger to Shawn Mulroy and Jessica Brobeck, 130 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $202,000.

College Township

J. Monroe Associates, LLC To Rafat Shehadeh and Bernadette K. Shehadeh, 262 Wiltree Court, $344,090.68.

LB Realty, Fred J. Leoniak and Rick G. Bair to KP Management Group LLC, 220 Regent Court, $355,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Christopher P. Ritzko and Laurie S. Ritzko, 160 Mountain Laurel Drive, $115,000.

Heather A. Shull and Brian L. Shull to Brian L. Shull and Heather A. Shull, 200 Jefferson Ave., $1.

Andrew Bergstein to Harry Paul Stumpf, 305 Village Heights Drive, $107,000.

Fieldstone Investors Group LLC to S&A Homes Inc., 141 Mansfield St., $87,500.

Stearns Boal LP to Thomas E. Covaleski and Jennifer L. Covaleski, 144 Primrose Court, $1.

Stearns Boal LP to Suksan and Peeranee Musigchai, 147 Primrose Court, $1.

Stearns Boal LP to David L. Roeshot, 166 Primrose Court, $1.

Stearns Boal LP to Adam J. Marcovitch and Jennifer D. Marcovitch, 155 Mossey Glenn Road, $1.

Mark G. Schmidt, Lisa Schellenberger and Mary C. Shoemaker to Jeremy C. Jackson and Lauren D. Parker, 215 Hickory Road, $225,000.

Ferguson Township

Marjorie S. Rohrbeck to J. Frederick Rohrbeck and Patricia R. Stepler, 260 McBath St., $1.

John Mark Spears and Lisa G. Spears, Trustees of The Spears Family Living Trust to Bruce A. King and Kimi J. King, 3296 Shellers Bend Unit 116, $393,000.

Tsan-Kuang Lee to Lihui Sun and Qing Wang, 1121 F W Aaron Drive, $169,000.

Honora F. Jaffe Estate and William A. Jaffe to William A. Jaffe, 2351 Oak Leaf Drive, $1.

Harris Township

Brenda Lee Schilke, Executor of the Estate of Lloyd P. Derr a/k/a Lloyd Derr to Michael J. Krug and Amanda S. Krug, 519 Kennard Road, $299,480.

Liberty Township

Zachary T. Bowes and Ashley Bowes to Larry Russell Fasnacht, 240 N. Hunter Road, $168,000.

Millheim Borough

Kari A. Shawver to Kevin R. Shawver, 118 Penn St., $1.

Randall L. Seely to Marc H. Boulware and Alan G. Auman, 112 Frazier St., $249,900.

Donald R. Pecht to William F. Roberts Jr., 106 Frazier St., $30,000.

Patton Township

Judith A. Fulton to Jack L. Fulton and Judith A. Fulton, 421 W. Shadow Lane, $1.

Richard H. Smith to Lynn Carol Smith Kerr, 1926 Norwood Lane, $1.

Paul H. Silvis to Paul H. Silvis, 600 Siltop Lane, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Russel G. Cameron and Tanuja Devi Persaud to Russel G. Cameron and Tanuja Devi Persaud, 715 Alder St., $1.

R. Joel Heath Estate, Robert J. Heath Estate, R.J. Heath Estate and Sheila K. Heath to Emil L. Johnson III, 719 E. Spruce St., $175,000.

Potter Township

Michael E. Malone and Ramona B. Malone to Scott M. Dehart and Cynthia A. Dehart, 145 Underwood Road, $270,000.

Jacquelyn Marie Martin to Paul M. Eckley and Nicole K. Foley, 276 Pepper Ridge Drive, $405,000.

Matthew F. Jantzer, Sheila M. Jantzer and Sheila M. Homan to Sheila M. Homan, 283 Main Road, $1.

Rush Township

David Pryde and Shirley Pryde to Carrie A. Pryde, 5567 Black Moshannon Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Gregory H. McCormick, Executor of the Estate of John Fleming McCormick a/k/a John F. McCormick to Gregory H. McCormick and Nina H. McCormick, property located in Snow Shoe Township, $1.

Rosewood Investors LLC to Kevin R. Watson and Anne E. Watson, property located on Fountain Road, $27,000.

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 767 Clarence Road, $1.

Spring Township

Peter A. Rose and Susan E. Rose to Patrick A. McCool and Richard L. McCool, 136 S. Harrison Road, $146,000.

William K. First and Carolyn J. First to Donald L. Cramer and Mary Ann Cramer, Property located on Granite Drive, $66,000.

Keystone Central Homes LLC to Brett Witmer, 2063 Axemann Road, $24,000.

John D. Boogert by agent and Laurie A. Boogert to Gregg M. Pavlik and Deanna L. Pavlok, 283 Steeplechase Drive, $246,900.

Jason B. Ammerman, Jennifer N. Ammerman n/k/a Jennifer N. Williams to Jennifer N. Williams f/k/a Jennifer N. Ammerman, 905 Green St., $1.

State College Borough

George M. McCormick and Joann S. McCromick to Rebecca S. Tarlau and Manuel Z. Rosaldo, 249 Homan Ave., $269,000.

Anna Lee Smith, Charles H. Smith, James B. Smith, Thomas L. Smith, Carolyn C. Smith and H O Smith & Sons INC. to Sam Y. Zamrik and Myrna R. Zamrik, Property located on Smithfield Circle, $8,021.01.

Bryan Patrick Meadows to Bryan Patrick Meadows and Kristin Meadows, 606 N. Atherton St., $1.

Zena Maria Cardman to Margaret Arnold Higgins, 1143 Oneida St., $224,000.

Taylor Township

Jody L. Walk, Executor of the estate of Ronald L. Walk to James C. Simondale, Property located on Eagles Nest Road, $119,900.

Walker Township

Paul M. Eckley and Sandra L. Evans, 104 Pebble Lane, $138,000.

Christopher E. Shaffer and Donna J. Walizer to Christopher E. Shaffer, 151 Pike Road, $1.

DBW Land Development Partnership to David D. Lingle LLC, 124 Limestone Lane, $36,750.

DBW Land Development Partnership to David D. Lingle LLC, 124 Limestone Lane, $36,750.

Worth Township

Virginia L. Letterman and Stephen T. Letterman to Worth Township, property located in Worth Township, $1.