Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 13 - Nov. 17, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from November 13, 2017, through November 17, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Robert E. Lee Jr. and Carroll S. Lee to Christopher R. Beauton and Amy L. Beauton, 349 E. Curtin St., $225,000.

Lois J. Beckenbaugh by Attorney to Beverly A. Harader, 1051 E. High St., $195,000.

Benner Township

Amberleigh LP to Amberleigh Homeowners Association, Property located in Benner Township, $1.

Jeffrey M. Graci, Executor of the Elizabeth Hetzel Estate to Joan S. Heck, 193 Aster Ave., $330,000.

Boggs Township

Gregory K. Kirkpatrick and Sandra Kirkpatrick to Stauffer Rental Properties 1 LLC, 973 Runville Road, $30,000.

Burnside Township

Scott E. Leaper and Verna A. Leaper to Scott E. Leaper, Verna A. Leaper, Timothy A. Lanager and Lori L. Lanager, 419 Pine Glen Road, $1.

Verna Lanager Leaper a/k/a Verna A. Leaper and Scott E. Leaper to Verna A. Leaper and Stacy S. Hart, Property located on Pine Glen Road, $1.

Verna Lanager a/k/a Verna A. Lanager and Scott E. Leaper to Scott E. Leaper, Verna A. Leaper, Timothy A. Lanager and Stacy S. Hart, 431 Pine Glen Road, $1.

College Township

Douglas S. Pysher and Susan L. Pysher f/k/a Susan L. Wagner to Harry Kamerow and Salua Kamerow, Property located on Brandywine Drive, $840,000.

Shiloh Investors LLC to Glenn H. Donahey and Kathryn P. Donahey, 200 Jefferson Ave., $195,000.

Gordon E. Turow and Nancy T. Turow to Sashank Priya, 952 Greenbriar Drive, $515,000.

Paul L. Frankhouser to Shao Yan Chen and Endi Lu, 131 Patrick Circle, $295,000.

John E. Becker and Marie A. Becker by Agent to Jason M. Simcisko, 828 Struble Road, $485,000.

Ferguson Township

Mary K. Ray Agnew to David Allan Reeder and Candace M. Reeder, 3291 Shellers Bend #727, $285,000.

S&A Homes to Xiangfen Zhou, 106 Red Willow Road, $366,558.

B5 Group LLC to Penny A. Garban Family Trust, 138 E. Cherry Lane, $1,400,000.

Gretta D. Kellogg f/k/a Gretta D. Armstrong and Steven A. Kellogg to Steven A. Kellogg and Gretta D. Kellogg, 2298 Roylen Circle, $1.

Joseph T. Bowman and Holly A. Bowman to Marquis Estate Development LLC, 1224 Founders Court, $1.

Stephen C. Wilk and Shelley N. Wilk to Xiadong Yang and Xuanyu Hou, 2387 Quail Run Road, $242,500.

Larry H. Achterberg to Jason Litzenberg, 2027 pine Cliff Road, $293,000.

Mary Josephine Dugan n/k/a Mary Josephine to Mary Josephine Lenzing and Erik Henry Lenzing, 161 W. Chestnut St., $1.

Timothy L. Eyster to Timothy E. Kunkel and Destiny M. Kunkel, 4300 W. Whitehall Road $185,000.

Christine Wilson to Wayne Reynolds and Melissa Reynolds, 820 W. Aaron Drive, $236,500.

Gregg Township

Karen Rossman Stover, Executrix of The Estate of Jean O. Stover to CBM Partners LP, 3870 Penns Valley Road, $109,100.

William L. Foster and Lawna K. Foster to Carl A. Lingle II, 253 Houtz Haven Farm Lane, $148,500.

Haines Township

Glenn E. Hosterman, Executor of the Mildred I. Estate a/k/a Mildred Irene Hosterman and Corby A. Ronk, 513 N. Spruce Ally, $122,500.

Harris Township

Coscal Ventures LP to HM-WU Company, 134 Boal Ave., $362,000.

Jeanette M. Morrison to Gregory J. Morrison, Property located on Hemlock St., $1.

Harris Township

Thomas Gallagher and Cheryl Gallagher to Joseph A. Niebel and Sandra L. Niebel, 127 Founders Court, $488,000.

Gregory M. Bailey to Matthew G. Oelkers and Delvina Oelkers, Property located on Misty Hill Drive, $330,000.

Howard Borough

Lanfen Confer, Executrix of the Estate of Terry L. Confer, Property located on Stowell St., $1.

Howard Township

Bobbi Jo Salvanish and Charles A. Salvanish to Glenn McCaulay, 550 Walnut St., $1,000.

Glenn McCaulay to Glenn McCaulay, 550 Walnut St., $1.

Bobbi Jo Salvanish to Bobbi Jo Salvanish, 554 Walnut St., $1.

Huston Township

RJ Housel Rentals LLC to Insieme Leasing LLC, Property located on Maurer Lane, $80,000.

Saratoga Partners LP to Joshua Jones and Andrea B. Rager, 194 Wagner Lane, $140,500.

Liberty Township

Whitetail Mountain Forest to Darin J. King and Lilly M. King, 408 Sugar Camp Road, $11,900.

Marion Township

Dennis G. Whitesell and Rebecca E. Whitesell to Dennis G. Whitesell and Rebecca E. Whitesell, Trustees of The Whitesell Family Trust, 190 Woodside Drive, $1.

Milesburg Borough

John D. Marquette, Executor of the Estate of Robert L. Marquette to Marquette Vacation Home Trust, 777 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Millheim Borough

Thomas A. Manley to Jessica Clark, 204 Hillcrest Ave., $92,000.

Patton Township

Su Wang to David C. Asencio, 696 Oakwood Ave., $297,000.

Dupuis Family Irrevocable Trust, Elizabeth and Mary M. Dupuis, Trustees to Lance Sebolt and Carly Sebolt, 990 Confer Farm Lane, $165,000.

Daniel Bruner, Judith Bruner, James L. Andreyo and Jayna E. Andreyo to Daniel Bruner and Judith Bruner, 116 Clemson Court, $1.

Charles W. Morrison and Emily Rose Morrison to Guido Cervone and Janejira Kalsmith, 281 Ghaner Drive, $221,000.

John D. Swisher and Judith Swisher to Neil George Oddie and Laura Colleen Oddie, 117 Wildernest Lane, $110,000.

Gary L. Jeffers to Justin T. Agostinelli and Bridget L. Agostinelli, 129 Country Viewlane, $225,000.

Yunhan Zhang to Samuel Sholtis and Jennifer Sholtis, 673 Devonshire Drive, $265,000.

Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell to Panyu Yan, 2018 Mary Ellen lane, $150,000.

Sharon L Simeral n/k/a Sharon L. Powers and Terry Allen Powers to Nan Li and Wenyi Zhu, 616 Severn Drive, $332,500.

David B. Schellberg and Lora Sue Huntto Michael T. Sgriccia and Lauren Sgriccia, 124 Pinewood Place, $360,000.

Penn Township

Henry S. Beiler and Barbara L. Beiler to Benjamin L. Stoltzfus and Fannie S. Stoltzfus, 291 Paradis Road, $1.

Irvin Heckman to Brett I. Heckman and Quinn I. Heckman, Property located on Lingle Valley Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Mary E. Whited to Walter L. Witherite and Debra J. Witherite, 201 Berkley St., $115,000.

Wilmington savings Fun Society and Christina trust to Steven John Bellows, 323 E. Pine St., $20,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Castlerock 2017 LLC, 120 N. Ninth St., $22,450.

Potter Township

Ashford Manor Associates to William H. Weaver IV and Kaitlyn C. Weaver, Property located on Blarney Lane, $55,000.

Michael E. Miller to Lisa M. Miller, Property located in Potter Township, $1.

Laura Darr and Allan Darr to Richard Smith and Linda Smith, 104 Wynwood Drive, $180,000.

Rush Township

Albert Brelo and William Socie to William Sallurday and Marsha Sallurday, 909 Lochlomond Road, $15,000.

Yvonne Ling n/b/m Yvonne M. Shaner to Yvonne M. Shaner and Dale E. Shaner, 3226 Tyrone Pike, $1.

Ronald N. Couturiaux and Shirley A. Couturiaux to Ronald N. Couturiaux and Shirley A. Couturiaux 156 Squaw Lane, $1.

Spring Township

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Robert L. Steingrabe and Melissa Steingrabe, 230 Jonathon Lane, $197,900.

Tyler Kunes to Joseph Wyatt Kunes, 138 Forge Road, $139,500.

Edward J. Jusits and Tammy A. Jusits to Zachary J. Trynovich, 230 Irish Hollow Road, $267,400.

Benjamin Shindy to Marina Shindy to Justin A. Wert and Sara C. Wert, 255 Lower Coleville Road, $139,900.

Terry D. Yarnell and Terry D. Yarnell, Representatives of the Estate of Lena G. Yarnell to Medhat Aziz, $177,000.

Julie Anne Willits f/k/a Julie A. Willits n/k/a Julie A. Modricker to Felipe Montes and Maria M. Posada, 1788 Airport Road, $247,500.

State College Borough

Steven B. Jacobs and Joanne C. Jacobs to Richard J. Palaia Jr., 1134 Smithfield Circle, $350,000.

Joseph E. Schall and Karen Schall to Robert J. Darrah and Adrienne Darrah, 618 Fraser St., $290,000.

Thomas F. Coombs to David J. Nieves and Alaina L. Pearce, 1182 Westerly Parkway, $189,000.

William Downey, Alice Anne Downey, Sean Downey and Michelle Lee Downey to Dupuis Family Irrevocable Trust, $142,900.

Coscal Ventures LP to Nittany Houses LP, 220 E. Nittany Ave., $900,000.

Dana E. Neil, Executrix of The Dana E. Neil Estate to Fangzhou Yang, 819 Wheatfield Drive, $282,000.

Coscal Ventures LP to Park Avenue Partners LLC, 207 E. Park Ave., $925,000.

Coscal Ventures LP to Park Avenue Partners LLC, 125 W. Park Ave., $775,000.

Worth Township

Michael E. Solan to Abby L. Johnson, 450 Laurel Run Road, $123,750.