Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 27 - Dec. 1, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from November 27, 2017, through December 1, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Donald R. McKenzie, Jr. and Joann E. McKenzie to Anna K. McDermott and Patrick F. McDermott, 502 E. Curtin St., $360,000.

Ronald Lee Sheetz to Christine M. Vanhorn, 619 N. Allegheny St., $150,000.

Elise M. Merrill to Elise M. Merrill, 219 E. Burrows St., $1.

Tim Fortney a/k/a Timothy L. Fortney and Teresa J. Fortney to Lorne T. Groves and Leandra Groves, 510 E. High St., $188,000.

Leonard W. and Harriet D. Shilling Living Trust and Claudia M. Weber to Cory Everett Rideout, 1011 Airport Road, $189,500.

Ronald Markle and Janice Markle to Travis M. Grove and Jocelyn A. Schultz, 435 Willowbank St., $147,800.

Estate of Lois Lenker f/k/a Lois L. Boob, David Boone, Carol Hill and Larry Boone to Jonathan R. Edwards, 1156 Zion Road, $167,500.

Elizabeth J. Keeler to Melissa M. Rolls, 159 Saint Paul St., $200,000.

Benner Township

Mark A. Amberman and Erin L. Amberman to Ryan M. Thatcher and Elysabethe M. Thatcher, 1007 Valley View Road, $135,000.

Centre County Industrial Development Corporation to DMP Northern Tier, LP, Property located on Penntech Drive, $362,000.

College Township

S&A Homes Inc. to Farshad Rajabipour, Azadeh Darkeshloo and Mehrdad Rajabipour, 152 Mansfield St., $433,019.

Douglas E. Collins, and Nancy L. Silvis f/k/a Nancy G. Collins to Nicole Weatherholtz, Property located on Rainlo St., $120,000.

Vilma Shu Danz and Lee Christopher Danz to Vilma Shu Danz, 251 Lenape Lane, $1.

Charles H. Pelton to Douglas Bates and Katherine Bates, 300 Willow Ave., $211,000.

Dreibelbis Road State College I, LP to Stargrande LLC, Property located in College Township, $800,000.

Gerald E. Clark and Betty J. Clark to Cuizu Chang and Jia Song, 107 Oak Pointe Circle, $385,000.

Carroll Lee Howes Estate a/k/a Carroll L. Howes Estate and Jeffrey L. Howes a/k/a Jeffrey Lynn Howes a/k/a Jeffrey Linn Howes to Maxwell A. Karpov, 125 Willow Ave., $249,000.

Kirsten A. Chadwick and Peter Chadwick to Ying Wang and Hongling Fan, 286 Wiltree Court, $281,000.

Ferguson Township

John M. Rafacz to Jonathan R. Knobel, 263 Deepwood Drive, $220,000.

Robert Daman and Stephanie Bradley to Waylon T. Yarnell, 293 Deepwood Drive, $189,900.

Robert D. Sauers to Robert D. Sauers and Linda L. Sauers, 111 E. Blade Drive, $1.

Jennifer J. Keyzer-Andre to Jinping Lai and Xue Mu, 3111 Westover Drive, $265,000.

Gerald M. Santoro and Suzanne M. Santoro to Richard A. Hebel, 848 Pine Grove Road, $219,000.

Michael Rosenberg and Gail M. Rosenberg to Elliott M. Smith, Elizabeth J. Smith, Emily J. Tolle and Robert D. Tolle, Jr., 1632 Bristol Ave., $305,000.

Yakov Bernstein and Irene Bernstein to Bladimir Ramos Alvarado and Griselda Conejo Lopez, 2368 Charleston Drive, $367,000.

Brian R. McCleary and Chastity L. McCleary to Patrick E. Brannen and Regina M. Brannen, 1381 Sconsett Way, $165,900.

Raymond D. Guenot to Russell A. Roan, 116 Corl St., $250,000.

Jeffrey L. Spearly and Janet M. Spearly to David Benjamin Hellar and Bethany L. Mathie, 2364 Autumnwood Drive, $410,000.

Halfmoon Township

Adam C. Houseknecht and Darcy L. Houseknecht to Marc A. Dingman and Michelle M. Dingman, 201 Ira Lane, $356,000.

Harris Township

KBBH Partnership to Susan F. Lynch, Property located in Harris Township, $262,895.

TOA PA IV LP to Denis M. Collura and Geraldine H. Collura, 102 Settlers Way, $464,900.30.

Patricia A. Reitz Estate and Cheryl L. Markley to Jacqueline C. Patterson, 1221 Linden Hall Road, $172,000.

Jacquelyn C. Patterson to Jody L. Agostinelli and Jonathan S. Rudolph, 133 Hess Road, $189,000.

Huston Township

CD & JR Properties, LLC to Builders Best, LLC, 4725 S. Eagle Valley Road, $240,000.

Kevin L. Myers to Bryan D. Holland and Ashley S. Holland, 1208 Steele Hollow Road, $220,000.

Liberty Township

Billie J. Evers to Federal National Mortgage Association, 169 Bald Eagle St., $1.

Kenneth S. Babe, Jr. to Kenneth S. Babe, Jr., Property located on Schencks Grove Road, $1.

Marion Township

Nancy D. Baker to Melissa L. Roan and Ricky A. Bowmaster, 980 Forest Ave., $315,500.

Milesburg Borough

Francis R. Perri Revocable Living Trust, William M. Perri, Thomas G. Perri, Jefrey A. Perri and Prudence B. Perri, trustees, to Prudence B. Perri 2017 Irrevocable Trust and Mary Anne Perri, trustee, 153 Gettig Road, $1.

James E. Bilger II to Jennifer Jean Bartlebaugh, 141 E. Main St., $40,000.

Phyllis M. Young to Sean M. Herrmann and Jessica L. Herrmann, 108 Madisonburg Pike, $135,000.

Patton Township

Daniel Bruner and Judith Bruner to James L. Andreyo and Jayna E. Andreyo, 116 Clemson Court, $1.

Lee C. Danz and Vilma S. Danz to Lee C. Danz, 228 Harvard Road, $1.

Amr S. Elnashai and Noha Elnashai to Darcy L. Houseknecht and Adam C. Houseknecht, 110 Picadilly Road, $660,000.

Robert E. Warming and Cynthia G. Warming to Thomas F. Mulherin and Nina J. Mulherin, 101 Overfield Circle, $626,250.

Phillip A. Taylor, Jr. to Nicholas P. Glantz and Andrea A. Glantz, 656 Severn Drive, $365,000.

Edward B. Brown and Elaine C. Brown to HBS Real Estate, LLC, 115 Seymore Ave., $146,900.

Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell to Steven E. Wilson and Robin R. Wilson, 2028 Mary Ellen Lane, $155,000.

Reed McCormick to Michelle R. Thompson, 3902 N. Atherton St., $120,000.

Christine Vargo and Michael E. Szczesny, 112 Picadilly Road, $425,000.

David Mierwald and Michelle D. Mierwald to Hideaway Partners 1919, LLC, 1919 Fairwood Lane, $1.

Penn Township

Barbara Sue Fine and Dalton E. Fine to Fine Family Trust, Barbara S. Fine and Dalton E. Fine, 917 Green Grove Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

James P. Nolten and Susan E. Nolten to 324 2nd Street N LLC, 324 2nd St., $31,000.

Potter Township

Asher Lucas Group, LLC to Robert G. Melton and Terry W. Melton, 115 Little Paint Lane, $1.

Robert G. Melton and Terry W. Melton to Terry W. Melton and Robert G. Melton, 115 Little Paint Lane, $1.

Asher Lucas Group, LLC to Asher Lucas Group, LLC, 270 Little Paint Lane, $1.

Rush Township

Garth E. Longley Estate and Mary Lynn Rohm to Patrick J. Coval, Jr. and Robin G. Coval, Property located on Old Tyrone Pike, $9,000.

Kenneth J. Mayes and Karen A. Panaro-Mayes to Kenneth J. Mayes, 1368 State St., $1.

Charles Neal Frank, Jean G. Frank and Charles Scott Frank to Charles Neal Frank, Jean G. Frank and Charles Scott Frank, 1129 Dale Road, $1.

Garth E. Longley Estate and Mary Lynn Rohm to Leonard C. Martin, Jr. and Lori A. Martin, 269 Old Tyrone Pike, $67,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Fangzhou Yang to Fangzhou Yang and Jingning Chen, 819 Wheatfield Drive, $1.

Spring Township

William K. First and Carolyn J. First to Stephanie M. McKee and Douglas S. McKee, Property located on Quartz Drive, $66,500.

Bank of America to Eric Campbell, 158 Honeybee Lane, $153,000.

Linda N. Bakely and Joseph P. Bakely to Daniel Thomas Bigart and Erin Lynn Bigart, 121 Arbor Bluff Drive, $250,000.

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company to Timberland Federal Credit Union, 161 W. College Ave., $460,000.

State College Borough

Fraser Centre Residential, LLC to Fenestration Geeks, LLC, 1002 W. Beaver Ave., $849,900.

Rafael Izakov, as trustee, Samuel Knaster, Polina Knaster and Rafael & Maya K. Izakov Revocable Living Trust to Third Coast Properties, LLC, 518 Locust Lane, $430,000.

Erin Maureen Baggett Torres and Justin Gabriel Torres to Ramy Elyas and Ruba Hamdan, 1745 Blue Course Drive, $143,000.

Colina L. Seeley Estate and Saskia Jordan to Leanne Allen, 933 W. Whitehall Road, $109,533.

Baker Realty, LP to Fairmount SC, LLC, 126 E. Fairmount Ave., $1.

Union Township

Jeffrey E. Snook and Matthew B. Snook to Jeffrey E. Snook and Matthew B. Snook, 346 Bird Road, $1.

Walker Township

Howard W. Long and Amy C. Long to Jonathan P. Neidig, 125 Jenjo Drive, $299,000.

Adam S. Narehood and Jayme L. Narehood to Ryan D. Livingston, 670 Nittany Valley Drive, $192,000.

Douglas R. Bates and Katherine A. Bates to Shawn Michael Jacobs and Ashley Nicole Jacobs, 844 Snydertown Road, $182,900.

Diane L. Watson, Donald H. Watson, Jr., William M. Bierly, Laureen Bierly, Corey Bierly, Marlana Bierly, Andrea Barnes by agent and Charles Barnes by agent to Michael D. Gingher, 265 Pike Road, $98,000.