Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 11 - Dec. 15, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from December 11, 2017, through December 15, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Alhagie Jasseh by sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 140 S. Ridge St., $4,940.16.

Steven B. Byron and Pamela D. Byron to Tomalei J. Vess, 1251 Pine Circle, $299,000.

Benner Township

Jeremy R. Gibson and Shannon M. Gibson to Megan Widener, 208 Amberleigh Lane, $210,000.

Omar I. Ahmed and Carol J. Ahmed to Omar I. Ahmed and Carol J. Ahmed, Property located on High Tech Road, $1.

Nicholas A. Sproveri and Kate N. Sproveri to Zachary H. Smith and Victoria J. Smith, 120 Dorchester Lane, $215,000.

Boggs Township

Patricia A. Valmont Living Trust, Jeffrey E. Favuzza and Karen L. Landis f/k/a Karen L. Bjalme to Stauffers’ Rental Properties (1) LLC, 1851 Moose Run Road, $125,000.

College Township

William T. Wright, Jr. and Patricia B. Wright to Phillip M. Jolly and Brandy R. Jolly, 326 Gregor Way, $413,000.

Jason Perrin to Brian C. Walk, 115 Pikeview Road, $258,900.

Robert Farrar Thornton to Lyubov Kolossov and Leonid P. Kolossov, 1767 Houserville Road, $185,000.

John H. O’Neill to John H. O’Neill, 949 Oak Ridge Ave., $1.

John J. Ott, Pamela Ott, Jordan R. Ott and Jordan A. Ott to Raymond Edward Schwabenbauer and Janet Topping Schwabenbauer, 108 Quincy Ave., $199,900.

Village at Canterbury LP to Douglas S. Pysher and Susan Wagner Pysher, Property located College Township, $577,654.

Mary E. Nicholson to Robert E. Keay and Janice M. Keay, 108 Colonial Court, $400,000.

Denis M. Collura and Geraldine H. Collura to Paul J. Kelley and Amy Ferris Kelley, 150 Harris Drive, $422,500.

J. Monroe Associates LLC to Thomas H. Kryger and Melinda P. Kryger, 266 Wiltree Court, $339,218.

Ferguson Township

Michael Neidigh Sowko and Michele R. Sowko to Mastros777 LLC, 1119 W. College Ave., $1.

Lynn Donald Breon to Joseph D. Dionisio and Lois A. Dionisio, 647 E. Chestnut St., $1.

Catherine E. Kocher Estate, Rhonda L. Boonie, Michael W. Kocher and Robert A. Kocher to Charles R. Dawson, 213 E. Butternut St., $161,000.

Catherine E. Kocher Estate, Rhonda L. Boonie, Michael W. Kocher and Robert A. Kocher to Charles R. Dawson, 221 E. Butternut St., $35,500.

Stuart Living Trust a/k/a The Stuart Trust and Kathleen Elizabeth Loewen to Erina L. MacGeorge, 3301 925 Shellers Bend, $262,500.

Phyllis Ann Schmidt to Galen G. McWilliams, Luke Hess McWilliams and Thomas Henry McWilliams, Property located on Ferguson Township, $1.

Galen G. McWilliams, Luke Hess McWilliams, Thomas Henry McWilliams and Phyllis Ann Schmidt to William A. Gray and Ann B. Gray, Property located in Ferguson Township, $31,000.

Mark Lynch to Mark Lynch and Lisa M. Cirincione, 1249 E. Park Hills Ave., $1.

Harlan E. Hoffa Estate and Massmutual Trust Company to Matthew J. Coon and Jennifer G. Coon, 1343 Penrose Circle, $330,000.

Gregg Township

John C. McDonald Estate and Kirsten E. McDonald to John D. McDonald and Matthew K. McDonald, 143 Hummingbird Lane, $1.

Michael A. Rowles, Patti L. Rowles and Tyler M. Rowles to Katrina Miller, 765 Lower Georges Valley Road, $120,000.

Halfmoon Township

Christopher Amoratis and Kara Elizabeth Amoratis to Rodney Glasgow and Melody J. Glasgow, 2025 Halfmoon Valley Road, $219,000.

Harris Township

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Phillip A. Armstrong, 164 Derek Drive, $645,000.

KBBH Partnership to Alyssa M. Sebastianelli, Property located in Harris Township, $296,000.

John B. Smith to Sujai Shriram and Aarthi Madhavan, 125 Kaywood Drive, $465,000.

Kyle E. Buterbaugh and Whitney W. Buterbaugh to Monica L. Iachini, 184 Kestrel Lane, $197,250.

KBBH Partnership to Timothy A. Bottenfield and Elizabeth I. Bottenfield, Property located in Harris Township, $261,905.

Howard Township

Sandra F. Miller and Celestine C. Nyman by agent to Larry W. Bechdel and Andrea J. Bechdel, 232 Shrilyn Drive, $195,000.

Huston Township

Lester Earl Casida, Jr. Estate a/k/a Lester E. Casida, Jr. Estate a/k/a L.E. Casida, Jr. Estate, Nancy A. Pattishall and Sharon A. Reed to Zachary D. Lucas and Chelsea L. Lucas, 100 Beaver Road, $106,000.

Betty M. Vydra to Katlyn K. Housel and Tamara S. Housel, Property located on Steele Hollow Road, $25,000.

Liberty Township

Village Capital & Investment LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 240 Eagleville Road, $1.

Robert G. Patishnock to Robert G. Patishnock and Kim E. Patishnock, 109 N. Liberty St., $1.

Robert A. Lange and Jennifer L. Lange to Christopher M. Schenck a/k/a Christopher Schenck, 127 Beach St., $67,000.

Milesburg Borough

Gary L. Smith, Jr. to Jordan Smith, 7183 Brush Valley Road, $124,000.

Leonard L. Brungart Estate and Carol Williams to Benuel M. Zook and Linda B. Zook, 140 Town Lane, $96,000.

Millheim Borough

Bernard F. Cantorna to James N. Bryant and Bryant & Cantorna, 109 E. Main St., $75,000.

Patton Township

State College Access Church to Dustin Elliott and Michaela Elliott, 312 Ghaner Drive, $180,000.

Christopher P. Maurer and Melissa L. Maurer to Dawn D. Sauer, 491 Westgate Drive, $215,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Isameldin M. Eljak to Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, 525 E. Pine St., $14,859.96.

Frederick Lee Covey, Linda Covey, Barry Alan Covey and Janet M. Covey to Barry Alan Covey, 3014 Curtis St., $1.

Potter Township

Stanley E. Figart and Angela K. Figart to Stanley E. Figart and Angela K. Figart, 108 Wood Thrust Hollow Road, $1.

Rush Township

John P. Neblett, Estate of Andrew Coleman d/b/a Coleman’s Asphalt, Osceola Mills Carwash and Shirley L. Coleman to Sunrise Associates LLC, 87 Curtin St., $27,500.

John C. Foote, Jr. and Thad A. Foote to Walter R. Verost, Jr. and Janice Verost, 212 Tomahawk Drive, $15,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Dennis C. Watson and Helen J. Watson to Mark D. Watson and Barbara Watson, Property located on West Sycamore Road, $1.

Mary L. Seprish to David E. Rowles, 1135 Ridge Road, $154,900.

Snow Shoe Borough

Doreen M. Tobias Estate and John C. Tobias to Norma V. McCloskey Estate, 306 E. Olive St., $1.

Norma V. McCloskey Estate and Richard W. McCloskey to Norma V. McCloskey Estate, 3016 E. Olive St., $1.

Doreen M. Tobias Estate and John C. Tobias to Doreen M. Tobias Estate, 103 8th St., $1.

Spring Township

Christopher M. Smead to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, 313 Lower Coleville Road, $8,166.22.

James F. Stack, Jr. and Julia Amick n/k/a Julia L. Stack to Julia L. Stack, 321 Wiltshire Drive, $1.

Jonathan Eirmann and Elizabeth Eirmann to Jonathan Eirmann and Elizabeth Eirmann, 109 Whiterock Ave., $1.

Jarred M. Himes and Rebecca K. Himes to Nicholas A. Sproveri and Kate N. Sproveri, 140 Farmington Lane, $270,000.

State College Borough

Thomas C. Wareham to Frank Stec, 1117 Oneida St., $230,000.

Donald J. Harris Estate and Dionne Boone to David W. Bradley, Penny Ann Bradley and Jack William Bradley, 530 E. Prospect Ave., $315,000.

Phillip E. Stebbins and Carolyn C. Stebbins to Michael R. Palombo and Kerry L. Palombo, 220 Hillcrest Ave., $300,000.

Tina M. Murgas to Mark Harris and Joanne Goshow-Harris, 1190 Westerly Parkway, $269,000.

Union Township

Lala M. Hall Revocable Living Trust n/k/a Lala M. Lindsey Revocable Living Trust and Lala M. Hall a/k/a Lala M. Lindsey to Brayden Robert Kelley and Kalina Joy Kelley, 1242 Rattlesnake Pike, $230,000.

Unionville Borough

Stephanie E. Packer to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Property located in Unionville Borough, $1.