Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 18 - Dec. 22, 2017

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from December 18, 2017, through December 22, 2017, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Seth Charles Confer and Belinda M. Confer to Frederick E. Yearick, Jr., 142 Teasel Way, $360,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Jeffrey D. Hwozdek Estate and Daniel J. Hwozdek to Daniel J. Hwozdek, 137 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

College Township

Michael Rushing and Sylvia Rushing to Shellie J. Williams and Roger F. Williams, 1002 Shamrock Ave., $449,000.

Kevin R. Woods and Mary E. Woods to Paul L. Frankhouser and Yvonne P. Frankhouser, 285 Jay Lane, $269,500.

Lotte M. Deak Estate a/k/a Lotte Meta Deak Estate a/k/a Lotte Meta Bender Deak Estate and Robert Deak to Doris Deak, 121 Hubler Road, $1.

S&A Homes Inc. to Poole Family Limited Partnership, Property located on Asbury Lane, $390,000.

John C. Evans, Lou Ann Evans and Helen Evans to John C. Evans and Lou Ann Evans, 159 Lower Grandview Road, $1.

Guillermo Zayas and Vicenta Zayas to Terry Eugene Fry Trust and Terry Eugene Fry, 214 Birchtree Court, $177,000.

Michael P. McKinney to Mt. Nittany Properties, LLC, 801 Pike St., $290,000.

Leon R. Zook and Mary O. Zook to Leon & Mary Zook Revocable Trust, Leon R. Zook and Mary O. Zook, 185 Limerock Terrace, $1.

Leon R. Zook and Mary O. Zook to Leon & Mary Zook Revocable Trust, Leon R. Zook and Mary O. Zook, 126 Watson Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Jeffrey Charles Rockwell and Salima Kulsum Rockwell to Joshua A. Brandwene and Leona M. Brandwene, 148 Red Willow Road, $445,000.

Daniel E. Rapsinski and Ashley D. Rapsinski to Seung Don Kim and Jong H. Kim-Park, 2354 Prairie Rose Lane, $398,000.

Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Ferrell to Yu Zhang and Li Luo, 1131 F. W. Aaron Drive, $176,000.

Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Ferrell to Xiao Liu and Feng Sun, 1111 D. W. Aaron Drive, $169,500.

Pennsylvania State University to Pennsylvania State University, Property located on W. Whitehall Road, $1.

Eileen Schelberg f/k/a Eileen Schelberg-Karnes to Howard L. Karnes, Jr., 1200 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Howard L. Karnes, Jr. and Barbara A. Karnes to Howard and Barbara Karnes Trust, Howard L. Karnes, Jr. and Barbara A. Karnes, 1200 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Harry S. Corl to Brian T. Hulse, 681 Tanager Drive, $319,000.

Pennsylvania State University to State College Apartments LLC, Property located on West Whitehall Road, $13,500,000.

Matthew B. Naedel to Megan J. Evans, 246 Science Park Court, $222,500.

Gregg Township

Kirk A. Kreisher and Elaine A. Kreisher to Ross A. Wallingford and Karol A. Wallingford, Property located on Fullmoon Lane, $187,000.

Haines Township

Dawn L. Shawley a/k/a Dawn L. Hosterman and Regan J. Hosterman to Regan J. Hosterman and Dawn L. Hosterman, 207 S. Rachels Way, $1.

Harris Township

Cathy M. Schwab to MABJLB V, LLC, 132 Dearing Drive, $306,000.

Phyllis T. Metzger to James Eisenstein and Virginia B. Eisenstein, 164 Beacon Circle, $325,000.

Andrew M. Haag, Jr. and Milagros Ponce De Leon to Milagros Ponce De Leon, 1405 Breton Circle, $1.

KBBH Partnership to Jacquelyn M. Martin, Property located in Harris Township, $267,382.

GTW Associates to Steven Fishbaine and Penni D. Fishbaine, 103 Emma Court, $84,500.

Liberty Township

Robert Malcotti, Sr. Estate a/k/a Robert J. Malcotti Estate a/k/a Robert Malcotti Estate a/k/a Robert J. Malcotti, Sr. Estate and Robert J. Malcotti, Jr. to Robert J. Malcotti, Jr., Richard A. Malcotti, Marianne Bowman, Mark Malcotti and Gina Kokoski, 115 Short Lane, $15,377.78.

William J. Wrable and Penny A. Wrable to Brian J. Schmoke, 1701 March Creek Road, $190,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to J&E Structures LLC, 302 W. hunter Run Road, $52,850.

Milesburg Borough

Harold M. Adams and Patricia C. Adams to Harold M. Adams and Patricia C. Adams, Property located on Turkey Hollow Road, $1.

Brian K. Rhoades to Scott A. Homan, 101 View St., $203,000.

Michael Lucas to Caleb C. Gilmore and Maelyn Harpster, 123 W. Main St., $102,500.

Patton Township

Lance B. Babb and Salena M. Babb to Hong N. Vu and Quoc B. Huynh, 381 W. Clearview Ave., $182,000.

Matthew Harter and Heather Harter to Donald Goldberg and Beth Wilcox-Goldberg, 578 Galen Drive, $179,000.

Jesse W. Wargo and Jessica Hoebener to Jesse W. Wargo and Jessica A. Wargo, 22 S. Barkway Lane, $1.

David L. Foose and Erika L. Foose to Joshua R. Botteicher and Tanya N. Botteicher, 119 Briar Court, $580,000.

Penn Township

Elizabeth M. Fryer to Richard C. Marshall, 490 Main St., $161,000.

Philipsburg Borough

David T. Byron and Sherrill H. Byron to David T. Byron, 301 ½ E. Spruce St., $1.

Potter Township

Messenger Trust, William N. Messenger and J. David Messenger to Neal T. Boob and Samantha Bressler, 214 Lloyd Ave., $202,500.

Rush Township

David T. Byron and Sherrill H. Byron to David T. Byron, Property located on Port Matilda Highway, $1.

David T. Byron and Sherrill H. Byron to Sherrill A. Byron, 119 Turtle Spring Lane, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

David Jozefik Estate a/k/a David J. Jozefik Estate and Kim D. Taylor to Timothy Baranak and Joyce Baranak, 125 Guenot Road, $60,000.

Spring Township

E. Rose Warner by attorney to Stacy M. Chomicz, 217 Bilger Ave., $89,200.

Steven B. Yarnell and Peter A. Yarnell to Steven B. Yarnell and Linda E. Yarnell, 1259 Airport Road, $1.

Koltay Homes Inc. to Steven B. Byron and Pamela D. Byron, Property located in Spring Township, $257,000.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Linda L. Grissinger and Robin Sukley, 198 Jonathan Lane, $205,763.

JFDC Land Acquisitions LLC to Stephen A. Zelznick, III, 200 Jonathan Lane, $215,397.

State College Borough

Paul Medvedev to Thomas Dante Nardone and Jacqueline Alexandra Materia Nardone, 166 W. Prospect Ave., $289,999.

Copper Beech Townhouse Communities Ten, LLC to Athena Holding, LLC, 912 S. Atherton St., $20,000.

Athena Holding, LLC to Athena Holding, LLC, 912 S. Atherton St., $1.

Judith Holtzer Smelter to Judith Holtzer Smelter and Scott D. Smelter, 301 E. Waring Ave., $1.

Megan J. Evans to Stephen D. Sullivan and Janine M. Sullivan, 810 14 Stratford Drive, $155,000.

Thomas O. Mincemoyer and Claudia C. Mincemoyer to T2Mince, LLC, 119 S. Barnard St., $1.

Alice James to Loukas Kalisperis and Alice James, 317 S. Gill St., $1.

Taylor Township

John Paul Weaver to Katie Rhodes, 347 W. Fowler Hollow Lane, $1.

Saratoga Partners LP to Jason R. Haney and Katherine N. Haney, 329 Fowler Hollow Lane, $167,000.

Walker Township

Adam J. Gearhart and Erin K. Gearhart to Matthew Harter and Heather Harter, 1143 E. Springfield Drive, $308,000.