Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 1 - Jan. 5, 2018

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from January 1, 2018, through January 5, 2018, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Brandon K. Redmond and Amber D. Redmond to Brandon K. Redmond, 1210 Zion Road, $17,708.

Benner Township

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Gerald E. Bandick and Shirley M. Bandick, 241 Fultons Run, $20,000.

Jason Coudriet and Jennifer Lynn Coudriet to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. 461 Millgate Road, $305,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Wayne M. Gersie and Trista L. Gersie, 461 Millgate Road, $305,000.

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Berks at Nittany Glen LP, 344 Fultons Run Road, $1.

Valentino Shvenke and Abigail J. McDonald to Valentino V. Shvenke, 268 Raymond Lane, $1.

Gabriel Marks and Stacey L. Marks to Michael A. Goss and Kristen N. Goss, 130 Dorchester Lane, $214,000.

Nancy E. Crowder by agent to Donald C. Crowder, Jr., 144 Crestview Drive, $1.

Boggs Township

Jeffrey L. Quick to Randy J. Quick and Debora J. Quick, 711 Snow Shoe Mountain Road, $40,000.

College Township

S&A Homes Inc. to David J. Heisler and Noel A. Heisler, 279 Florence Way, $455,183.

James P. Dixon to Caryn A. Jellen and Michael H. Jellen, 221 Kennedy St., $217,000.

Li Yue Liu and Zhang Tian Gui to Li Yue Liu, 113 Quincy Ave., $1.

Michael E. Gibson and Leslie J. Gibson to Daniel E. Hall and Rebecca A. Hall, 225 Whitehall St., $277,000.

Michael Rosenberg and Gail Rosenberg to Jon Paul Pietraccini and Patricia R. Pietraccini, 1097 Cortland Drive, $385,000.

Jon Paul Pietraccini and Patricia R. Pietraccini to Brock A. Davis and Catherine P. Davis, 1061 Cortland Drive, $258,000.

Ferguson Township

Rodney Frazier Estate a/k/a Rodney G. Frazier Estate and Michael Trombley to Drueanne B. Schreyer Dynasty Trust, 115 S. Nixson Road, $1.

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County and William D. Sunday to Adie S. Fogelsanger, 135 Deepwood Drive, $72,000.

Haines Township

Charles A. & Carol A. Kester Revocable Stewardship Trust, Charles A. Kester and Carol A. Kester to David L. Greenland and Jeannine L. Greenland, Property located on the corner of East Street and White Thor, $17,000.

Laura B. Trinca n/k/a Laura B. Shaffer and Justin R. Shaffer to Elizabeth Ann Walker, Krysta M. Mulroy, Gary C. Walker and Brandon Martz, 209 Tattletown Road, $93,000.

Harris Township

Hong Goo Yeo and In Hee Cho to Juan Manuel De Luna and Maria O. De Luna, 122 Faith Circle, $188,500.

GTW Associates to Ronald F. Yoder and Gloria D. Yoder, 111 Emma Court, $84,500.

Huston Township

Carlton L. Henry Estate and Nathan E. Henry to Lance E. Henry, Property located on Five Springs Lane, $1.

Carlton L. Henry Estate and Nathan E. Henry to Nathan E. Henry, 235 Five Springs Lane, $1.

Liberty Township

Cynthia Anne Conklin to Sophie Elizabeth Bailey McGowan, Devan Maris McGowan and Sean Casey McGowan, 197 Stoner Road, $1.

Sophie Elizabeth Bailey McGowan, Devan Maris McGowan, Sean Casey McGowan and Cynthia Anne Conklin to Sean A. C. McGowan, 197 Stoner Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Ivan K. Beiler and Miriam B. Beiler to Samuel T. Swarey III and Lydia Swarey, 111 Smullton Road, $135,000.

Patton Township

David R. Caswell and Mary Ellen Caswell to Frederick Paul Davis and Meghan Lee Davis, 83 Greenmeadow Lane, $449,000.

Vinh N. Nguyen to Vinh N. Nguyen and Vicky N. Ninh, 155 Whisper Ridge Drive, $1.

Daniel R. Hawbaker to Daniel R. Hawbaker, Property located on Eable Field Road, $1.

Daniel R. Hawbaker to Daniel R. Hawbaker, 600 Eable Field Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Patrick J. Willar to Spewock Properties LLC, 310 E. Spruce St., $255,000.

Hillary A. Emanuelson-Detwiler and Barry J. Detwiler to Hillary A. Emanuelson-Detwiler and Barry J. Detwiler, 535 N. 9th St., $1.

Port Matilda Borough

David Scott Lykens to Mark Romine and Kelly Romine, 202 S. Smith St., $41,000.

Potter Township

T&R Stuart Trust, Roseann Stuart and Tracy J. Stuart to Craig Gates and Megan Gates, 104 Lloyd Ave., $138,000.

Ralph L. Thompson and Becky L. Thompson to David J. Pickrell and Susan E. Pickrell, 239 Church Hill Road, $450,000.

Rush Township

Zachary T. Bare and Elizabeth Ann Bare to Carol A. Tower, 484 State St., $56,000.

Susan L. Wolf to William J. Wolf and Susan L. Wolf, 124 Richard St., $1.

Rachel J. Kelley to David A. Ferguson, 205 D St., $1.

Spring Township

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Thomas M. Maatta and Joanna Maatta, 234 Jonathan Lane, $255,900.

Edward P. Rose and Nancy B. Rose to Brian J. Blair, 211 Pin Oak St., $130,000.

Madaline G. Shivery to Kevin Morrison and Alexis Morrison, 197 Whitman Ave., $144,000.

State College Borough

Unity Christian Ministries International and Unity Christian Ministries Inc. to West Side Manor I LP, 140 N. Gill St., $1,300,000.

Yaozu Dong, Meiyu Ke, Xiaolong Zhang, Yingjin Tang to Xiaolong Zhang and Yingjin Tang, 303 Easterly Parkway, $178,000.

Hoi K. Suen and Barbara R. Suen to Alycia A. Chambers and Robert F. Gentry, 802 Stratford Drive, $132,000.

William G. Van Der Sluys and Lori S. Van Der Sluys to Lori S. Van Der Sluys, 866 Bayberry Drive, $1.

Taylor Township

David B. Hockenberry and Cathy A. Hockenberry to Thomas P. Rider III and Katlyn V. Rider, Property located on McMonigal Road, $105,000.

Walker Township

Lee Ann Smeltzer to Jason D. Crants and Pamela S. Crants, 1130 Nittany Crest Ave., $232,000.

Springfield Limited Partnership to Adam Gearhart and Erin Gearhart, 154 Landon Drive, $346,735.

Ronald C. Flood a/k/a Ronald C. Flood III and Victoria L. Flood to Ronald C. Flood III and Victoria L. Flood, 110 June Lane, $1.

Worth Township

Lisa Dubendorf, Kurt Dubendorf, Bonnie Williams, Coty Williams, Aaron M. Williams, Nicole Williams, Allison Cossick and Thomas Cossick to Darryl G. Owen and Anne H. Stuart, 608 E. Mountain Road, $190,000.