Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 28-May 2, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 28, through May 2, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Stacy G. Tibbetts to Stacy G. Tibbetts and Gina M. Thompson, 230 E. Burnside St., $1.

Benner Township

Clinton Edward Eury and Jennifer Lynn Eury to Adam Clampet and Nichole L. Clampet, 1050 W. Water St., $177,900.

Stewart J. Walker and Heidi Walker to Megan Heverly and Matthew Catherman, 1623 Valley View Road, $213,650.

Monte A Confer Living Trust, Monte A. Confer and Brenda L. Confer to Thomas G. Poole and Anne K. Ard, property on Steelhead Lane, $190,000.

Boggs Township

Janet F. Balash, Fanet F. Hall and Richard Balash to Calvin H. Kiffer, 511 Kifer Road, $1.

Calvin H. Kiffer and Gloria J. Kiffer to Douglas M. Kiffer and Leiann D. Chamberlin, 511 Kifer Road, $1.

College Township

Jo Anne Fischer to Jenny Rebecca Fischer, 226 Dale St., $1.

John M. Corneal and Jorene S. Proper to S & A Homes Inc., 158 Florence Way, $65,000.

John M. Corneal and Jorene S. Proper to S & A Homes Inc., 134 McCann Drive, $65,000.

Matthew Parent and Rachael E. Neusch to National Residential Nominee Services, 2516 Buchenhorst Road, $187,500.

National Residential Nominee Services to David G. Yeckley and Breanne J. Radin-Yeckley, 2516 Buchenhorst Road, $187,500.

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to John J. Hamiltona and Francine T. Hamilton, 275 Wiltree Court, $300,542.

Curtin Township

Lee E. Williamson and Joan P. Williamson to Lee E. Williamson, Joan P. Williamson and L. Roeg Williamson, 68 Back Street, $1.

Ferguson Township

June D. Hill to Yuan Xuan and Yue Li, 3099 Sheffield Drive, $213,000.

Loren G. Zirkle and Ann M. Zirkle to Loren G. Zirkle, 4816 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

Builders Association of Central PA to 1 VM Holding Co., property within the township, $725,000.

Yaozhou Zhang and Li Liu to Jacob S. Clements and Sarah M. Clements, 3359 Pamela Circle, $220,000.

Leslie A. Dutchcot and Arthur L. Entz, Jr to Jeffrey B. Lovelace and Shanann F. Lovelace, 626 Old Farm Lane, $302,000.

Gail B. McWhirter to Robert B. Rutherford, III and Judith L. Rutherford, 3221 Shellers Bend , $1.

Donald R. Arnold and Patti Jeanne Arnold to Jordan K. Robb, 154 S. Water St. $139,500.

Eric M. Yezdimer and Kristina C.Yezdimer to Christina Ciambotti, 110 W. Aaron Drive, $195,000.

Gregg Township

U S Bank to Eric P. Campbell and Michael T. Starks, 538 Brush Mountain Road, $412,000.

Asher Lucas Group LLC to John Laslo and Maxine Laslo, 143 Heckman Cemetery Road, $47,900.

Halfmoon Township

Kenyon R. Zitzka and Jaimee L. Zitzka to Elizabeth Montgomery and Jeremiah W. Montgomery, 110 Stonerow Lane, $225,000.

Harris Township

Frank J McVay, III and Katherine A. McVay to Frank J. McVay, III, 812 Brookside Drive, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Pamela D. Carina, property within the township, $367,217.16

Eric M. Hudish and Rachel P. Hudish to Scott A. Burk and Kimberly A. Burk, 174 Faith Circle, $162,000.

Doris L. Baker to Garabed P. Toumayants and Araxi R. Caloustian, 136 Kimport Avenue, $255,000.

Judith Louise Rutherford and Robert Burns Rutherford to David A. Cather and Jennifer W. Rich, 604 Outer Drive, $1.

Mark C. Bigatel and Paul M. Bigatel to Kristen L. Holzwarth and Charles E. Graham, 211 E. Main Street, $360,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Thomas G. Fox and C. Louise Fox, property within the township, $301,298.89.

Jeffrey W. Jones to Jeffrey W. Jones and Pamela A. Ruest, 607 Beaumont Drive, $1.

Howard Borough

Paul M. Mills to Paul M Mills Revocable Trust and Paul M. Mills, 122 E Main St., $1.

Liberty Township

Margaret M. Dolan to Stephen P. Dolan and Cynthia A. Dolan, 154 Main St., $1.

Miles Township

Arthur L. Moyer, Eileen F. Moyer, Paul E. Neff, Bonnie Neff and Charles R. Diffenderfer to Daniel B. Lapp, Jr., property along state Route 477, $35,000.

Millheim Borough

Delmont L. Billotte and Dawn L. Billotte to Michael R. Pipe Jr and Ashley B. Pipe, 218 Hillcrest Ave., $158,500.

Patton Township

David A. Cather and Jennifer W. Rich, also known as, Jennifer W. Cather to Paul M. Simenson, 132 Overfield Circle, $1.

Alan G. Hawbaker to Alan G. Hawbaker, 131 Essex Court, $1.

Andrew C. Atwater and Jeanne A. Atwater to William D. Knisely, 1946 Weaver St., $185,000.

John F. Reichenbach and Maria C. Reichenbach to Elaine P. Higdon, 606 Old Farm Lane, $215,000.

Rainer F. Domalski and Waltraud L. Domalski to Dustin R. Struble, 193 Ghaner Drive, $273,400.

Penn Township

James A. Artley and Jan L. Artley, also known as, Jan Artley to Whisker Hollow LLC, property on Klinger Lane, $35,000.

Randolph B. Swartz, estate, Steven D. Swartz and R. Larry Swartz to Jody Wayne Buck and Renee Christine Buck, 199 Coburn Road, $82,500.

Philipsburg Borough

Pamela J. Wood, Edward Wood, Brenda S. Baughman, Peter Baughman, Nanette L. Siegfried and Wayne Siegfried to Nicole L. Lamb, 1121 Locust St., $60,000.

John W. Lytle to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County, 307 N. Fourth St., $1.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County to Amy L. Tegeder, 307 Fourth St., $64,000.

Darrell S. Curtorillo and Melanie D. Curtorillo to HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc, 230 N. 11th St., $1.

Potter Township

William F. Reiber and Jennifer M. Wolfe to Timothy M. Smith, 123 Young Lane, $228,000.

Rush Township

Joseph A. Miller to Jerry A. Miller, 5610 Black Moshannon Road, $1.

Joseph A. Miller to Jerry A. Miller, 5643 Black Moshannon Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Jeffrey W. Knisely and Druann Dentler Knisely to Ruth Sue Zimmerman, Jeremy Zimmerman and Elaine Zimmerman, 523 Lucas Ridge Road, $80,000.

Robert W. Harris to Steven M. Heverly, 329 Snow Shoe Mountain Forest Road, $54,500.

Rosewood Investors LLC to Michael J. Yeaney and Jacqueline M. Yeaney, property on Fountain Road, $30,000.

Spring Township

Durron T. Tucker and Penny A. Tucker to Christopher Thomas and Joanna Thomas, 526 Jacksonville Road, $220,000.

Michelle D. Quinlan and Michelle Dawn Kramer to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 124 Oak St., $1.

Richard A. Caschera Jr and Susan Swank-Caschera to Stewart J. Walker and Heidi L. Walker, 407 Birchwood Lane, $157,000.

State College Borough

Elizabeth M. Ferringer to Elizabeth M. Ferringer Income Only Trust, Matthew Ferringer and Jennifer Hoover, 860 Bayberry Court, $1.

Neil H. Coupland and Lorna Coupland to Mastros 777 LLC, 310 S. Allen St., $190,000.

Jeffrey M. Cook and Carolyn R. Cook to Jeffrey M Cook and Carolyn R Cook, 799 W. Hamilton Ave., $1.

Robert M. Snyder and Kelly Ann Snyder to Robert M. Snyder and Kelly Ann Snyder, 809 Westerly Pkway., $1.

Gregory M. Grieco and Victoria Y. Fong to Gregory M. Grieco and Victoria Y. Fong, 793 W. Hamilton Ave., $1.

George L. Wick and Susan B. Wick to George L & Susan B. Wick Family Irrevocable Trust and Jennifer McCauley and Elizabeth Slease, 222 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Nancy L. Ring to Nancy L. Ring and J. Daniel Ring, 124 Campbell Road, $1.

Nancy L. Ring to Nancy L. Ring and Joseph D. Ring, 427 Keller St., $1.

Pamela A. Ruest and Jeffrey W. Jones to William H Bryant III and Dana C. Bryant, 752 W. Hamilton Ave., $335,000.

Union Township

Bernice M. Walker and Clarence N. Walker to Steven A. MacNamara and Lorie A. MacNamara, property on S. Eagle Valley Road, $33,000.

Bernice M. Walker and Clarence N. Walker to Steven A. MacNamara and Lorie A. MacNamara, property on S. Eagle Valley Road, $2,000.

Bernice M. Walker and Clarence N. Walker to Steven A. MacNamara and Lorie A. MacNamara, property located along Sycamore Lane, $1.

Calvin A. Walker and Stacey L. Walker to Calvin A. Walker and Stacey L. Walker, 112 Egypt Hollow Road, $1.

Bernice M. Walker and Clarence N. Walker to Bernice M. Walker and Clarence N. Walker, property at the corner of Egypt Hollow Road and state Route 220, $1.

Timothy Riddle, Timothy S. Riddle and Lori Riddle to Gary S. McClure and Sherry L. McClure, property on Rattlesnake Pike, $185,000.

Walker Township

KSB Real Estate LLC to Wendy Henninger, 223 Dunkle Road, $239,600.