Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Aug. 18-22

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Aug. 18 through Aug. 22, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

D-Mar Associates LLC, Nichole Taylor Lose, also known as Nichole Taylor, and Patricia Lose to Robert Lose, 608 N. Spring St., $62,524.42.

Stephanie L. Cooper, also known as, Stephanie Cooper Robinson, to Kevin C. Clark, 519 E. Logan St., $167,500.

James F. Weaver Jr., estate, Christopher L. Weaver and Lori Ann Hasan to Douglas L. Knupp, 135 N. Thomas St., $61,600.

Eric M. Yoder and Kristen D. Yoder to William D. Toy and Luciano Sormani, 137 N. McAllister St., $154,900.

Benner Township

James R. Byers and Noreen Byers to Jeffery S. Byers, 2197 High Tech Road, $1.

East End Partnership to Harold A. Ficke and Jane F. Galgoci, 290 Holly Ridge Drive, $326,556.54.

Robert M. Kucas and Glenda A. Kucas to Eric M. Yoder and Kristen D. Yoder, 101 Armagast Road, $194,800.

Jennifer N. Plasterr to David C. Houseman and Julia N. Houseman, 153 Barrington Lane, $183,900.

Davann D. Gordon to Robin Lynn Sidwell, property along Purdue Mountain Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Donald E. Walters and Shirley A. Walters to Ryan K. Fitzgerald and Sarah L. Sharer, 109 Bomboy Road, $96,000.

Vincent J. Reynolds to Tom G. Lingenfelter and Thresa A. Lingenfelter, 1195 Moose Run Road, $154,000.

College Township

Gerald Dodds and Julia Dodds to Phillip E. Savage and Elaine C. Savage, 150 Florence Way, $543,500.

Brandon J. Weaver and Nicole L. Weaver to Thomas Kauffman, property on Houserville Road, $2,000.

Joseph E. Zavacky and Rebecca S. Zavacky to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, 290 Holly Ridge Drive, $757,500.

GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust and Kevin Schreiber to Cathy Steward and Roy S. Steward, 290 Holly Ridge Drive, $757,500.

Christopher T. Marsh and Lisa M. Marsh to Buzzell Living Trust, Mark G. Buzell and Rachel C. Buzzell, 120 Spencer Lane, $451,000.

Frances H. Yound to Peter J. Hraba and Maryanne Hraba, 430 Tulira Lane, $590,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Alexander Igolnikov and Olga Igolnikov, 180 Meadowsweet Drive, $125,000.

Keystone Holdings, LLC to Mark J. Theiss and Jennifer A. Theiss, 209 Ivy Hill Drive, $573,500.

Ferguson Township

Marion J. Briscoe, estate, and R. Kevin Briscoe to Mary C. Saylor, 3301 Shellers Bend, $245,000.

Xuecang Geng and Ruiju Zhang to Jakub Pelka and Katarzyna Pelka, 1216 N. Foxpointe Drive, $460,000.

Elwin L. Stewart and Barbara J. Christ to County of Centre, Ferguson Township and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 576 S. Foxpointe Drive, $107,520.

Jamie L. Ripka and Tobi A. Ripka to County of Centre, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Ferguson Township, 263 Pine Hollow Lane, $278,253.

Campbell Associates of Ferguson Township to County of Centre, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Ferguson Township, 400 Plainfield Drive, $614,573.10.

Circleville Road Partners E LP to Circleville Road Partners LP, property along Northwick Boulevard, $1.

Jaehyon Paik and Eun K. Kim to Peng Liu and Qing Liu, 125 Washington Place, $229,000. Jose M. Campos and Susan R. Campos to William C. Kleiner and Kathleen J. Kleiner, 930 Fir Drive, $294,000. Myra Dukeman to Michael W. Dukeman, 917 Upper Georges Valley Road, $1.

Brad A. Zettle and Stacey N. Zettle to Brad A. Zettle, 137 Long St., $1.

Donald P. Wright and Cori R. Wright to Donald P. Wright, 115 Bilmar Lane, $1.

Haines Township

Kevin S. Ryan and Jennifer G. Ryan to Robert P. Thompson and Teresa E. Luna, 381 W. Aaron Square, $132,000.

Emily M. Wenda, also known as, Emily M. Monti, and Christopher M. Wenda to Jennifer G. Ryan and Kevin S. Ryan, 817 Cemetery Road, $185,000.

Harris Township

CDG Land Acquisition LP to King Guy Properties LLC, 229 Timberwood Trail, $155,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Jan C. Hoffmaster and Debra A. Hoffmaster, property within the township, $459,233.19. Deloris S. Ott to Richard Davis and Jessica A. Seprish, 216 Harris Ave., $218,000.

Liberty Township

John R. Parker Sr., estate, and John R. Parker Jr. to Tammy L. Parker and Richard L. Green, 125 N. Liberty St., $25,000.

Marion Township

P. David Porter and Joyce F. Porter to David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick, 233 High Valley Drive, $1.

David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick to David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick, High Valley Drive, $1.

David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick to David S. Glick Jr., and Rachel F. Glick, 233 High Valley Drive, $1.

David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick to P. David Porter and Joyce F. Porter, property on Bur Oak Lane, $1.

David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick to David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick, 233 High Valley Drive, $1.

David S. Glick Jr. and Rachel F. Glick to David S. Glick and Rachel F. Glick, property on High Valley Drive, $1.

P. David Porter and Joyce F. Porter to P. David Porter and Joyce F. Porter, property on Bur Oak Lane, $1.

Ben M. Stoltzfus and Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus to Ben M. Stoltzfus and Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus, property on Jacksonville Road, $1.

Miles Township

Terry S. Brungart to Terry S. Brungart, 7184 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Terry S. Brungart to Terry S. Brungart, 7188 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Paul R. Ford, by sheriff and Kristal A. Ford to Bank of New York Mellon, 147 E. Main St., $6,606.48.

Milesburg Borough

Charles R. gingrich and Barbara E. Gingrich to Francis N. Cianfrani and Stephenie A. Cianfrani, 202 Cross St., $160,000.

Patton Township

Russell J. Rossman Sr., Russell J. Rossman Jr., and Ronald J. Rossman to Russell J. Rossman and Ronald J. Rossman, 430 Park Lane, $1. Gray’s Woods and S & A Homes Inc. to Thomas A. McClary, 209 Glenndale Drive, $320,051.

S & A Homes Inc. to Michael A. Marusa and Katherine A. Marusa, 1755 Woodledge Drive, $554,156.

Evgeny Agranovskiy and Olga Esakova to Eric S. Doberstein and Melissa Doberstein, 351 Ghaner Drive, $185,500.

Orrin T. Murray and Tiffiany L. Murray to Joy A. Reid, 1980 Norwood Lane, $235,000.

Harry D. Knupp and Barbara J. Knupp to Sunchul Soo Hoo and Hi Kyung Hahn S. Hoo, 151 Lower Julian Pike, $317,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Krista Tubo Etchison to Gertz Properties LLC, 119 N. Fourth St., $39,000.

Alfred Hurwitz, estate, Alfred B. Hurwitz and Irvin H. Hurwitz to Anita Hurwitz, property on North Second St., $1.

Potter Township

Melicent D’Amore, also known as, Melicent Sammis, and Jon D’Amore to Robert Alexander Altenburg Family Trust and Bonnie Patricia Altenburg Family Trust, 122 Old 144 Road, $300,000.

Frank G. Granbery, Frank G. Granbery II and Charlotte F. Granbery to Frank G. Granbery Pri Res Protector Trust, Charlotte F. Granbery Pri Res Protector Trust, Frank G. Granbery, II and Charlotte F. Granbery, 194 Willow Lane, $1.

Rush Township

Dane A. McCloskey and Michelle Y. McCloskey to David J. Kauffman, 404 Loch Lomond Road, $77,500. Andrew R. Pletcher to Andrew R. Pletcher and Alissa Sue Pletcher, 242 Moshannon St., $1.

John David Spotts and Carol M. Spotts to Beneficial Consumer Discount Co. and Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Pennsylvania, $4,983.19.

Melvin M. Popovich and May I. Popovich to Kurt L. McKinney Jr. and Bridget M. McKinney, property located along Fossil Road, $23,000.

Geoffrey S. Carpenter and Eileen F. Carpenter to Michael D. Smoyer and Deborah S. Smoyer, property located along Hall Road, $32,000.

Spring Township

Gloria J. Martz to Zachary J. Barton and Maria C. Barton, 105 Bending Oak Drive, $199,000.

Donald M. Smith, by sheriff and Suzanne M. Zelig to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 311 Lyonstown Road, 4,184.80.

Nittany Valley Farms Inc. to Graymont Inc., 671 Garbrick Road, $2,600,000.

State College Borough

Cynthia G. Clarke and Geoffrey W. Clarke to Patrick J. Scholl and Jan F. Scholl, 937 Whitehall Road, $154,500.

Walker Township

Joseph L. Karichner and Wava D. Karichner to Karen Ann Walker, 177 Dry Run Road, $1.

Daniel Beiler to Michael F. Shawver and Amy L. Shawver, 4130 Nittany Valley Drive, $155,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Casey P. Flynn and Jessica M. Flynn, 209 Jefferson Circle, $285,204.52.

Sherry L. Nolan, also known as, Sherry L. Nolan Moore, and Scott R. Moore to Sherry L. Nolan Moore and Scott R. Moore, 250 Hublersburg Road, $1.