Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 23-Nov. 25, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Nov. 23, 2015, through Nov. 25, 2015, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Christopher A. Danser and Melissa Danser to Bethany M. Steele, 360 South Spring St., $182,000.

Susan Rio Carson f/k/a Susan Hazel and Charles V. Carson to Susan Rio Carson and Charles V. Carson, 1281 Pine Circle, $1.

Rodney D. Proctor and Jodi W. Proctor to Hammered Dreams LLC, 222 N. Penn St., $127,000.

Benner Township

International Brotherhood of T C W & H to International Brotherhood of T C W & H, 2225 High Tech Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Richard H. Hicks Estate and Kathryn M. Hicks to Kathryn M. Hicks, property located on Swamp Poodle Road, $1.

Tyler D. Stauffer and Kendra L. Stauffer to Randall M. Stauffer and Carol E. Stauffer, property located on Fetzertown Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Cody J. Croyle and Britney R. Gambocurta to Gene A. Ripka, 150 Hilltop Drive, $140,000.

College Township

Susan Travis and Donald Travis to Dawn M. Nixon, 206 Birchtree Court, $181,500.

Eric M. P. Sauder and Ruth M. P. Sauder to Kenneth Charles Roe, 186 Spring St., $165,000.

Ferguson Township

Teresa A. Davis to Nello N. Miraldi and Mary Miraldi, 2392 Raven Hollow Road, $290,000.

Barbara S. Fry to Nicholas A. Wells, 1454 Westerly Parkway, $235,000.

Gregg Township

James R. Weaver Jr. Estate, Michael L. Weaver, Mark L. Weaver, John C. Weaver and Gary L. Weaver to Grace United Church of Christ, 114 Two Steeples Lane, $80,000.

Haines Township

Erma M. Orndorf a/k/a Erma G. Orndorf to Lewis R. Orndorf, 323 Pine Creek Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

William J. Zally Jr. and Durga Zally to Brad A. Hockenberry and Pamela S. Hockenberry, 231 Sky Harbor Drive, $350,000.

Harris Township

Garen W. Smith Trust, Laura Anne L. Smith Trust, Garen W. Smith, and Laura Anne L. Smith to Franklin David Hoffman and Patricia Ann Hoffman, 420 Three Springs Lane, $517,000.

Garen W. Smith Trust and Garen W. Smith to Franklin David Hoffman and Patricia Ann Hoffman, property located on Boal Avenue, $43,000.

Franklin David Hoffman and Patricia Ann Hoffman to Franklin David Hoffman and Patricia Ann Hoffman, property located on Boal Avenue, $1.

Howard Borough

David O. Baughman and Kathie A. Baughman to Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar, 320 Walnut St., $85,000.

Huston Township

Kevin Gilham, Charles T. Donley, Jamie L. Gilham, and Kimberly A. Donley to Charles T. Donley and Kimberly A. Donley, 1221 Tome St., $1.

Marion Township

Louise Margaret Manginell to Lousie M. Manginell and Isaiah V. Hall, 3205 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Miles Township

Samuel F. Bierly, Nancy C. Bierly, and Diane M. Bierly to Bryan K. Homan and Reva D. Homan, 149 East Main St., $66,500.

Patton Township

Mairead Martin to Jill Beckman, 367 Oakwood Ave., $273,500.

Dawn M. Nixon to Patrick A. Wozinski and Christina D. Wozinski, 16 Wilts Lane, $252,500.

Gray’s Woods and S&A Homes to John V. Barlett and Jennifer L. Barlett, 203 Glenndale Drive, $381,461.

James Russel Lawrence and Elizabeth Lando Lawrence to Gregory Miles Feinberg and Ona Rene Gabriel Feinberg, 685 Stoneledge Road, $369,900.

Gerald H. Feagley II to Jacob T. Fulton, 3973 N. Atherton St, $97,000.

Potter Township

Katrina E. Vanada f/k/a Katrina E. Brungart and Brian C. Vanada to Katrina E. Vanada and Brian C. Vanada, property located on C Pepper Ridge at Larkspur, $1.

Rush Township

Mark V. Deluca, Misty J. Deluca, and Myra Jessica Deluca to Mark J. Butler, 270 Kathy St., $107,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Judith Dawn Rob Burlingame a/k/a Judith R. Burlingame Estate and Margaret L. Gutierrez to David A. Tobias and Krista L. Tobias, 542 Fountain Road, $1.

Spring Township

Brian C. Zellers to Melissa Danser and Christopher A. Danser, 164 Exeter Lane, $259,000.

Peggy S. Tressler Cain and Gary A. Cain to Joseph Yakich and Desiree Yakich, 105 Cole St., $107,500.

Patrick Wozinski and Christina Wozinski to Daniel R. Pressley and Brenda L. Pressley, 120 Lee St., $154,000.

State College Borough

Virginia H. Gurney Estate, David J. Gurney and Susan L. Polay to Andrew S. Way, 170 S. Allen St., $247,000.

Robert K. Berrigan and Donna M. Berrigan to Beaver Ave LP, 808 Walnut St., $114,000.

1311 South Atherton St Associates LP to 1311 South Atherton St Associates LP, property located in State College Borough, $1.

1311 South Atherton St Associates LP to Atherton Place Commercial LP, property located in State College Borough, $1.

Herbert A. McKinstry to Pugh St LLC, 522 S. Pugh St., $184,000.

Gifford H. Albright to Lance Kennedy-Phillips and Tonya L. Kennedy-Phillips, 1071 Crabapple Drive, $439,900.

Walker Township

S&A Homes Inc. to Mark E. Iannelli and Tiffany M. Iannelli, 225 Jefferson Circle, $357,652.

Donald Poorman and Patty Poorman to Benjamin R. Black and Autumn J. Black, 360 Zion Back Road, $1.