Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 7-Dec. 11, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 7, 2015, through Dec. 11, 2015, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Rodrick T. Woodring to TS&GD Rentals LLC, 424 W. Lamb St., $195,000.

Benner Township

Jennifer L. Boughton to Francis R. Zgoda and Tonya Yerty, 184 Chicory Ave., $297,500.

Gregory T. O’Toole and Carey D. O’Toole to William J. Burns and Terry M. Burns, 124 Exeter Lane, $265,000.

College Township

Thomas R. Leithauser and Debra H. Leithauser to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust and Amber Leissner, 163 Dale St., $480,000.

GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust and Amber Leissner to Pauline C. Fogelsanger, 163 Dale St., $480,000.

Cheryl D. Miller and Edward R. Miller to Wayland Partners LP, 2100 E. College Ave., $545,000.

Allison E. D’Ambrosia, Albert A. D’Ambrosia, and Mary F. D’Ambrosia to Allison E. D’Ambrosia, 324 Puddintown Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Pamela R. Wild to Gary D. Palanjian and Andrea M. Palanjian, 3301 Shellers Bend, $222,000.

Richard P. Brennan and Sharon A. Brennan to Luke Brennan, 265 E. Pine Grove Road, $1.

Jamie L. Horner to Jamie L. Horner and Kirstie Yerka, 815 Fir Drive, $1.

Beatrice C. Saxion by Attorney to Ronald A. Strouse and Deborah M. R. Strouse, 165 Science Park Court, $160,000.

Deborah J. Harwell f/k/a Deborah J. Pepple and Kevin R. Harwell to Dong I. Min and Nicole R. Min, 2128 Quail Run Road, $257,000.

Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, S&A Homes Inc, and Johnson Farm Associates to David S. Kennedy and Rebecca F. Kennedy, property located in Ferguson Township, $299,984.

Junming Zhu, Shizehn Chen and Yiren Zhu to James E. Bugden, 122 W. Aaron Drive, $195,000.

Ryan J. McCombie and Denise A. McCombie to Ryan J. McCombie and Denise A. McCombie, 1769 Cambridge Drive, $1.

Denise A. McCombie to Denise A. McCombie Revocable Trust and Denise A. McCombie, 1769 Cambridge Drive, $1.

Ryan J. McCombie to Ryan J. McCombie Revocable Trust and Ryan J. McCombie, 1769 Cambridge Drive, $1.

Martha Spence Ford and Spence Ford DeCastro to Irene K. Miller, 149 Wyoming Ave., $197,900.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Wayne W. Snyder and Wendy G. Snyder, property located in Harris Township, $359,061.60.

Robert D. Shannon and Catherine B. Shannon to Catherine B. Shannon, 217 W. Pine St., $1.

Anne Amilowitz to Eleventh Avenue LLC, 2024 Earlystown Road, $930,000.

Aguer-Nobori Properties to Thomas J. Earnest Jr., 263 Timberwood Trail, $199,000.

Huston Township

Freddie Mac and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Heidi Martinez and David Repple, 769 Mudlick Road, $22,000.

Denise L. Desousa to Tyler D. Stauffer and Kendra L. Stauffer, 353 Jack Straw Road, $185,000.

Liberty Township

Whitehall Mountain Forest to Howard L. Spangler, 156 Grouse Trail Road, $9,900.

Patton Township

Pinnacle Development LLC, Pinnacle Development 2 LLC, and Pinnacle Development 2 / Gregory LLC I J to S&A Homes INc, property located in Patton Township, $75,000.

Amirah Abdulrah Alghafis and Abdulrahman Alolayan to Erskine H. Cash II and Jamie Kohr Cash, 2011 Mary Ellen Lane, $145,000.

Ioanna G. Mona to Jessica A. Dolan, 343 Oakwood Ave., $144,500.

Leslie A. Dutchcot to Nicole G. Bahrmann, 205 Amblewood Way, $215,000.

Penn Township

Dana R. Boob and Joy L. Boob to Christopher J. Boob and Craig M. Boob, 302 Smithtown Gap Road, $1.

Richard L. Auman to Christopher J. Boob, Route 45, $18,000.

John E. Boob and M. Kay Boob to Kelly L. Boob, property located on Smithtown Gap Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Margaret G. Marshall Estate, Clifford Andrew Drury and Amanda D. Panasiti to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc., 522 N. Ninth St., $1.

Teresa R. Kolbe a/k/a Teresa R. Bainey a/k/a Teresa Bainey a/k/a Teresa R. Hartshorne by Sheriff to Citifinancial Servicing LLC, 219 N. Fourth St., $10,087.91.

Rush Township

George L. Anderson, Faye E. Anderson, and George L. Anderson III to Daniel F. Pivirotto and Daria L. Pivirotto, 106 Walnut St., $45,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Paul E. Simcisko Estate and Christine W. Simcisko to Michael J. Simcisko and Peter R. Simcisko, 555 Clubhouse Road, $1.

Leonard J. Rigg by Attorney and Barbara L. Rigg to Michael G. Rigg, Wanda S. Park, John A. Rigg, William L. Rigg, Robert D. Rigg, and Leonard J. Rigg Jr., 652 Scotchtown Road, $1.

Leonard J. Rigg by Attorney and Barbara L. Rigg to Michael G. Rigg, Wanda S. Park, John A. Rigg, William L. Rigg, Robert D. Rigg, and Leonard J. Rigg Jr., property located on Scotchtown Road, $1.

Leonard J. Rigg by Attorney and Barbara L. Rigg to Michael G. Rigg, Wanda S. Park, John A. Rigg, William L. Rigg, Robert D. Rigg, and Leonard J. Rigg Jr., property located on Scotchtown Road, $1.

Jeffrey B. Schuster by Sheriff and Nicole R. Schuster by Sheriff to US Bank, 326 Fountain Road, $6,221.31.

Spring Township

Dolores B. Woodring Revocable Trust and Dolores B. Woodring to Seth M. Davis and Amanda C. Davis, 160 Pin Oak St., $248,000.

Seth M. Davis and Amanda C. Davis to Joshua Bricker and Stephanie Bricker, 313 N. Vanessa Dr, $166,000.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Linda R. Margusity, 195 Jonathan Lane, $286,000.

State College Borough

William B. Coleman Living Trust and Noah T. Coleman to Noah T. Coleman, 516 Orlando Ave., $1.

Louis P. Pacchioni to Beaver Ave LP, 142 McAllister St., $1.

Constance M. Infield Estate and John M. Infield to Guy Daniel Infield, 1172 Smithfield Circle, $267,000.

Mei Tuan Yen and Victor D. E. Yen to Guy R. Delfranco and Cathleen L. Delfranco, 200 Highland Ave., $195,000.

Robert L. Burgess, Judy M. Burgess, and Darby E. Punt to Gregory J. Morano, Sharilyn D. Morano, Kasandra D. Morano, and Madison R. Morano, 608 E. Foster Ave., $309,000.

Taylor Township

Laroy R. Beckwith III Trust, Jeffery’s Angel Land Trust, and Chastity S. Smyth f/k/a Chastity S. Beckwith to Hannah Furnance Trust, 10692 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Union Township

Michael S. MacNamara to Steven A. MacNamara and Michael S. MacNamara, property located on Bush Hollow Road, $1.

Walker Township

Thomas W. Hilands and Debra A. Hilands to Randy L. Neff Jr. and Chelsea L. Dorman, property located on Two Mile Road, $53,000.

Geeta Nangia and Kerry P. Lord to Jennifer L. Boughton, 301 Two Mile Road, $434,900.

Worth Township

Faye Crain Henderson to Faye C. Henderson Revocable Trust and Thomas E. Timbie, property located on Sunnyside Hollow Road, $1.