Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 21 - March 24, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 21, 2016, through March 24, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Janet M. Moyer and Ralph E. Moyer to Ralph E. Moyer, Janet M. Moyer and Dale A. Moyer, 2454 Valley View Road, $1. 

Boggs Township

Beth A. Newman, Jennifer A. Bird and Ryan Newman to Beth A. Newman, Thomas G. Newman, Jennifer A. Bird and Ryan Newman, 820 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1. 

Burnside Township

Larry T. Moore and Janet C. Moore to Larry J. Moore, 149 Sycamore Drive, $1. 

College Township

David A. Kressner to Bo Cheng and Yueru Chen, 727 Tussey Lane, $206,000.

Jonathan Cody Steele and Jessica Gayle Steele to Guangqing Chi and YunJuan Jiang, 2612 Penbrook Lane, $197,000.

Ferguson Township

Bari Reese to Shawn R. Reese and Sheila A. Reese, 742 S. Nixon Road, $1.

Susan Gurney Kelley and Susan L. Polay to Susan L. Polay and Jon B. Polay, 146 Shawver Lane, $1.

Katharine S. Tittman Trust and Katharine S. Tittmann to Assma Althowaini, 3181 Shellers Bend.

Katharine S. Tittman Trust and Katharine S, Tittmann to Assma Althowaini, 3181 Shellers Bend.

Gregg Township

Valley Wide Custom Homes LLC to Donald R. Confer and Brenda L. Confer, 157 Heckman Cemetery Road, $288,000.  

Harris Township

Dennis S. Gouran and Marilyn K. Gouran to Dennis S. Gouran Irrevocable Income – Only Trust, Marilyn K. Gouran Irrevocable Income – Only Trust, David S. Gouran and Darren S. Gouran, 201 Beacon Circle, $1.

Robert J. Sorisio Estate Tax Sheltered Trust, Cheri Sorisio O’Neill and Carolyn Jean Sorio to Barabara Sorisio Vinson and Don Keller Vinson, 306 Beacon Circle, $506,000.

Huston Township

Michael T. Madeira by sheriff and Lisa L. Madeira by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 330 Henderson Road, $8,983.38.

Marion Township

Lion Country Builders Inc. to Ryan E. Hockenberry and Nichole L. Hockenberry, 235 Farmdale Road, $300,000.

Timothy P. Rogers and Gloria D. Rogers to Matthew J. and Erin M. Rogers, Jacksonville Road, $1. 

Miles Township

Ronald L. Knepp to Keystone Central Homes LLC, 171 W. Main St., $42,885.

Milesburg Borough

Stephanie M. MacNamara f/k/a Stephanie M. Clark to Stephanie M. MacNamara, 113 Serge St., $1.

Patton Township

Joseph Cosolito Jr. and Carolyn J. Cosolito to Gregoray J. Drane and Rasa Drane, 1506 Woodledge Circle, $216,100.

David S. Lipton Trust and Stephen C. Lipson and Mitchell A. Kaye to David S. Lipson Trust FBO and Stephen C. Lipson, 292 Varsity Lane, $1.

Penn Township

Cynthia E. Robinson, Dennis L. Robinson, Jonas B. Beiler and Ruth K. Beiler to Cynthia E. Robinson and Dennis L. Robinson, 148 Mountain Lodge Lane, $9,000.

Jonas B. Beiler and Ruth K. Beiler to Jonas B. Beiler and Ruth K. Beiler, 122 Windy Hill Lane, $1.

Henry M. Beiler and Emma Mae Beiler to Katherine S. Stoltzfus, 238 Paradise Road, $1.

Henry M. Beiler and Emma Mae Beiler to Katherine S. Stoltzfus, 238 Paradise Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Douglas A. Royer and Kay L. S. Royer to Moshannon Building Enterprises Inc., 22 N. Front St., $1.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc. to Julian Martinez Jr. and Gwendelynn Sue Martinez, 111 Windsor St., $115,000.

Paul M. Mayhew by Sheriff and Mary Katherine Mayhew by Sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, $5,000.

Citifinancial Servicing Llc. To Steven J. Bellows Jr. and Lisa M. Bellows, 219 N. Fourth St., $13,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Robert L. Warner by agent and Nancy E. Warner to Nancy E. Warner, 507 S. High St., $1.

Potter Township

Kevin E. Barger and Kimberly D. Barger to Beau M. Ryan and Staci L. Ryan, 139 Eagle Crest Lane, $480,000.

Ashford Manor Associates to Donald J. Hergenreder and Donald W. Hergenreder, Blarney Lane, $54,000.

Rush Township

Gilbert G. Patterson and Emma J. Patterson to Constance L. Hamilton and Elaine C. Henry, 311 Walker St., $1.

Spring Township

Marilyn J. Beesley to S. Daniel Fravel and Christina R. Fravel, Axemann Road, $25,000.

Marlin L. Shuey and Earline E. Shuey to Brick Row Commons LLC, 729 N. Spring St., $180,000.

Jeremy Etters and Melissa Etters to Jessica Davis, 102 Shady Hollow Drive, $199,000

Robert T. Singer and Julie D. Singer to Julie D. Singer and Ryan T. Singer, 206 S. Main St.   

State College Borough

Penelope Zuck f/k/a/Penelope L. Sandoval to Penelope Zuck, 431 Martin Terrace, $1.

Ralph B. Grimm to JJAT Perry Family LLC, 537 W. Beaver Ave., $350,000.

Jean D. Harrington and Jean F. Harrington to Matthew E. Wagner and Rebecca L. Wagner, 806 S. Sparks St., $279,900.

Keith P. Wren and Kathleen M. Kalinosky to Mark S. Armagost, 244 Ellen Ave., $260,000.

Taylor Township

Adonai Holding LLC to St. Joseph Institute LLC, 134 Jacobs Way, $5,500,000.

Union Township

Eagle Creek LLC to Brian E. Young and Amanda L. Young, 116 Aztec Court, $39,900.

Walker Township

Springfield Limited Partnership and Fine Line Homes Inc. to Jeremy Etters and Melissa Etters, 138 Landon Drive, $275,000.

Devon Auman and Miranda Auman to Beatrice Combs, Dry Run Road, $1.