Public Records

Marriage Licenses: May 10, 2016

The following applications for marriage licenses have been filed recently in the Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court in the Willowbank Building.

Isaac Douglas Gerg, Port Matilda, Ryanne Nicole Anderson, Pittsburgh

Evan Nicholas Ashmore, Bellefonte, Amber Marie Schall, Bellefonte

William Ralph Brashers Jr., State College, Jean Marie Hamilton, Philadelphia

Alexander Timothy Siford, State College, Janae Lee Delmaestro, State College

Kyle David Sipes, Snow Shoe, Hulzie Ann Estep, Bellefonte

Joseph Stephen Senky, Port Matilda, Jaclyn Laura Gregoire, Port Matilda

Erik Alan Scott, State College, Mary Ann Hanlon, State College

Lee Michael Thompson, State College, Lois Sue Horner, State College

Jarred Matthew Himes, Bellefonte, Rebecca Kathleen Rogers, Bellefonte

Kiseok Sung, State College, Kihwa Hong, State College

Ryan Allen Snyder, Bellefonte, Ashley Elizabeth Warren, Bellefonte

Richard Charles Stewart, Boalsburg, Amanda Dawn Woodle, Boalsburg

Jeffery Bryson Schuster, Bellefonte, Kristi Lynn Breon, Bellefonte

Erik Joseph Loss, State College, Rachel Charis Bryant, State College

Marlin Allen Peters, Howard, Katina May Spicer, Howard

Lucas Wayne Vincent, State College, Catherine Gertrude Ward, State College

Dustin Alan Zimmerman, Howard, Sarah Leanne Wilkinson, Howard

Thomas Christopher Peter Karnezos, State College, Julia Louise Birmingham, State College

Sean Francis Halupczynski, Portsmouth, N.H., Corissa Nichole Raski, Portsmouth, N.H.

Patrick Francis Dierfield, Charlotte, N.C., Kathryn Marie Deprimo, Jefferson Township

Daniel Ray Shultz, Tyrone, Lisa Marie McDonald, Tyrone

John Mark Rafacz, Pine Grove Mills, Jennifer Anne Quick, State College