Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 2 - May 6, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 2, 2016, through May 6, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Kondaur Capital Corp. to Susan Comly and Cassidy Comly, 425 Willowbank St., $31,000.

Edward J. Jusits and Tammy A. Jusits to Edward J. Jusits, Tammy A. Jusits, and Lacey D. Jusits, 263 N. Thomas St., $1.

Brian K. Fisher and Kristi L. Fisher n/k/a Kristi L. Breon to Kristi L. Breon, 211 N. Parkview Blvd., $1.

Robert J. Rogers and Karen L. Rogers a/k/a Karen L. Armstrong to Robert J. Rogers, 987 Shady Lane, $1.

Lisa E. Grove, Scott W. Eckenroth and Richard A. Eckenroth to Christopher J. Miller and Jennifer B. Miller, 326 E. Curtin St., $215,400.

Benner Township

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Domenick J. Divito and Mary R. Divito, 122 Gravel Hill Road, $207,311.

Berks Homes LLC to Lidia Sobkow, 116 Barrington Lane, $195,126.

Boggs Township

Dinah H. Fulton f/k/a Dinah B. Etters to Troy Barndt, Jay I. Barndt and Jay D. Barndt, 132 Kelley Development Road, $1.

Janet B. Ivicic to Wendy Jo Ivicic Hartsock, 2052 Runville Road, $1.

College Township

Gary J. Radziak and Marie A. Radziak to Richard Sparrow and Jennifer Sparrow, 125 Gaslight Circle, $337,250.

Joan C. Summers Estate and Michelle L. Helfrich to Rebecca J. Kirby and Joshua A. Kirby, 117 Rhaubert Circle, $195,000.

Ronald R. Williams, Tevis R. Williams and David R. Williams Jr. to Scott Stephenson and Elizabeth Stephenson, 418 Pike St., $150,000.

Praxidio H. Tagala and Rebecca S. Tagala to Nathan P. Welker and Andi C. Welker, 3523 S. Atherton St., $170,000.

Curtin Township

Walter Parkins and Helen Parkins to Luther Aberts and Carol A. Aberts, 178 Buck Ridge Road, $60,000.

Roberta Dunlap Harpster f/k/a Roberta Dunlap to Chad Lewis Harpster, 140 Hog Back Road, $1.

Roberta Dunlap Harpster f/k/a Roberta Dunlap to Roberta Dunlap Harpster, 3260 Marsh Creek Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Domenick Divito Income-Only Trust, Mary R. Divito Income-Only Trust, Christina M. Divito, John D. Divito, Domenick Divito, and Mary R. Divito to Scott E. Everhart and Heather R. Everhart, 2314 Abington Circle, $285,000.

David G. Dix, Diane E. Langton, and Susan D. Ford, and Pamela A. Dix to Team Rahal of State College Inc., 2796 W. College Ave., $1,050,000.

David G. Dix, Christine A. Dix, and Kristine A. Dix to Team Rahal of State College Inc., 2796 W. College Ave., $2,200,000.

Wilma J. Ewing to Wilma J. Ewing and George G. Ewing, 2956 Tadpole Road, $1.

Shivani Gupta to Jevin L. Stone, 2231 Bristol Ave., $259,000.

Paul G. Kozlovsky and Sonya L. Kozlovsky to Jemal Griffin and Carla Y. Griffin, 941 Teaberry Lane, $539,900.

Shrihari Sridhar and Akshaya Sreenivasan to Craig R. Dyer Jr. and Jennifer Armson-Dyer, 124 Meadowhawk Lane, $339,900.

Gregg Township

Brian C. Long to Kevin D. Long, property located on Kline Road, $1.

Cold Currents LLC to Steven D. Faust, property located on Penns Cave Road, $1.

Haines Township

Patrick Kelly by Attorney to Jesse W. Burkholder and Mary E. Burkholder, 238 W. Aaron Square, $71,000.

Jonathan A. Yoder and Frona M. Yoder to John B. Yoder and Barbara L. Yoder, 228 Middle Road, $140,000.

Harris Township

GTW Associates to Jerry L. Burton, 99 Emma Court, $299,900.

Brian K. Bumbarger and Jeani V. Toney-Bumbarger to Troy L. Ott and Colleen E. Ott, 1421 Estate Drive, $326,500.

Rittenhouse Real Estate Ventures Inc. to Gregory M. Bailey, property located on Misty Hill Drive, $1.

Mabel Ellen Schillings and James Alan Schillings to James Alan Schillings, 161 Houser Road, $1.

KBBH Partnership to Floyd J. Carl and Linda R. Carl, property located in Harris Township, $207,000.

KBBH Partnership to John A. Souren and Karin P. Souren, property located in Harris Township, $235,480.

Timothy D. Pyatt and Deborah G. Pyatt to Joseph F. Scharf and Paige E. Scharf, 1310 Springfield Circle, $270,000.

Howard Borough

Isabel B. Clark by Attorney to Matthew K. Wolf and Shannon L. Wolf, 361 Virginia St., $1.

Howard Township

Beth A. Lucas, Matthew A. Hill, Richard G. Lucas and Norma L. Lucas a/k/a Norma A. Lucas to Beth A. Lucas, Matthew A. Hill, Richard G. Lucas and Norma A. Lucas, 521 Crock Lane, $1.

Emily R. Haupy n/k/a Emily R. Crihfield and Timothy L. Crihfield to Joshua First and Vivian First, property located on North Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Douglas L. Stoner and Dorothy T. Stoner to Michael L. Etters and Tammy J. Etters, property located on Stoner Road, $79,492.

Marion Township

Aaron L. Zellers and Jessie L. Barr n/k/a Jessie L. Zellers to Aaron L. Zellers and Jessie L. Zellers, 381 Sunset Drive, $1.

Lion Country Builders Inc. to Kenneth W. Kramer, property located on Farmdale Road, $29,500.

Lion Country Builders Inc. to Kenneth W. Kramer, property located on Farmdale Road, $29,500.

Miles Township

Thomas R. Clouser to Thomas R. Clouser and Jennifer E. Clouser, 249 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Patton Township

Richard J. Bartolomea and Julia A. Bartolomea to Robert R. Edwards and Jennifer L. Edwards, 127 Overfield Circle, $520,000.

Pinnacle Development LLC, Pinnacle Development 2 LLC, Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC I and S&A Homes Inc to Mary B. Dickson, property located in Patton Township, $417,836.

P. Andrew Rodgers and Anne Marie Rodgers to Keena L. Corbett and Charles D. Eicher, 571 Lanceshire Lane, $280,000.

Justin W. Bushner and Kayla I. Bushner to Juan F. Garceran Fructuoso and Laura Golnabi, 164 Garret Way, $285,100.

Pinnacle Development LLC to Patton Township, property located in Patton Township, $1.

Pinnacle Development LLC to Patton Township, property located in Patton Township, $1.

Penn Township

Wayne I. Leonard and Joanna E. Leonard to Richard L. Purnell Jr. and Jacqueline J. Purnell, 176 Beulans Lane, $72,000.

John Q. Glasgow Sr. to John Q. Glasgow Sr., Robert J. Glasgow and Letitia A. Glasghow, 4945 Penns Valley Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Susan R. Watkins n/k/a Susan R. Lingle to Emmanuelyn Bind Johnson, 401 S. Fourth St., $83,000.

Potter Township

Troy L. Ott and Colleen E. Ott to Jonathan Stabb and Kristen Stabb, 427 Upper Georges Valley Road, $380,000.

William O. Bishop to William O. Bishop and Eva V. Bishop, 322 Lake Road, $1.

Carl A. Lingle II and Winifred M. Lingle to Carl A. Lingle II, 138 Hoot Road, $1.

Scott H. Frey and Traci A. Frey to Donald B. Coleman Living Trust, property located on Sunrise Drive, $70,000.

Rush Township

Diane Hevell and Jacqueline Diane Hevell to Edward Burke, 204 Adams St., $1.

Douglas Bierly to Edward Hull, property located on Greenbriar Road, $2,100.

Sandra Bordas to Christina M. Bordas, 313 Logan St., $1.

Sandra Bordas to Ryan N. Bordas and Sandra Bordas, 311 Logan St., $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Rena Nastase Estate and Margaret Nastase to John A. Nastase, 114 W. Olive St., $1.

Rena Nastase Estate and Margaret Nastase to John A. Nastase, 110 W. Olive St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Gary L. Chambers and Loida De Guzman Chambers to Joshua T. Gardner, 475 Elm Road, $127,000.

US Bank to Michael S. Lefebvre, 326 Fountain Road, $110,000.

Spring Township

Elizabeth Page Pratt and Edwin H. B. Pratt Jr. to Shelie D. Rice and Robert J. Rice, 261 Greens Valley Road, $489,000.

Eric D. Dove and Donna L. Dove to Melissa R. Rugh, 193 Farmhouse Lane, $233,000.

Ronald L. Carlson Jr. and Latrisha D. Carlson to Timothy B. Nicklas, 247 Gwenedd Lane, $237,500.

State College Borough

Robert B. Brugler to Nicholas A. Meisel and Kacey D. Meisel, 1205 Sawgrass Circle, $309,900.

Taylor Township

Sheldon J. Smith and Tracy Smith to Bridget E. Wensel and Matthew D. Wensel, property located on Bell Hollow Road, $1.

Union Township

Lisa A. Dacri and Charles E. Staub to Wesley P. Neville, 331 Baney Road, $22,500.

Dolly D. Weaver a/k/a Dolly Dee Weaver by Sheriff and Thomas M. Weaver by Sheriff to Jersey Shore State Bank, 650 Ammerman Road, $10,860.23.

Walker Township

Russell A. Johnson and Monica A. Johnson to National Residential Nominee Services, 132 Hancock Road, $327,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Wesley C. Sohns and Makenzie R. Sohns, 132 Hancock Road, $327,000.