Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 23 - May 27, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 23, 2016, through May 27, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Richard D. Hughes to TS&GD Rentals LLC, 379 Pine St., $74,000.

David Litke to Adam V. Raish and Victoria R. Raish, 324 Hepburn St., $167,500.

Kevin T. Snook to Nicole M. Etter, 329 E. Lamb St., $169,900.

Federal National Mortgage Assoc. and Fannie Mae to Gregory L. Davis and Karen M. Davis, 370 E. Beaver St., $130,000.

Luann Bruno and Frederick J. Bruno to Nicholas B. Barger and Flavia Barger, 304 E. Burrows St., $152,900.

Patricia D. Reish to Lukas I. Roche and Alexandra N. Roche, 325 S. Spring St., $139,900.

Benner Township

Berks Homes LLC to Hanjiang Dong, 118 Barrington Lane, $201,080.

East End Partnership to Joseph R. Urbanick Sr. and Agnes P. Urbanick, 123 Midway Drive, $291,815.

Berks Homes LLC to Christine Delaney, 120 Barrington Lane, $184,371.

Frederick W. Gamber Estate, Brian D. Gamber, George E. Gamber Estate, John M. Gamber, David L. Gamber, Carolyn E. Gamber, Greg Cain, Mark Cain, Christina Cain Barnhart, Edward L. Cain, M. Wilma Cain Estate and Veronica Gamber Estate to Brian D. Gamber, 2326 Buffalo Run Road, $1.

David M. Clemens and Lauren Clemens to Brian Shawn Craig and Ning Liu, 123 Cambridge Lane, $169,000.

John Brownson to Tiffany Kellner, 1101 Halfmoon St., $175,000.

Centre County Industrial Development Corp. to Hudson Advisors Bellefonte LP, Property Located on Penntech Drive, $283,500.

Creekside Partners LLC to Berks Homes LLC, 113 Barrington Lane, $122,400.

Boggs Township

Ronald F. Millward to Michael R. Millward, 922 Runville Road, $1.

James A. Lynch Estate and Catharine M. Miller to Ryan J. King, 582 Runville Road, $140,000.

Donald Scott Summey and Eric S. Summey to Donald Scott Summey and Eric S. Summey, 1049 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Donald Scott Summey and Eric S. Summey to Eric S. Summey, 1003 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Robert T. Watson, Ruth Ann Myers, Robert D. Myers, Fay V. Watson, and Nellie M. Watson By Agent to Frederick Bruno and Luann Bruno, 946 Runville Road, $159,500.

Burnside Township

Diane E. Wirtz to Michael Trimpey, 108 Meadow Drive, $71,000.

College Township

Kristin M. Cox to Ross W. Hopple and Janette M. Hopple, 526 Gerald St., $220,000.

C. Haidy Fleagle f/k/a C. Haidy McShea to J. Garry McShea, 2052 E. College Ave., $1.

Miles O. Campbell Estate and Steven S. Hurvitz to J. Garry McShea, 2052 E. College Ave., $25,500.

Annemarie Mountz to Annemarie Mountz, 133 Julian Drive, $1.

John A. Hargleroad II Estate and John A. Hargleroad III to Martin N. Hunter and Jessica M. Hunter, 432 Outer Drive, $260,000.

Eileen Lippincott f/k/a Eileen Hayden and Ben Lippincott to Christopher R. Houdeshell and Danielle M. Houdeshell, 129 Mitch Ave., $214,000.

Ferguson Township

Bryan Gold to Erik Fuls and Laura Anne Fuls, 164 S. Water St., $120,000.

Benjamin R. Lago and Rachel M. Lago f/k/a Rachel M. Neuhard to Anthony B. Chiocco and Kelly C. Chiocco, 4801 W. Whitehall Road, $259,500.

Berks Homes LLC to Abdulkaleq A. Alhabib and Hayat M. Almubarak, 143 Rushcliffe St., $336,912.

S&A Homes Inc. to Ferguson Township, Property Located in Ferguson Township, $1.

Lloyd C. Ashcraft to Penny A. Garban Family Trust and Steve A. Garban, 104 E. Cherry Lane, $900,000.

S&A Homes Inc., Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert By Attorney, Thomas F. Songer By Attorney and WPSH Associates to David E. Conroy and Shawna E. Doerksen, 1371 Sconsett Way, $635,060.

MPI Research Inc. to Pennsylvania State University, 3058 Research Drive, $2,250,000.

Elizabeth I. Traverse to N. Susan Woodring, 1245 Westerly Parkway #59, $285,000.

Pine Hall Development Co. to Kristin E. Kline, 1770 Old Gatesburg Road, $295,900.

Carmine R. Dimeglio Estate, Carol S. Maszczak and Joseph Dimeglio to Robin Sukley and Linda L. Grissinger, 1886 Ayrshire Way, $159,000.

Kenneth L. Campbell and Nancy E. Campbell to Becky R. Trate and William D. Knisely, 190 Treetops Drive, $775,000.

John P. Dzwonczyk and Elizabeth A. Dzwonczyk a/k/a E. A. Dzwonczyk to Marisa Ann Vicere, 2367 Quail Run Road, $248,500.

Maureen A. Swanson By Agent to Reid A. Berdanier and Catherine G. P. Berdanier, 1552 W. Whitehall Road, $344,000.

Bryan D. Bolinger and Heather L. Bolinger to Jun Luo and Zhenghui Dong, 2367 Autumnwood Drive, $525,000.

Lynn L. Garrison to Richard J. Campbell and Norma J. Campbell, 3221 Shellers Bend #838, $355,000.

J. Henry Dreibelbis, Barbara L. Dreibelbis and John G. Heckendorn to Daniel J. Forster and Tonya A. Kocher, 3051 W. Whitehall Road, $255,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to David Wigfield II and Latoya Wigfield, 207 Greenlee Lane, $155,000.

Gregg Township

Marilyn G. McLaughlin to Thad A. Foote and Karen E. Foote, 628 Lower Georges Valley Road, $479,000.

Haines Township

Harry R. Burd to Harry J. Burd, Property Located on Jackson Hill Road, $1.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust and Pretium Mortgage Acquistion Trust to Vincenzo and Nadia Castiglia, 320 W. Aaron Square, $36,000.

Halfmoon Township

Deanne C. Reed to Bruce E. Herold and Lori A. Herold, 3252 Marengo Road, $545,000.

Stephen J. Wenner and Corrina L. Wenner to Alex Y. Rodriguez Soto, 200 Houtz Lane, $255,000.

James M. Thumma and Jill M. Thumma to Justin Gutting and Sara Gutting, 113 Saddle Ridge Road, $405,000.

Harris Township

Yvette L. Rauff and Andre Koslowski to Yvette L. Rauff, 245 S. Church St., $1.

Mary Lu Hartman n/k/a Mary Lu Gurskey to Ronald A. Gurskey and Mary Lu Gurskey, 737 Brookside Drive, $1.

Mark T. Traband and Annette C. Traband to Ralph R. Stoehr II and Joanne M. Stoehr, Property Located on Mary Elizabeth Street, $100,000.

GTW Associates to Richard J. Bartolomea and Julia A. Bartolomea, 459 Harris Ave., $79,500.

GTW Associates to Michael A. Rosencrance and Karen K. Rosencrance, 117 Brisbin Way, $84,500.

John W. Bagby and Robin S. Bagby to Dan McIntire and Barbara McIntire, 146 Roundhill Road, $580,000.

Howard Borough

Brian K. Wellar and S. Denise Wellar to Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar, 762 Walnut St., $35,000.

Howard Township

Duane L. Gardner and Deborah A. Gardner to Scott R. Fravel, Property Located on Lakeview Drive, $70,000.

Huston Township

Nathan Paul Wert, Nicole Marie McClure n/k/a Nicole Marie Wert to Nathan Paul Wert and Nicole Marie Wert, 147 Beaver Road, $1.

Conrad M. Weiser and Gail J. Weiser to Gregory M. Roszyk and Marnie R. Salisbury, 230 Longhouse Lane, $735,000.

Liberty Township

Sherry L. Bowmaster and Timothy S. Bowmaster to Jeremy M. Frigo and Barbara S. Parsons, 302 Railroad St., $168,000.

Milesburg Borough

Michael L. King to Christine Tyler, 408 Spring St., $154,000.

Patton Township

Brent W. Shoffner and Erika K. Arismendi n/k/a Erika A. Shoffner to Brent W. Shoffner and Erika A. Shoffner a/k/a Erika K. Shoffner, 114 Potters Lane, $1.

Makenzie R. Sohns f/k/a Makenzie R. Womer and Wesley C. Sohns to Kevin R. Threlkel, 222 Amblewood Way, $1.

Dennis C. Houseman and Darla J. Houseman to Christopher Guzman, 751 Galen Drive, $189,000.

Gertrude E. Wheeland Estate, Mills C. Wheeland Jr. and Holly W. Gilliland to NRLC LP, Property Located on Second Avenue, $38,000.

Patricia E. Duncan and Stephen H. Duncan to Levi K. Shiverdecker, Gloria Shiverdecker, and Shiverdecker, 105 Ghaner Drive, $149,900.

Tara L. Christensen and Dane M. Christensen to Michael C. Wallace and Katherine M. Facey, 22 High Meadow Lane, $375,000.

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to Glenn M. Moyer and Lois J. Moyer, 213 Timberton Circle, $105,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Chih-Hsiu Wei, 1746 Woodledge Drive, $427,154.

S&A Homes Inc. to Yuhua Tong and Bei Wang, 121 Deans Way, $399,900.

Horace E. Schenck Jr. and D. Christine Schenck to Lorraine J. Martin, 308 Fernwood Court, $184,000.

Donald A. Keck and Shirley M. Keck to IRA Innovations LLC, 112F Alma Mater Drive, $233,000.

Ryan J. Booz and Laura K. Booz to Lijiang Shen and Youyou Cheng, 399 Candlewood Drive, $463,500.

Penn Township

A M Logging LLC to Diverse Holdings Inc., 116 Thompson Lane, $1.

Potter Township

Robert E. Prough Estate and Nancy L. Prough to Robert E. Prough Trust and Jennifer S. Stover, 110 Tusseysink Road, $1.

Larry C. Frazier and Deborah S. Frazier to Larry C. And Deborah S. Frazier Real Estate Protector Trust, Larry C. Frazier and Deborah S. Frazier, 128 Summit Drive, $1.

David D. Lingle LLC to Christopher D. Smith and Lindsay M. Smith, Property Located on Pepper Ridge Drive, $525,000.

Wayne Paul Samuelson and Patricia Diann Samuelson to Todd M. Hockenberry and Betsy S. Hockenberry, Property Located on Sinking Creek Road, $50,000.

Rush Township

Albert Contracting Inc. to Judy C. Albert, 446 Penn Five Road, $35,027.

Deborah S. Womer to Dawne E. Womer 111 Stewart Lane, $1.

Christopher Cody Conklin By Sheriff and Kristina H. Conklin By Sheriff to US Bank, 728 Tyrone Pike, $4,352.63.

Raymond A. Jenkins, Debra L. Jenkins and Jenkins LLC to JTwo and JThree Rentals, 3411 Tyrone Pike, $392,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar to Ryan Corl and Shelli Corl, Property Located in Snow Shoe Borough, $245,000. 

Snow Shoe Township

Jeffrey S. O’Hara, Lisa A. O’Hara, Kerry T. O’Hara and Tina M. O’Hara to Jeffrey S. O’Hara, Lisa A. O’Hara and Kerry T. O’Hara, 450 Eleven Road, $1.

Paula J. Strayer and Brian D. Strayer to Kaleb A. Hauser and Ashley M. Hauser, 219 Elm Road, $118,400.

Spring Township

Hugh J. Runkle Estate a/k/a Hugh J. Runkle Jr. Estate and Janet L. Hall to Stephen P. Homan, 639 Jacksonville Road, $140,000.

Jacob Muthersbaugh to Douglas J. Todd and Anita M. Todd, 926 W. Water St., $94,000.

Robert H. Capucilli and Gina M. Modafferi-Capucilli to Jacob A. Hirschhorn and Katelyn E. Dixon, 947 Halfmoon St., $133,000.

Jason A. Albright and Kristen S. Albright to Renae E. Marshalek, 221 N. Vanessa Drive, $203,000.

William K. First and Carolyn J. First to Elizabeth First De Labrin and Roberto Labrin, Property Located on Quartz Drive, $1.

Bonnie J. Walker to Clifford W. Hixson, 715 W. Water St., $11,327.

Daniel R. Burkholder and Abigail C. Burkholder to Andrew G. Spragg, 163 Shady Hollow Drive, $263,000.

State College Borough

Vincent M. Colapietro and Josephine M. Carubia to Jennifer J. Turkal and Jeffrey D. Conlin, 330 E. Irvin Ave., $415,000.

Ora Ben-David to David J. Miller and Kuang-Chi Lee, 522 E. College Ave., $148,500.

Rodney J. Hendricks to Beaver Ave LP, 232 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

John Van Kirk Jr and Suzanne M. Van Kirk to Jess N. Cornaggia and Kimberly J. Cornaggia, 625 Holmes St., $675,000.

Kisslak Family Trust and Jay Kisslak to Michael Niebauer and Allison Niebauer, 145 Waupelani Drive, $220,000.

W. Jon Randolph Estate and Bonnie L. Randolph to Bonnie L. Randolph, 110 Easterly Parkway, $1.

Second State Rental Properties LLC to Andrew Sears, Mary Sears and Nicole L. Sears, 727 E. Foster Ave., $315,000.

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick and Debra A. Fitzpatrick to Daniel M. Ciletti and Rosemary A. Ciletti, 449 Orlando Ave., $395,000.

Union Township

Jersey Shore State Bank to Christina L. McGinley, 650 Ammerman Road, $21,000.

Walker Township

Zion Community Church Inc. to Zion Community Church, 3261 Zion Road, $1.

Joseph R. Urbanick Sr. and Agnes P. Urbanick to Jason A. Albright and Kristen S. Albright, 170 Ponderosa Drive, $375,000.

Robert J. Whitehill and Tammy A. Whitehill to Jeremy D. Ross and Jaime L. Ross, Property Located on Nilson Road, $126,000.

Henry A. Kholos Jr. to Samuel J. Gourley and Susan M. Gourley, 236 Archers Glen Circle, $217,000.