Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 30 - June 3, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 30, 2016, through June 3, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Matthew L. Jones to Edward Presnal and Marie Elaine Loughlin, 366 E. Lamb St., $139,900.

Faith United Methodist Church to Christopher B. Rees and Kerry L. Rees, 1193 Centre St., $219,900.

Benner Township

Cynthia Coslo, Dennis F. Coslo, Lisa J. Bublinec and Gregory Alan Bublinec to Cynthia Coslo, Dennis F. Coslo, Jason B. Coslo and Suzanne M. Coslo, 124 Flower Lane, $1.

Glen D. Hogard and Paula A. Hogard to Brandon Robson and Samantha Kling, 118 Exeter Lane, $280,000.

Boggs Township

Judy K. Barnett to Kathryn Walley and Curt J. Walley, property located on Bennett Drive, $1.

Melissa J. Davis to Lacey R. Bryan and Marvin R. Bryan Jr., 818 Circle Road, $249,900.

Centre Hall Borough

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 325 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

College Township

Christine Clinefelter to 1199 East College Avenue State College LP, 1199 E. College Ave., $425,000.

William R. James Jr. and Jenny L. Chen to Ginger M. Grieco, c Warrick & Whitehall Street, $125,000.

Karen Marie Peters and Donald R. Peters Jr. to Raylene M. Demorest, 169 Spring St., $195,000.

Kieran Kempton and Linsey Kempton n/k/a Linsey Smith to Keiran Kempton and Kenneth Kempton, 242 Spring St., $1.

Susan G. Strauss to Winston T. Shank and Kristy L. Lambe, 121 Grandview Road, $303,450.

Jason D. Hefner and Melissa J. Hefner to Nicholas J. Cuccurullo and Dorthea Crysta Cuccurullo, 2629 Penbrook Lane, $193,900.

Steven K. Hamilton and Debra S. Hamilton to Steven K. Hamilton and Debra S. Hamilton, 113 Grandview Road, $1.

Steven K. Hamilton and Debra S. Hamilton to Steven K. Hamilton and Debra S. Hamilton, 113 Grandview Road, $1.

Steven K. Hamilton and Debra S. Hamilton to Steven K. Hamilton and Debra S. Hamilton, 143 Lower Grandview Road, $1.

Michael D. Coyle to Rebecca J. Passonneau, 219 Ronan Drive, $570,000. Curtin Township

Ferguson Township

Anouk Patel-Campillo to Michele Gray Rosenblum and John Christopher Rosenblum, 1331 N. Allen St, $223,000.

Lois J. Sturniolo to Lois J. Sturniolo and Jeffre J. Sturniolo, 1312 Harris St., $1.

CSC Northland LP to BRE RC Northland PA LP, 1300 N. Atherton St., $14,737,556.

Benjamin Hickerson and Larissa Wimer to Shawn D. Dick and Heather A. Dick, 745 Devonshire Drive, $288,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Lu Fei Zeng and Wei Qiang Gao, 156 Red Willow Road, $365,638.

Judith E. Meyer to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Depeartment of Transportation, property located in Ferguson Township, $1.

Christopher J. Zorn and Zaryab Iqbal to Christopher J. Zorn and Zaryab Iqbal, 1736 Princeton Drive, $1.

Patricia Harpster to Dawn Rosenbaum, 183 W. Pine Grove Road, $195,000.

Bernard J. Fritz and Joyce D. Fritz to David A. Macdonald and Elizabeth W. Macdonald, 1460-25 Blue Course Dr, $254,000.

Bonnie J. Schoenebeck to Bonnie J. Schoenebeck and Clemens S. Schoenebeck, 1400 Linn St., $1.

Sean C. Williams to Elizabeth J. Lasher, 1460 Blue Course Drive, $225,000.

Gregg Township

Bank of America to Campbell & Starks LLC, 128 Cooper St., $60,401.

David L. Immel to David L. Immel, Theodore L. Sunday Jr., Tyler E. Tressler, Mark C. Campbell and Tyler L. Sunday, 335 Blue Ball Road, $1.

Haines Township

Robert Styers and Levina B. Styers to Matthew W. Weaver and Emily A. Weaver, property located on Old Mountain Road, $20,000.

Halfmoon Township

Paul B. Smith Family Trust and Donna M. Hughes to John Stets Krajcovic and Melissa Marie Krajcovic, property located on Smith Road, $125,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Dinakar Mylavarapu and Kranthi Rupanagunta, 53 Stable View Drive, $444,877.

Julian Taylor and Jennifer S. Taylor to Charles Trust, 37 Fay Circle, $238,000.

Harris Township

Janice S. Abelove-Donahue f/k/a Janice S. Abelove to Janice S. Abelove-Donahue and William J. Donahue, 186 Beacon Circle, $1.

Stuart H. Frost Estate and Roger R. Zellner to Roger R. Zellner, 139 E. Hubler Road, $1.

Joanne M. Perry to Jason Heffner and Melissa J. Heffner, 420 Loop Road, $295,000.

Huston Township

Mahlon Roy Stiver and Kathleen M. Stiver to George R. Conklin IV, Jennifer A. Conklin, Elmer K. Lapp and Rachel Sue Lapp, property located on South Eagle Valley Road, $17,000.

Liberty Township

Sherry L. Chaplain to Harry N. Conway, 1158 Upper Polecat Road, $1.

Ruth M. Heichel Estate and John R. Heichel to Jerry L. Emerick, 120 Liberty St., $60,000.

Richard Eric Yanda to Joseph Ballard, 87 Main St. Ext., $55,000.

Michale F. Salisbury and Thomas H. Salisbury to Lloyd E. Poorman and Guy E. Poorman, property located on North Eagle Valley Road, $30,000.

Marion Township

Judy S. Haranin to Alfredo Ramirez Jr. and Melissa D. Marshall, 1761 Jacksonville Road, $560,000.

Milesburg Borough

Clayre Alexander a/k/a Clayre N. Alexander Estate, Matthew W. Alexander and David N. Alexander to Matthew W. Alexander, 301 Catherine St., $1.

Millheim Borough

Geroge H. Ebeling to Michael T. McGrath and Linda M. Wilson, 176 North St., $155,000.

Patton Township

Keith A. Lysiak and Lori A. Lysiak to Michael J. Bogdash Jr. and Juli Bogdash, 328 Timberton Circle, $560,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Michael Rushing, 1984 Park Forest Ave., $165,999.

Steven H. Weaver and Allison E. Glenny to Gerald L. Hoy and Melissa J. Hoy, 126 Harvard Road, $187,500.

Ruben J. Echemendia and Janet M. Echenmendia to Feridun Ayata and Olcay Ayata, 1929 Lauck St., $182,000.

Brandon H. Robson and Samantha M. Kling to Brent G. Shaffer, 823 Galen Drive, $169,900.

Philipsburg Borough

Charles B. Mills and Marian E. Mills to Elizabethanne E. Evans, property located on Crestmont Drive, $1.

Charles B. Mills and Marian E. Mills to Elizabethanne E. Evans, 902 Arbor St., $1.

Brian G. Beish and Brea D. Beish to Brian G. Beish, 100 N. Seventh St., $1.

James L. Gonder and Sandra P. Gonder to Gregory Gonder and Leslie Gonder, 503 Berkley St., $1.

Nathaniel P. Murarik and Sara M. Murarik to George T. Emel III, 300 N. 10th St., $82,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Cordes W. Chambers III to Matthew E. Carlson and Deneen N. Carlson, 427 Clarence Road, $52,000.

Spring Township

Ernest C. Dabiero and Beth C. Dabiero to James M. Chavanic and Samantha M. Chavanic, 588 Jacksonville Road, $205,500.

Hoy Family Revocable Trust and Earl Hoy to Tyler R. Ruble and Emily E. Ruble, 248 S. Main St., $153,000.

Bryan D. Quay to Brayn D. Quay and Angela L. Quay, 268 Lower Coleville Road, $1.

State College Borough

Bryan R. Woodward, Cindy M. Woodward and Jay Woodward to Rockcorp 719S LP, 719 S. Garner St., $300,000.

Judith F. Kroll and David A. Rosenbaum to Robert M. Hall and Jane D. Hall, 931 McKee St., $415,000.

Jean M. Sanders and Susan T. Sanders to Philip Miller Spangler, 511 Clarence Ave., $300,000.

Christopher L. Counts and Maria Debye Counts to Joshua G. Rosenberger and Derya Tufan, 309 Hillcrest Ave., $274,000.

Michale J. Talone and Tonya L. Talone to Robert E. Fenza and Marcy G. Fenza, 520 Sunset Road, $465,000.

Elena S. Slobounov and Semyon M. Sloubounov to Legion Lane LLC, 184 Legion Lane, $840,000.

Dan H. Wise Estate and David R. Wise to William Roll, 1127 S. Allen St., $185,000.

Taylor Township

Ray E. Golden Jr., James M. Golden, and Cherie M. Larosa n/k/a Cherie M. Golden to Ray E. Golden Jr., Cherie M. Golden f/k/a Cherie M. Larosa, Matthew D. Golden, James M. Golden and Jeremy M. Larosa, 669 Richards Lane, $1.

Timothy S. Sleeth and Ruth E. Sleeth to Timothy P. Bryant and April L. Bryant, 2844 S. Mountain Road, $466,000.

Jamie A. Bauman f/k/a Jamie A. McCord and Joseph R. Bauman to James R. Haney, 4011 S. Mountain Road, $97,500.

Union Township

US Bank and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Jeffrey Jenkins and Laurie West-Jenkins, 117 Cheyenne Court, $45,000.

Unionville Borough

Marvin R. Bryan Jr. and Lacey R. Bryan f/k/a Lacey R. Walker to Matthew D. Christopher, 280 E. Union St., $102,000.

Walker Township

Timothy B. Graham and Melissa J. Graham to Matthew Floravit and Rachel Floravit, 325 Nittany Valley Drive, $224,900.