Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 13 - June 17, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 13, 2016, through June 17, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Robert J. Hohn to Andrew R. Patner, 657 Spring Creek Road, $250,000.

Eric N. Doebler and Ronele G. Doebler to Daniel T. Regan, Kelli T. Regan, Michael A. House and Karen E. Houser, 147 Dorchester Lane, $177,500.

Mark A. Wolford By Sheriff and Sandra K. Wolford By Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank National, 268 Raymonds Lane, $115,000.

Boggs Township

Maxine C. Gates to Karman M. Gates, 131 Bomboy Road, $1.

W. Blaine Thomas and Ami Dawn Thomas to W. Blaine Thomas and Ami Dawn Thomas, Property Located on Kifer Road, $1.

College Township

Alda M. Timmerman by Agent to Gretchen E. Young, 111 Winchester Court, $211,000.

Peter E. William and Nivin S. Khalil to Anitha Raj, 160 McCann Drive, $384,900.

Kurt Krombach and Carolyn Krombach to Gary W. Diefenbach and Joanne I. Diefenbach, 112 Wellington Drive, $301,000.

Beau W. Wellman and Mary B. Petkac n/k/a Mary B. Wellman to Nicholas Reichart and Samantha Harter, 101 Roosevelt Ave., $165,000.

Jennifer M. Sinani to Jared W. Matthews and Jennifer Ann Matthews, 1423 Houserville Road, $226,667.

Steven E. Brown and Mary N. Brown to David E. Highfield and Jennifer E. Glick, 1020 Greenbriar Drive, $585,000.

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to Ira H. Schussheim and Daniel T. Schussheim, 261 Wiltree Court, $309,900.

Eastern Communities LP and Fine Line Homes to Wallace H. Richardson Jr., 127 Washington Ave., $260,900.

Douglas G. Fritz, Suzanne M. Fritz, Gerald W. Fritz and Barbara A. Fritz to Douglas G. Fritz and Suzanne M. Fritz, 101 Buchanon Ave., $1.

Ferguson Township

Zhiwei Xie and Yixue Su to National Residential Nominee Services, 2495A Saratoga Drive, $215,025.

National Residential Nominee Services to M.D. Azizur Rahma Khan and Neharun Nesa, 2495A Saratoga Drive, $215,025.

Edward Joseph Petronsky to Stanley C. Ernst and Catherine W. Ernst, 780 W. Aaron Drive, $200,000.

Christian & Missionary Alliance Church and State College Christian & Missionary Alliance Church to State College Christian Missionary & Alliance Church, 1221 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

S&A Homes Inc., Johnson Farm Associates and Thomas F. Songer By Attorney to Joonhwa Shin and Hee Young Yang, 190 Hawknest Road, $338,704.

Peter J. Shull and Kathleen V. Yurchak to Shawn T. Henderson and Laura J. Henderson, 1776 Cambridge Drive, $396,000.

Myron E. Sevick Jr. and Darla Sevick to Commonwealth of Pa, Centre County, and Ferguson Township, 825 W. Pine St., $182,891.

Joan E. Donley to Michael L. Dennison and Rashelle E. Dennison, 2890 Tadpole Road, $183,000.

John D. Reese and Jillian P. Reese to Matthew J. Limegrover and Ann M. Limegrover, 2405 Cobble Court, $555,000.

Gregory E. Dreibelbis and Dana A. Dreibelbis to Thomas Anthony Ambrosia, 111 Sunday Drive, $386,120.

Katherine J. Gates-Moore to Travis R. Pillen and Leslie R. Pillen, 650 Breezewood Drive, $346,000.

Gregg Township

Charles D. Bierlein to Charles D. Bierlein and Lisa M. Bierlein, 111 Mulberry Lane, $1.

Marcile F. Tressler By Attorney to Russell E. Schleiden and Jeanne C. Schleiden, 106 Penns Cave Road, $590,000.

Haines Township

Ryan C. Ertsgaard and Lauren E. Ertsgaard to Terry L. McLaughlin and Tina L. McLaughlin, 308 W. Aaron Square, $115,000.

Harris Township

Jaideep Sood, Bhavna Sood, and Promila Sood to Chase D. Kaniecki and Jennifer E. Kaniecki, 118 Ramsey Way, $729,900.

Eugene G. Williams Estate and Tony L. Moist to Flora W. Marynak, 628 Outer Drive, $1.

KBBH Partnership to William West, 186 Kestrel Lane, $186,515.

Deborah R. McKee f/k/a Deborah R. Korn and Daniel M. McKee to Khalid M. Hasan and Amy L. Hasan, 1000 Karen St., $350,000.

Rittenhouse Real Estate Ventures Inc. to John Todd Hershbine and Julie Ann Hershbine, Property Located on Misty Hill Drive, $250,000.

TOA PA IV LP to King-Ringgenberg Revocable Property Trust, Elizabeth Maureen King and Mary Edsel Ringgenberg, 185 Plymouth Circle, $385,206.

Sharon P. Shriver and Bradley M. Dunkin incorrectly identified as Bradley P. Dunkin to Clinton D. Judy and Bethany A. Judy, 207 Kimport Ave., $242,000.

Mark D. McLaren and Pamela A. McLaren to Nathan Cromley and Kara Baer, 540 W. Main St., $434,000.

David F. Rebuck and Annette M. Rebuck to Robert C. Down and Barbara L. Downs, 404 Beacon Court, $352,500.

GTW Associates to Stephen T. Tingley and Lisa K. Tingley, 124 Emma Court, $59,500.

Santina P. Dibert to Jon M. Nese and Gwen K. Nese, 114 Beacon Circle, $355,000.

Huston Township

William T. Straw Jr. and Irene Straw to William T. Jr. & Irene A. Straw Trust, William T. Straw Jr. and Irene A. Straw, 155 Sharon Drive, $1.

Paul S. Roberts and Leslie A. Roberts to Shelby N. Serafin and Logan A. Smith, 1051 Steele Hollow Road, $269,000.

Charles H. Cowan and Cynthia D. Cowan to Gregory P. Jeffries and Jessica C. Jeffries, Property Located on Mudlick Road, $1.

Liberty Township

James B. Bitner and Sara F. Bitner to P&J Whitetails Inc., 6048 N. Eagle Valley Road, $20,000.

Marion Township

John L. Coder and Pam Coder to Greg L. Benner and Christy M. Benner, 111 Sunset Drive, $139,900.

Milesburg Borough

Daria R. Rockey f/k/a Daria R. Cramer to Jonathan A. Rockey and Daria R. Rockey, 204 Serge St., $10.

David C. Esh and Martha Z. Esh erroneously appearing as Martha L. Esh to David C. Esh and Martha Z. Esh, Property Located on Charcoal Drive, $1.

Patton Township

Gary L. Kistner and Mary Kistner to Gary L. Kistner Revocable Living Trust, Mary M. Kistner Revocable Living Trust, Mary M. Kistner and Gary L. Kistner, 405 E. Springwood Place, $1.

Caitlin P. Kelly to Jessica L. Ranck, 106 Haverford Circle, $154,900.

Aaron B. Snyder and Jennifer Snyder f/k/a Jennifer Kotch to Dennis Hsieh, 182 Ghaner Drive, $238,000.

Mitchell R. Henry and Cheryl L. Henry to Jeffrey C. Bowman and Beverly A. Bowman, 152 Barrens Court, $361,000.

Mirella C. Maggi to Kathryn J. Kensinger, 954 Galen Drive, $172,000.

Mary Kathryn Corcoran to Jennifer Lowman, 3040 Carnegie Drive, $222,000.

Christopher D. Parker and Christy M. Milliken to Becky Barkman, 111E Alma Mater Court, $270,000.

Dirk Grupe and Kristen Berg to Max E. Cheeler II and Jamielyn Scheeler, 338 Oakley Drive, $215,000.

Glenn A. Wininger By Sheriff to Bank of New York Melon, 120 Hunter Wood Way, $11,352.

Wooded Hills to Christopher S. Picht and Victoria M. Indivero Picht, 184 Hemlock Hill Road, $100,000.

Penn Township

John Q. Glasgow Sr. to John Q. Glasglow Sr., Robert J. Glasgow, Letitia A. Glasgow, 4945 Penns Valley Road, $1.

Richard W. Knupp Sr. and Joann L. Knupp to Michael G. Heckman and Joanne Heckman, 536 Long Lane, $18,000.

Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp to Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp, Property Located on Tunnel Road, $1.

Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp to Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp, Property Located on Tunnel Road, $1.

Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp to Thomas R. Knepp and Linda A. Knepp, 190 Tunnel Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Lori L. Smith to Richard J. Payne and Susan Comly, 323 E. Spruce St., $13,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Dylan Casner and Megan Casner to Dylan Casner and Megan Casner, 302 E. Plank Road, $1.

Potter Township

Gordon E. Williams and Mary Ann Williams to Commonwealth of Pa Department of Transportation, Property Located on Potter Township, $1.

Edgar Bruce Leightley to Commonwealth of Pa, Centre County, and Potter Township, 2274 Upper Brush Valley Road, $389,544.

Bambi Jo Gates n/k/a Bambi Jo Homan to Bambi Jo Homan f/k/a Bambi Jo Gates, 372 Manor Road, $1.

Gladys V. Jordan Estate, Ronald E. Jordan, and James Jordan to Ronald E Jordan, 108 Jordan Lane, $1.

Rush Township

Theodore E. Kolbe Jr. and Susan K. Kolbe to Jennifer L. Gray and Francis R. Gray, 162 Richard St., $143,000.

Scott Bell By Sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 101 Hemlock St., $3,691.

Snow Shoe Township

Steven M. Heverly and Deborah Ann Heverly to Matthew D. Stohrer Sr. and Amy S. Stohrer, 329 Snow Shoe Mountain Road, $70,000.

Spring Township

John M. Jackson and Amanda J. Jackson to Amanda J. Jackson, 118 Nittany St., $1.

Steven W. Harshbarger and Jamie B. Harshbarger to Gregory D. Murphy, 106 Squirrel Ridge Drive, $269,900.

Brian L. Winger and Elaine B. Winger to Denise E. Emmel, 110 Jenjo Drive, $280,000.

William G. Sweeley By Sheriff and Renae F. Sweeley By Sheriff to US Bank, 270 Upper Coleville Road, $6,382.

State College Borough

C. Roy Parker a/k/a Curtis L. Parker Jr. and Terri Lynn Parker a/k/a Terri L. Parker to C. Roy Parker, Terri Lynn Parker, and C. Roy & Terri Lynn Parker Revocable Living Trust, 1378 Penfield Road, $1.

Harold P. Griffith Jr. Estate, Eva L. Griffith Estate, Nancy G. Jones and Nancy G. Inman to Allen Street Associates, Property Located on C Allen St/Beaver Ave., $645,000.

Denise C. Person and Glenn Sharpe to Ashwath Kumar C. Puttaswamygowda and Nivedita Nagachar, 811 Willard St., $109,000.

Russell W. Cooper and Huacong Liu to Russell W. Cooper, 522 E. Waring Ave., $1.

Karen V. Israelian and Marina Nikolaye Israelian to Karen V. Israelian and Marina Nikolaye Israelian, 806 Stratford Drive, $1.

Taylor Township

Warren L. Walk III, Jessica N. Walk, Michael David Walk and Rachael E. Walk to Trevor J. Walter and Megan E. Walter, Property Located on Beckwith Road, $35,000.

Charles F. Nearhoof Sr. to Charles F. Nearhoof Sr. and Pamela Tonkay, 387 Nearhoof Lane, $1.

Charles F. Nearhoof Sr. to Charles F. Nearhoof Sr. and Pamela Tonkay, 387 Nearhoof Lane, $1.

Walker Township

P R Properties Partnership to Matthew F. Robinson and Jennifer M. Robinson, Two Mile Road, $50,750.

Scott D. Stephens and Ermalinda A. Stephens to John W. Ellenberger and Katherine G. Ellenberger, 305 Meadow Lane, $240,000.

Matthew Vail to Matthew Vail and Melinda L. Vail, 113 Pebble Lane, $1.

P R Properties Partnership to Josh R. Kroell and Angela D. Kroell, Property Located on Two Mile Road, $62,500.

P R Properties Partnership to Ryan J. Poorman and Cassandra L. Poorman, Property Located on Two Mile Road, $45,000.

Doreen K. Ferretti and Christopher J. Snyder to Jill C. Murtiff and Tyler J. Murtiff, 146 Landon Drive, $305,000.

Worth Township

Karen K. French, Lewis French II and Nancy Prough to Anthony Allen French, 224 Kelley Lane, $1.

Dan Corey a/k/a Daniel P. Corey Sr. and Taryn N. Miller to Daniel P. Corey Sr. and Taryn N. Miller, 120 E. Mountain Road, $1.