Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 27-July 1, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 27, 2016, through July 1, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Jody M. Berthold n/k/a Jody M. Sharer to Jody M. Sharer and Danan Sharer, 306 Hughes St., $1.

Frank Kowalczyk, Joseph Januszkiewicz, and Kim J. Kowalczyk to Elwin L. Stewart and Barbara J. Christ, 325 W. High St., $250,000.

Charles M. Pollock and Gabrielle G. Pollock to Carmine Anthony Scutti and Elaine Marie Scutti, 127 E. Curtain St., $415,000.

Benner Township

George T. Lucas Jr. and Karen K. Lucas to Chance E. Gaines and Erin E. Lusk, 901 Valley View Road, $173,000.

Scott H. Schluter to Allen Grove and Sara Lauck, 1453 Valley View Road, $179,500.

Dixon A. Waite Estate, Robert A. Waite, and James I. Waite to T&M 50 Properties LLC, 103 Waites Hill Road, $400,000.

Boggs Township

George E. Fultz and Nancy W. Fultz to Daniel J. Blevins and Erika L. Blevins, 307 Pine Alley, $1.

William H. Shelter Estate, Douglas Lynn Shelter, Michael William Shelter, and Billinda Diane Poponak to Billinda Diane Poponak, 205 Bomboy Road, $1.

W. Blaine Thomas and Ami Dawn Thomas to Jonathan D. Rishell, 442 Kifer Road, $227,500.

Burnside Township

Elizabeth C. Folmar to Larry Guenot and Vicki Guenot, property located on Pine Glen Road, $13,500.

Centre Hall Borough

Richard Hosterman and Sheree Hosterman to John P. Keris, 104 W. Wilson St., $160,000.

College Township

Jami L. Ruble and Justin Donald Ruble to Justin Donald Ruble and Arushi Sen, 248 Spring St., $1.

Gregory T. Hayes and Meghan Flannery Hayes to Denis M. Collura and Geraldine H. Collura, 150 Harris Drive, $400,100.

John B. Cox and Jill N. Cox to Devereux N. Saller Jr and Carol K. Saller, 295 Holly Ridge Drive, $800,000.

Richard L. Betts and Elizabeth B. Betts to Edit A. Pena, 305 Village Heights Drive, $118,000.

William D. Walter to Jodi Alessandri and Ricardo Alessandri, 119 Winchester Court, $222,000.

Russell R. Helt, Carol A. Helt, Josh A. Schoenly, and Pamela N. Schoenly to Tiffany Glab and Ryan Myers, 542 Gerald St., $244,900.

Stephen G. Sheetz and Nancy L. Sheetz to Night Starr PA LLC, 2000 E. College Ave., $450,000.

Robin L. Reese and Kimberly M. Reese to David L. Caris Jr. and Andreina J. Caris, 2697 Penbrook Lane, $345,000.

Jon J. Costello to James J. Spicer and Diana L. Spicer, 507 First Ave., $173,000.

Richard Douglas Schultz to Matthew W. Endres and Erin L. Connolly, 882 Greenbriar Drive, $562,000.

Davis & Wagner Inc. and Brookside Homes to Curtis W. Kunes, 430 Shiloh Road, $200,000.

Aimee C. Geduldig to Dennis F. Harris Jr., 2501 Buckenhorst Road, $185,000.

GD Kissinger Testamentary Trust and David B. Lee to Colleen Alice Seehafer, John G. Kissinger, and Brian F. Kissinger, property located on West Branch Road, $1.

GD Kissinger Testamentary Trust and David B. Lee to Colleen Alice Seehafer, John G. Kissinger, and Brian F. Kissinger, 600 E. Branch Road, $1.

Curtin Township

Scott R. Ward, Brian L. Ward, Eric M. Fritz, Jo Ann V. Fritz, and Dewey E. Fritz to Nicholas R. Keller and Angela Estella Hughes, 691 Bear Ridge Road, $51,000.

Ferguson Township

Marian S. Nelson-Cole a/k/a Marian Nelson Estate, Sharon M. Jodon, and Susan E. Nelson-Zong to Sharon M. Jodon and Susan E. Nelson-Zong, 1478 Linn St., $1.

James L. Taylor III and Angela S. Taylor to Frederick L. Metzger Jr, 2294 Autumnwood Drive, $352,000.

Katherin L. Hickner and Michael A. Hickner to Kyle C. Kensinger and Melanie A. Parenteau, 709 Devonshire Drive, $273,000.

Carole M. Wills to Patrick Kasper, 751 Breezewood Drive , $258,000.

Antonio O. Moore to Matthew J. Cali, property located in Ferguson Township, $182,000.

Martin Turecky and Zuzana Turecky to Geoggrey S. Ehringer and Krista L. Ehringer, 1194 Northhampton St., $572,000.

Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, Johnson Farm Associates, and S&A Homes to Xiaoning Lu and Rongying Wang, 200 Hawknest Road, $278,454.

Stephen Mershon and Joyce A. Mershon to Liying Luo and Xiao Liu, 1346 N. Foxpoint Drive, $493,370.

George Lynn Hargrove and Mary Kay Hargrove to Sunita Mohd Fauzan Dillon and Samuel Adam Isaac Mognet, 136 W. Aaron Drive, $270,000.

Paul A. Roelle and Cynthia M. Roelle to Sarah C. Ritter and Dustin W. Ritter, 164 Red Willow Road, $359,900.

Gregg Township

Andrew W. Riddle to Pierre A. Leclair and Abigail L. Leclair, property located on Cooper Street, $186,000.

Bette R. Braucht a/k/a Della Bette Braucht Estate and Dennis Reif to Dale A. Haldeman, 699 Lower Georges Valley Road, $870,000.

Mary Marcum and William Marcum to Andrew William Riddle and Kristen B. Riddle, 128 Bilmar Lane, $345,000.

John B. Smith and Catherine F. Smith to John B. Smith and Catherine F. Smith, 246 Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Shirley J. Depalma by Attorney to Charles T. Ruffing Jr. and Jennifer L. Ruffing, property located on Marnego Road, $230,000.

Jonathan B. Riding and Trisha Riding to Robert C. Shedd and Bethanne M. Shedd, 102 Macintosh Court, $321,600.

Christian Fishel to Crystal L. Egan, 3171 Halfmoon Valley Road, $375,000.

Brendan J. Goss and Lisa M. Goss to Mark M. Lozinski and Regina H. Lozinski, 512 Lutz Lane, $329,000.

Harris Township

James T. Candor Jr. and Lee Ann Hess Candor to Robert S. Hodder Jr. and Susan Lyn M. Hodder, 1407 Breton Circle, $286,000.

Garth A. Benton and Sarah J. Benton erroneously spelled Sara J. Benton to Kevin A. Snook and Margaret J. Slattery, 810 Outer Drive, $375,000.

J. Garry McShea and Priscilla A. McShea to James A. Toto, Antonette R. Toto, and Diane Marie Dearmitt, 140 Lee Ave., $90,000.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Zachary R. Morgan and Cynthia A. Young, 126 Derek Drive, $524,900.

Jeffrey T. Stetson and Marlene G. Stetson to Daniel F. McKinley, 120 Gaylord Lane, $630,000.

Ronald E. Vezza to Carol Lunkenheimer, 180 Beacon Circle, $382,000.

Howard Borough

William E. Chambers and Gloria Chambers to William E. Chambers III, property located on Graden Street, $1.

Jonathan T. Long to Ross C. Hoy, 148 Hogan Lane, $168,000.

Howard Township

James F. Lewis and Deborah A. Lewis to Stacey R. Flick and Amanda A, Flick, property located on Schwab Town Road, $5,500.

Huston Township

Lois E. Reese Estate, A. Judith Watson, and Matthew Reese to Steven L. Reese, 116 Steele Hollow Road, $1.

Nancy Ellen Hepfer Estate, Charles Max Hepfer III, William Edward Hepfer, and Judith Ann Hurd f/k/a Judith Ann Confer to Charles Max Hepfer III, 3898 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Dorothy J. Etters by Attorney and David A. Etters to Jay A. Bitner and Donna M. Bitner, property located on Liberty Street, $2,700.

Patton Township

Geoffrey T. Cozine and Rebecca J. Cozine to Elizabeth A. Minich and Joseph R. Minich, 207 Pickwick Ave., $237,500.

Coltn Green to Coltn Green, 448 Meeks Lane, $1.

Asif Khatri to Michael R. Lebo and Brenda J. Lebo, 149 Bolton Ave., $65,000.

Joel T. Blunk and Kristen Saacke Blunk to Michael S. Ozaki and Brianna N. Hall, 207 Bellvue Circle, $252,000.

Nancy L. Schwartz and Gary M. Gdula to Leslie L. Pitzer, 745 Galen Drive, $182,000.

Joanne Rutkowski, Arthur S. Dervaes, Carol S. Gall by Agent, and Mark E. Gall by Agent to Valerie Flamini Caldwell, 388 Oakwood Ave., $262,000.

Michael G. McCaulley and Katie L. McCaulley to Marion M. Mason, 2625 Buffalo Run Road, $190,000.

Thomas C. Koppmann and Laura E. Koppmann f/k/a Lara E. Wutz to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 139 Gibson Place, $412,100.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to George Charles Brawley and Charlene J. Peachey-Brawley, 139 Gibson Place, $412,100.

Philipsburg Borough

Marilyn P. Schaar to Marilyn Schaar Living Trust and Marilyn Schaar, 107 N. Fourth St., $1.

James A. Doran to Joseph P. McGee, 931 E. Presqueisle St., $34,600.

Potter Township

Brian B. Wisner to Theodore L. Coulter, 135 Coulter Lane, $235,000.

John P. Kertis to Eric P. Fye and Shanna L. Fye, 144 Tyler Road, $210,000.

Rush Township

Paul John Gallo, Michal Marie Mease a/k/a Michal M. Mease, and Lisa M. Sievers to Alfred C. Sievers and Lisa M. Sievers, 636 Loch Lomond Road, $1.

Marian L. Martin, Robert J. Hentschel and Mary Hentschel to Coy L. Thomas Jr. and Jenifer L. Thomas, 1870 Hannah Furnance Road, $305,000.

Jaro Development Company Inc to Donald A & Annamae Paladina Living Trust, property located on Tyrone Pike, $60,000.

John F. Peters to Stephanie Walters to Lester Randall Walters, property located on Retort Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Stephen E. Caldana and Kathy J. Caldana to Stanley G. Orth and Sandra E. Orth, 854 E. Sycamore Road, $1.

Peter A. Passuello, Paul M. Rogus, and Dennis T. Rogus to P&D Camp LLC, Kato and Eleven Roads, $1.

Spring Township

Kay Y. Deeg Estate and Cynthia F. Manning to Susan M. Steinike, 120 Jonathan Lane, $190,000.

Diana Hershberger f/k/a Diana Brueckner to Robert Pacella and Dana Boddorf-Pacella, property located on Lighthouse Lane, $125,000.

Judy S. Haranin, Henry Scott Haranin, and Jane L. Haranin to Henry Scott Haranin and Jane L. Haranin, 421 Valentine Hill Road, $1.

Joshua L. Klenzing and Megan L. Klenzing to Evan M. Smith, 306 E. College Ave., $157,500.

Chassidy M. Rellinger and Jeremy A. Rellinger to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust and Amber Leissner, 202 Wiltshire Drive, $305,000.

GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust and Amber Leissner to Jenna M. Holsberger and Michael T. Holsberger, 202 Wiltshire Drive, $305,000.

Jesse M. Carl and Sheila E. Carl to Darren M. Petrunak, 103 Patricia Lane, $179,900.

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Kathleen A. Gibson, 210 Jonathan Lane, $181,360.

John A. Leiter and Rhonda R. Leiter to Thomas J. Harris and Janet L. Harris, 102 Jenjo Drive, $290,000.

State College Borough

Karen Zelinsky Kite f/k/a Karen Zelinsky and John Kite to Christopher A. Beem and Patricia C. Beem, $398,000.

Herbert A. McKinstry to Pugh St LP, 522 S. Pugh St., $1.

S. Diane Brannon to Theodore John Hovick Jr. and Katherine Miller Hovick, 511 Ridge Ave., $358,500.

Ari Kelman and Lesley S. Kelman to Abigail F. Jones and Christopher R. Jones, 420 S. Patterson St., $695,000.

Stephen O. Hopkins and Elisa S. Hopkins to Stephen O. Hopkins and Elisa S. Hopkins, 450 Glenn Road, $1.

Kevin A. Snook and Margaret J. Slattery to Catherine T. Lauvaux and Thomas C. Y. Lauvaux, 320 E. Whitehall Road, $300,000.

Matthew B. Royer and Kerry M. Royer to Kathryn E. Oyler and Jared W. Oyler, 227 Hillcrest Ave., $392,000.

Gregory Fox and Sheila G. West to Sascha D. Meinrath, 530 W. Fairmount Ave., $528,000.

GRK Associates to William C. Yarnell and Victoria A. Yarnell, 1530 Blue Course Drive, $125,000.

Gregory M. Buechele and Trevor J. Walter to Nittany Houses LP, 456 E. Beaver Ave., $325,000.

Andrew Daniloff and Adrienne Vesely n/k/a Adrienne Daniloff to Michael P. Walsh and Kimberly A. Walsh, 642 Fairway Road, $327,900.

Thomas C. Falvo and Anne L. Falvo to Hayley R. Springer, 1743 Blue Course Drive, $148,000.

Thomas P. Wilson and Danielle M. Wilson to Beaver Ave LP, 637 W. Beaver Ave., $320,000.

GD Kissinger Testamentary Trust and David B. Lee to Colleen Alice Seehafer, John G. Kissinger, and Brian F. Kissinger, 108 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Robert J. Kearney Jr., Bogumila Kearney, and Robert S. Kearney to Thomas G. Pilato, Tracy L. Pilato, and Noah A. Pilato, 239 S. Sparks St., $260,000.

Union Township

Edith A. Benner to David S. Benner, 395 Dix Run Road, $1.

Walker Township

Frank Emmerling to Diana Bowser and Christian Bowser, 602 Mountain Stone Road, $130,000.

Gary K. Kellogg and Jerie L. Kellogg to Colby R. Peters and Whitney S. Peters, property located on Benner Road, $84,000.

E. Marie Barrickman n/k/a Elizabeth M. Bradley and Daniel M. Bradley to Gautum Srinivasan, 103 Pebble Lane, $132,000.

Robert E. Tate by Attorney a/k/a Robert Edwin Tate Sr., Ellen J. Tate a/k/a Ellen Jane Tate by Attorney to Gregory A. Butts and Shawnie K. Butts, 806 Nittany Valley Drive, $89,274.06.

Worth Township

Carlton L. Miller and Sandra L. Miller to Derrik J. Wolpert and Rachel S. Wolpert, property located on East Mountain Road, $45,000.

Douglas E. McConnell and David B. McConnell to Daniel Cory Weaver, property located on Port Matilda Highway, $45,000.