Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: July 11-15, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 11, 2016, through July 15, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Sarah E. Osman Estate and Cathy M. Young to Cam D. Capurso and Elizabeth A. Capurso, 215 E. Burrows St., $93,000.

Cynthia L. Galbraith and Jay A. Galbraith to Gary G. Wilt and Shirley J. Wilt, 240 S. Monroe St., $146,000.

Janet Smith to Donald J. Fagerty, 356 S. Spring St., $45,000.

Benner Township

Ronald E. Burris and Patricia G. Burris to Ryan Glasgow and Callandra Glasgow, property located on Purdue Mountain Road, $19,000.

David R. Bliss and Martha J. Bliss to Laura Anderson and Timothy Sellers, 132 Mountain Creek Lane, $146,000.

Shirley W. McClellan Estate, Keith L. McClellan and Kimberly S. McClellan to Cody Ritchey, 231 Armagast Road, $190,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Eric L. Dreibelbis and Abby L. Dreibelbis aka Abby L. Thorton to Jared D. Burrows and Megan E. McAlpine, 133 E. Allison St., $189,716.

Charles S. Hosterman Jr. Estate and David A. Hosterman to Richard Hosterman and Sheree Hosterman, 112 N. Schaeffer Ave., $1.

College Township

Richard L. Gordon Estate and Nancy E. Gordon to Nancy E. Gordon, 214 Horizon Drive, $1.

Barbara H. Saxton, Scott W. Hahn, and Fred K. Hahn to William J. Saxton and Barbara H. Saxton, 1633 Hawthorn Drive, $1.

Timothy A. Craul to Brian Godish, 2505 Buchenhorst Road, $189,900.

Michael A. Thompson and Lauren Steinberg to Lauren Steinberg, 641 Matilda Ave., $1.

Ferguson Township

S&A Homes Inc, WPSH Associates, Don E. Haubert by Attorney, Thomas F. Songer by Attorney, and Robert E. Poole to Brian R. McCleary and Chastity L. McCleary, 1381 Sconsett Way, $175,000.

Dorothy Jodon Flood and David A. Flood to Ferguson Township, property located on Vairo Boulevard, $1.

Daniel D. Sahakian and Ludmila K. Sahakian to Armen D. Sahakian, property located on Cinda Drive, $1.

Thistlewood Associates to Randall L. McEntaffer and Jennifer McEntaffer, 110 Meadowview Drive, $97,000.

Andrew W. Garban to HBS Real Estate LLC, 2305 Circleville Road, $128,000.

Stephen W. Brown and Nicole R. Brown to Peter B. St. Andrews and Ashley E. Henning, 130 Sycamore Drive, $220,000.

Jason T. Arnold and Tarah N. Arnold to Sean B. O’Donnell and Caitlin K. O’Donnell, 2260 Red Oak Lane, $479,000.

Stephen E. Miller and Sarah E. Miller to Ron Siegel and Juyeon Kim, 1317 Ridge Master Drive, $605,000.

Jeffrey M. Shanahan and Tara M. Shanahan to Barbara L. Bridendolph, 1964 Harvest Circle, $268,000.

Maureen A. Macaleer to Channa C. Reddy and Ursharani C. Reddy, 3222 Shellers Bend, $365,000.

Haines Township

Daniel W. Herr and Dawn M. Herr to Christian J. Herr, Glenda D. Herr, Daniel W. Herr, and Dawn M. Herr, 6103 Penns Valley Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Danelle C. Delcorso to Danelle C. Delcorso and Shawn J. Neidig, 94 Corfield Lane, $1.

William D. Knisely and Becky R. Trate to Robert W. Ovitz, 61 Cedar Ridge Drive, $480,000.

Robert A. Denner and Ann Marie Denner to Ted B. Schultz and Kristi A. Schultz, 257 Lutz Lane, $355,000.

Harris Township

Marcile A. Tressler aka Marcile A. Fisher Tressler by Attorney to Sam H. Chaar, 1022 Outer Drive, $305,000.

GTW Associates to Jeffrey T. Stetson and Marlene Stetson, 465 Homestead Lane, $74,500.

Anthony P. and Kathleen Marie Desiderio Revocable Trust, Anthony P. Desiderio, and Kathleen Marie Desiderio to Anthony P. Desiderio and Kathleen Marie Desiderio, 133 Settlers Way, $1.

KBBH Partnership to Christopher Coates, 180 Kestrel Lane, $218,103.

Liberty Township

William L. Dittmar and Sharon K. Dittmar to Arthur P. Staddon and Marcia Robb-Staddon, property located on Monument Orviston Road, $61,300.

Marion Township

David L. Emery Sr to Darrell Joseph, 4317 Jacksonville Road, $67,500.

Kenneth E. Lucas and Susan K. Mitchell to Kenneth E. Lucas & Susan K. Mitchell Trust, 1975 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Millheim Borough

Donald R. Boob by Attorney to Byrd M. Futhey, 112 Mill St., $167,500.

Patton Township

Shaun A. Mills and Rachel T. Mills to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, 267 Oakwood Ave., $139,900.

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to May Lee, 267 Oakwood Ave., $139,900.

Steven W. Garner and Taylor C. Garner to Sarah Root, 360 Ghaner Drive, $223,000.

Robert J. Deak Living Trust and Robert J. Deak to Alan S. Miller and Theresa M. Miller, 1819 Woodledge Drive, $395,000.

Harry E. Houtz and Janet M. Houtz to Harry E. and Janet M. Houtz Revocable Living Trust, Harry E. Houtz, and Janet M. Houtz, 342 Strouse Ave., $1.

Benjamin T. Adams to Elena V. Sineva and Mikhail A. Sinev, 2113 N. Oak Lane, $219,750.

Charles P. Eck and Paula B. Eck to Daniel John Larson, 123 Sara Way, $519,000.

Potter Township

Thomas S. Douthit, Audrey W. Douthit, and Douthit Family Revocable Trust to Ravi Patel and Deanna Patel, 225 Chestnut St., $385,000.

Jean L. Muthersbaugh a/k/a Jean Louise Muthersbaugh by Agent to Jacob Muthersbaugh, 364 Taylor Hill Road, $1.

Merrill H. Duck Estate, Tima M. Parada, Lawrence L. Parada, and Norman L. Duck to Elam G. Stoltzfus, Elsie B. Stoltzfus, Daniel F. Stoltzfus, and Malinda Stoltzfus, 454 Manor Road, $70,000.

Rush Township

Laura J. Shoff f/k/a Laura Jean Cartwright and Bradley K. Shoff to Timothy J. McFarland, 3394 Tyrone Pike, $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Timothy J. McFarland and Candace McFarland to Craig Livergood and Cathy Livergood, 104 W. Park Ave., $169,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Charlene S. Martin f/k/a Charlene S. Richardson to Robert C. Stanford, Donna M. Stanford, Donald P. Thompson, and Jessica L. Thompson, 294 Lucas Ridge Road, $165,000.

Spring Township

Darlene D. Bellissimo to Stephen P. Miceli, 122 Skyview Drive, $234,000.

Koltay Homes Inc to John A. Leiter and Rhonda R. Leiter, 198 Rosewood Cove, $271,936.

Richard W. Swanger Jr and Carrie J. Swanger to Corey M. Robinson and Danielle N. Lidgett, 742 N. Harrison Road, $199,900.

Brockerhoff Acquisition Group Inc to Gary G. Wilt, 126 Wiltshire Drive, $1.

Brockerhoff Acquisition Group Inc to Gary G. Wilt, 119 Wiltshire Drive, $1.

State College Borough

Richard G. Swails and Louise E. Sandmeyer to Melissa M. Deines, 1340 Sandpiper Drive, $315,000.

William J. Kenney, Kathryn B. Kenney, Joseph L. Kenney, Matthew S. Kenney, and Jacqueline M. Kenney a/k/a Jacqueline M. Kenny to William J. Gault, Ann M. Gault, Ryan B. Gault, and William Jos Gault, 445 E. Foster Ave., $299,000.

James H. Meyer and Michelle M. Abrams to James H. Meyer and Melisa Sue Meyer, 1327 Old Boalsburg Road, $479,000.

Urban Villiage LLC to Karch LLC, 883 W. College Ave., $2,445,000.

Walker Township

Benjamin L. Whitehill to Kenneth H. Ingram and Stacey M. Ingram, property located on Nittany Ridge Road, $1.

Diana L. Frazier to Thomas J. Ebersole and Maryanna L. Ebersole, 614 Mountain Stone Road, $140,000.

Worth Township

Thomas E. Mitchell and Laurice C. Mitchell to Peter R. Allison and Kristin E. Von Wald, 14 Greyhound Lane, $430,000.