Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 20 - June 24, 2016

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 20, 2016, through June 24, 2016, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 109 N. Thomas St., $10.

Gregory S. Brown and Colleen J. Brown to Roxiesma LLC, 137 W. High St., $300,000.

Benner Township

Parkside Homes LLC to James A. Woods and Diane L. Williams, 240 Aster Ave., $437,804.

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Garen W. Smith and Laura Anne L. Smith, 269 Aster Ave., $1.

Sarah A. Jones to William T. Gregor Jr. and Joyce A. Gregor, 173 Fultons Run Road, $184,500.

Boggs Township

Hilda L. Michael to Steven Kim Michael, 341 Fetzertown Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to David E. Etters, property located on Cedar Drive, $19,109.

Centre Hall Borough

Keith B. Luse Sr. and Sharon B. Luse to Keith B. Luse Jr. and Heather L. Luse, property located on Miles Alley, $1.

College Township

Allen F. Williamson a/k/a A. Fred Williamson and Rebecca S. Williamson to Jason A. Williamson and Lindsay I. Williamson, 320 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

Bruce A. Rosengrant and Lauren K. Rosengrant to Margaret E. Zink and Jeremy M. Svitana, 1244 Mayberry Lane, $273,000.

New Again Homes LLC to Sara J. Brownson, 122 Panorama Drive, $185,000.

Mark Oliver and Carol Oliver to Gregory S. Andrews and David M. Strock, 119 Merry Hill Road, $429,900.

Todd C. Lajeunesse and Sara D. Lajeunesse to Jingjing Li and Qunwei Zheng, 101 Ronan Drive, $115,000.

Abdul H. Aziz to Christopher R. Phillips and Daydre C. Phillips, 155 Winchester Court, $206,000.

Heber K. Farnsworth and Debra S. Farnsworth to Erin C. Long and Roy A. Long, 240 Oakwood Drive, $490,000.

Ethel E. Korab a/k/a Ethel Elizabeth Korab Estate, Ethel E. Korab Revocable Trust and Darlene T. Korab to Gerald Dodds, 305 Village Heights Drive, $172,500.

Todd D. Weber and Dana E. Weber to Dana E. Weber, 184 Florence Way, $1.

Miles P. Cummins to Michael S. Collins, 1400 Houserville Road, $205,000.

Brian J. Blair to Miles P. Cummins, 1619 Houserville Road, $245,000.

Donald K. Batchelor to Sheri Lynn Martinelli and Nathaniel Lewis, 114 Scenery Court, $250,000.

Ferguson Township

Ashley Brady and Justin Harford to Sarah A. Valsechi, 348 Madison St., $259,500.

Peter M. Nelson and Anna M. Nelson to Mehdi Kiani and Farnaz Tehranchi, 120 Meadowhawk Lane, $325,000.

Abdulkhaleq A. Alhabib a/k/a Abdulkaleq A. Alhabib and Hayat M. Almubarak to Abdulkhaleq Alhabib and Hayat M. Almubarak, 143 Rushcliffe St., $1.

William G. Burket Trust, Kathryn L. Burket Revocable Trust and Keybank to David G. Burket, 4500 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

Neil Breneman and Catrina Breneman to Weiya Xue and Hongyan Wang, 2353 Raven Hollow Road, $291,000.

Mintz Family Trust and Karin Mintz Pighetti to Karin Mintz Pighetti, 3301 Shellers Bend, $1.

Eric Thomas Harvill and Stephanie Leigh Harvill to Molly E. Tomlin and Scott T. Yabiku, 740 Teaberry Lane, $611,000.

Barbara M. Lee to Victor B. Downing and Kathleen M. Downing, 693 Berkshire Drive, $260,400.

Peter D. Bennett Estate and Mary Lou Bennett to Mary Lou Bennett, 4316 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

Marie H. Devinney to Kathleen A. Eich, property located on East Pine Grove Road, $2,000.

Gregg Township

Richard G. Stover and Peggy Faye Stover to Richard G. Stover and Anne M. Stover, property located on Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Haines Township

John E. King and Anna K. King to Samuel M. King and Sadie M. King, 6160 Penns Valley Road, $1.

Byrd M. Futhey to John E. King and Anna K. King, property located on Fiedler Road, $433,000.

Halfmoon Township

Charles P. Jones Sr and Nadine R. Jones by Attorney to Charles P. Jones Sr., 240 Ira Lane, $1.

S&A Homes Inc. to Bradley A. Cornali and Kristi L. Cornali, 140 Stable View Drive, $455,320.

Carol Brace Lux and Gregory J. Lux Sr. to Sean L. Sanner Sr. to Leeann D. Sanner, 3276 Halfmoon Valley Road, $129,900.

Gerry L. Schmader and Sherry C. Schmader to National Residential Nominee Services, 87 Saddle Ridge Road, $378,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Galen A. Lents and Jessica M. Lentz, 87 Saddle Ridge Road, $378,000.

Harris Township

Elizabeth W. Macdonald to Bradford J. Foley and Elizabeth R. Kagehiro, 1462 Willowbrook Drive, $355,000.

John M. Hulson and Jolene K. Hulson to Joseph H. Hart IV, Karin E. Long and Joan H. Long, 1438 Willowbrook Drive, $265,000.

Marlin J. Dunlap by Agent and Helene M. Dunlap to Larry A. Crilley and Kerry M. Crilley, 113 Settlers Way, $385,000.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Eric M. Long and Emily Snow Long, 135 Derek Drive, $524,000.

KBBH Partnership to Kelly Ann Braun, 190 Kestrel Lane, $197,426.

Howard Borough

Thomas M. Kotzur to Thomas M. Kotzur and Jennifer C. Kotzur, 266 School St., $1.

Howard Township

Tyler J. Penland to Thomas E. Watson, property located on Swartz Hollow Road, $100.

James F. Lewis and Deborah A. Lewis to James F. Lewis and Deborah A. Lewis, property located on Schwabtown Road, $1.

James F. Lewis a/k/a James Lewis and Deborah A. Lewis a/k/a Deborah Ann Lewis to James F. Lewis and Deborah A. Lewis, 149 Schwabtown Road, $1.

Jerry T. Leathers Trust, Natalie J. Tedford f/k/a Natalie J. Nodianos and Jerry Thomas Leathers to Michael T. Mann, 580 Bullit Run Road, $153,700.

Milesburg Borough

Andrew Phillips and Jennifer Phillips to Levi W. Miller, 113 Turnpike St., $137,000.

Patton Township

Gerard A. Hauser Jr. to Joshua S. Fuller, 8501 Galen Drive, $180,000.

Galen A. Lentz and Jessica M. Lentz to Jennifer R.S. Todd and Chad D. Todd, 547 Brittany Drive, $295,500.

Jeffrey M. Urbanski and Heidi L. Urbanski to Peter J. Sharpe and Katherine E. Sharpe, 548 Brittany Drive, $357,950.

Haubert Home Inc. to Asif Khatri, 109 Bolton Ave., $664,700.

Dennis M. Bloom and Amy B. Bloom to Farshid Ahrestani and Savita Iyer, 419 Canterbury Drive, $235,000.

Robert H. Curtis and D. Gayle Curtis to Dennis Michael Bloom and Amy B. Bloom, 604 Severn Drive, $312,500.

Penn Township

Boyd A. Musser Jr. and Gail Musser to Boyd A. Musser Jr., Gail Musser and Mitchell G. Musser, 103 Sober Drive, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Joy M. Jones to Samuel Mahlon Estright and Wendy J. Estright, 114 Hillcrest St., $172,000.

Potter Township

Corey J. Feltenberger and Shelly M. Feltenberger f/k/a Shelly M. Summers to Corey J. Feltenberger and Shelly M. Feltenberger, 348 Decker Valley Road, $10.

Douglas G. Morrison and Diana M. Morrison a/k/a Diana M. Morrrison to Douglas G. Morrison and Diana M. Morrison, 140 Dove Lane, $1.

Laurie A. Judy to Chad V. Kuny and Sarah A. Font, 120 Garbrick Lane, $290,000.

Rush Township

Harold B. Miller and Ruth C. Miller to Michael D. Murphy and Tammy Jo Sessam Miller, property located on Mill Street, $1.

Wells Fargo Bank to Mikel R. Hutchko, 158 Whitetail Lane, $33,833.

Snow Shoe Township

David Douglas Miles and Lauren H. Miles n/k/a Lauren H. Foresman to Francis A. Sirianni and Raquel R. Sirianni, 111 German Road, $105,000.

Rowland E. Wallitsch to Sandra S. Wallitsch to David P. Schnellman, property located on Whitetail Lane, $1.

Rowland E. Wallitsch to Sandra S. Wallitsch to Michael P. Schnellman and Jennifer A. Jones, 333 Turkey Ridge Road, $1.

Spring Township

Nancy A. Ripka to Dennis T. Ripka, 159 Rex Lane, $1.

Beryle J. Thomas to Gary F. Burris, Nancy E. Burris, Shane D. Burris and Shelbi L. Smeltzer, property located on South Main Street, $1.

Andrew W. Breon and Alyssa B. Breon f/k/a Alyssa B. Tapper to Richard A. Ulrich and Samantha A. Ulrich, 151 Steeplechase Drive, $249,000.

Sean R. Kelley to Sean R. Kelley and Danielle Lynn Kelley, 180 Noll St., $1.

S&A Homes Inc. to Matthew G. Rosemeier, 505 Birchwood Lane, $1.

Patsy H. Benner to Ryan Anderson, 134 Oak St., $152,500.

State College Borough

Christopher J. Lincoski and Susan E. Lincoski to Shedra Snipes and Tobi Oyelesi, 508 E. Irvin Ave., $495,000.

John M. Denny and Joan E. Denny to Donna J. Nassry, 920 Hart Circle, $225,000.

Don A. Miller to Claudia M. Bjorkman, 143 W. Mitchell Ave., $1.

Daniel P. Eckenrode to Megan Lee Kobuck, 101 Faust Circle, $183,000.

Mark A. Nagle and Michele L. Nagle to Childhood’s Gate LLC, 200 Highland Ave., $169,500.

Bryan M. Moody and Autumn L. Radle to Robert G. Saylor, 529 E. Irvin Ave., $750,000.

Alexander Thomas Radosevich and Alham Saadat to Simon V. Leonard to Holly Nguyen, 204 Woodland Drive, $380,000.

Gilbert H. Friedman and Charlotte M. Houghton to Workman Group LLC, 316 Bradley Ave., $285,000.

Barry L. Holden, Vanessa Holden, Sara E. Holden and Brett A. Holden to Aubrey Bennett, JL Bennett Associates LP and Kelsie Bennett, 163 Hartswick Ave., $300,000.

Olivia J. Kuo and Kenneth K. Kuo to Roy J. Parra and Elisabeth A. Parra, 1217 Smithfield St., $395,000.

Walker Township

Ivan W. Wagner and Cindy J. Wagner to Ivan W. Wagner & Cindy J. Wagner Revocable Trust, Cindy J. Wagner and Ivan W. Wagner, property located on Hecla Mountain Road, $1.

Ivan W. Wagner and Cindy J. Wagner to Ivan W. Wagner & Cindy J. Wagner Revocable Living Trust, Cindy J. Wagner and Ivan W. Wagner, 409 Hecla Road, $1.

Ivan W. Wagner and Cindy J. Wagner to Ivan W. Wagner & Cindy J. Wagner Revocable Living Trust, Cindy J. Wagner and Ivan W. Wagner, property located on Hecla Mountain Road, $1.

Tina A. Gordon and Makala M. Rossman to Makala M. Rossman and Andrew Robert Rossman, 126 Harter Lane, $1.