Traffic counting stations pop up in area

During the past week, roads throughout the area have seen a proliferation of thick, black wires running from the center to the side of the road. No, they’re not speed traps.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is conducting a traffic survey in the State College area. The survey is on a three-year cycle and is expected to end in the next week, according to Caitlyn Light, PennDOT traffic analyst.

Tom Zilla, Centre Region Council of Governments’ principal transportation planner, said the traffic volume counting stations compile data that is used to analyze traffic patterns, which can lead to possible roadway and bridge expansion projects.

The stations set up in this area have two wires, which allow them to register the classification of vehicles. The classification data indicates the volume of large truck traffic on the roads.

The data is made public on PennDOT’s internet traffic monitoring website. The interactive website provides area maps that display the locations of the traffic counters and provides historical and up-to-date traffic analysis.

Although drivers may feel the need to slow down, Zilla said there is nothing motorists need to do and they can proceed as usual.

Leon Valsechi: 814-231-4631, @leon_valsechi