Rep. Thompson calls for more info surrounding Flynn resignation


One Centre County leader is calling for more insight into the situation surrounding Michael Flynn’s step-down as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, said in a statement Wednesday that more needs to be known about Flynn’s Monday resignation from the job amid allegations of talks with Russia.

“While the president is certainly entitled to hire and dismiss advisers as he sees fit, the resignation of Gen. Michael Flynn raises many questions that I believe warrant investigation and oversight from the legislative branch,” Thompson said.

That does not mean Thompson is necessarily tarring Flynn for his missteps, but that he thinks more information is required.

“With regard to reports that Gen. Flynn had contact with the Russian ambassador following the election, I believe the content of the phone call is important and warrants further inquiry. Also, I believe it is imperative to determine why individuals within the intelligence community would risk career, reputation, and possibly imprisonment to leak this information,” he said.

“I will not further speculate as to whether these actions were politically motivated or an effort to expose wrong doing, that should be left up to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to address during their investigations,” Thompson said.