Teen learns lesson after stealing prom dress from Diamonds and Lace

What one local dress shop did shows you can teach someone a lesson in multiple ways.

Diamonds and Lace staff realized a dress had been stolen and posted on Facebook Wednesday about the misdeed.

They knew who stole the dress — a State High student — but declined to reveal their identity or press charges if it was returned in good condition.

“We believe in second chances and believe mistakes can be amended,” Wednesday’s post said. “We will give the young lady a chance to amend her poor decision to shoplift from our store. We will not release the screenshots of photos the young lady posted to her Instagram (under her Finsta account) and Vsco accounts wearing our dress.”

They stayed true to their word Friday after the dress was returned.

“I had the opportunity to speak to her, privately, and at length,” Friday’s post said. “She was brought to our store by school representatives. She is remorseful for her actions....and understood the severity of them. We will not press charges against the young lady. We do not believe this to be enabling. We believe this to be a wake-up call for her and her peers. And if her and her peers are reading this, please appreciate this second chance you were given...not everyone is fortunate like that. Make correct decisions because the wrong ones will follow you.”