Metzger Animal Hospital plans to expand building


Metzger Animal Hospital needs more space.

Instead of looking elsewhere for a new home, the veterinary office is adding on.

Plans call for about a 3,000-square-foot expansion to the building’s existing 10,000 square feet. The purpose, Fred Metzger said, is “to dramatically expand our reception area and also treatment areas because of our continued growth.”

“Pet owners will greatly benefit because we’re expanding our main reception area from our current 800-square area to approximately 2,700 square feet,” he said. “This will allow for more comfort and examination rooms thereby decreasing waiting times for pets and people. We also decided to expand because of the rapid growth of our 24-hour emergency services. Pet owners appreciate that we’re there 24 hours a day, and we don’t charge extra for emergencies.”

The expansion plans are in the early stages — a development proposal was submitted May 19 to College Township.

Metzger said the changes would be complete in the next two to four years and that there will not be any disruption in services during construction.