Harris Township supervisors pledge net zero greenhouse gas emissions


The Harris Township board of supervisors at its meeting Monday adopted a resolution committing the township to developing and implementing a strategy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as feasible.

The resolution passed unanimously.

“A hundred percent is a great, lofty idea,” said board Vice Chairman Frank Harden. “But somebody a long time ago, a lot wiser than I, said, ‘Never make an absolute statement. It has a way of coming up and biting you later.’ ”

He said the township should push toward it and get as efficient as it can.

But Harden cautioned that the township not go “tunnel-visioned” into something.

Boalsburg resident Bob Potter spoke in favor of the the resolution and thanked the board for considering it.

“I believe this sets a standard, sends a message that starts us moving in the right direction,” Potter said.

It seems minor — little Harris Township, he said. But a lot of “little Harrises” and major cities around the world are making this statement.

Harris Township isn’t the only municipality in the region to make such a commitment.

The Ferguson Township board of supervisors in June unanimously adopted a resolution that, among other things, commits the township to develop and implement a strategy to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050.

Sarah Rafacz: 814-231-4619, @SarahRafacz