Dunkin Donuts opens new store, will launch another in 2018

Dunkin Donuts will open a store near Bellefonte in 2018.
Dunkin Donuts will open a store near Bellefonte in 2018. AP

Doughnut shops are opening at a rapid pace in Happy Valley, and the latest has launched.

Dunkin Donuts recently opened a new store at 1430 N. Atherton St.

“Obviously on North Atherton we’re getting a lot of traffic, and there is new construction and households in that area,” managing member Eric May said. “We were excited to work with Weis and negotiate some space there.”

The location of the store was too attractive to pass on. May said traffic on the southbound side of the road going toward Penn State and State College would draw more customers during the morning rush hour. Dunkin Donuts also strategically placed a store on the northbound side of South Atherton Street for the same reason.

May said the store, which is about 2,400 square feet with indoor seating, would hire 25 to 30 employees.

“It’s been excellent, and we’ve been happy with it so far because we have a great crew and great customers,” he said.

Dunkin Donuts will open a similar store near Bellefonte in the late spring or early summer. The store will be located off Benner Pike near Eagle Point Road.

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