Say your goodbyes. The closing date has been announced for the Rathskeller and Spats.

A peek inside the Rathskeller

Memorabilia fills the walls in the iconic State College bar, the Rathskeller.
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Memorabilia fills the walls in the iconic State College bar, the Rathskeller.

The end of an era is near.

The Rathskeller and Spats Café owners Duke and Monica Gastiger announced the closing date for the restaurants Sunday on Faceboook.

The last call for both eateries will by Jan. 27, about one month before the lease ends Feb. 28, 2018.

“Sadly, we will be closing our doors for our final good night on Jan. 27,” the Facebook post said. “We have a tremendous body of supporters who continue to let us know how this special place has been a part of their community.”

Reservations were recommended for dining at Spats.

The Gastigers, who own both restaurants, said Wednesday they are willing to sell the businesses and naming rights to the new tenants. They also do not know who the new tenants are.

The Herlocher family said they made an offer for the businesses, but were turned down. The Gastigers have also disputed that an offer was made by the Herlochers to buy the restaurants, instead saying the offer was only for the liquor license.

The Herlocher family, who bought the downtown State College property for more than $6.5 million in July under Cornelius LLC, has not revealed the identity of the new tenants. The Herlochers have said that the new tenants would continue to operate the Rathskeller as “you have always known it,” stressed the new tenants are Penn Staters who understand the value of the landmark’s legacy and that they are interested in retaining staff.

The Herlocher family has also called the Rathskeller a “community treasure.”

“The Skeller has remained a constant across 84 years and multiple operators and building owners,” the Herlochers said in a recent statement. “This is the place where our shared memories live. We all want this to endure as a place that has bound people to one another across generations.”