How much snow will you get? Some Pa. towns need to get their shovels out.

Snowy day in the country

Cars travel through the snow and wind in Centre County
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Cars travel through the snow and wind in Centre County

A winter wonderland will make an early arrival in Pennsylvania.

The amount of snow will vary by region, though the further north you travel the more snow there will be, according to a PennDOT statement.

Snow might amount to one inch Tuesday morning in Centre County, but the northern-central region of the state could receive 3 to 12 inches through the week.

An Alberta Clipper storm will cause the snowstorm across the Great Lakes and northeastern United States, according to AccuWeather. Snow showers and flurries will continue in Centre County and surrounding areas through Thursday, and there is a 5 percent chance more than 3 inches of snow will fall in the county.

No matter the amount, according to PennDOT, wind and low temperatures will cause slippery conditions on roadways.

“Sudden and heavy snow squalls are one of the biggest challenges that motorists, including PennDOT plow truck drivers, face during the winter,” PennDOT said in a statement. “Motorists need to be alert for sudden squalls that can quickly cause roads to become snow covered. Heavy squalls can also cause whiteout conditions that can greatly restrict or virtually eliminate a driver’s visibility.”

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