Boil water notice still in effect for Rock Spring customers

A boil water notice remains in effect due to an unexpected chlorine flow issue for those using water provided by the Rock Spring water company.

According to the company, the notice will remain in effect until results are returned from a testing facility — and no timetable was provided for when that may occur.

Customers have been frustrated by the response. Michael Twomley, among those affected by the notice served last week, said the issue was compounded by the lack of communication between Rock Spring and its customers.

“There is no website and no way to handle emergencies,” Twomley said. “All you can do is call and leave a message. Several years ago, because enough of us complained, we asked to be on a list. Once in a great while you’ll get an email, but it’s not inclusive.”

Twomley highlighted the difference in emergency management and communication between the State College Borough Water Authority and Rock Spring.

“If you live in the State College Water Authority area, they have people on call 24/7. We don’t have that,” he said. “When you call, nobody answers and you have to leave a message on the answering machine. Sometimes you get no response. Once in a great while you’ll get an advance notice.”

While Twomley said he felt comfortable brushing his teeth with water that was not boiled, he said his wife boiled water for things like ice cubes and cooking. Twomley added that he planned to purchase bottled water for those who are visiting for Christmas.

The company did not respond to telephone messages seeking comment. It emailed back a statement, however: “We understand the timing is an inconvenience and sincerely apologize to all our customers.”