Have you tried this year’s attention-grabbing treat at the Grange Fair?

Will you try this cotton candy burrito?

Incredible Popcorn is serving up a new sweet treat at the Centre County Grange Fair, the Cotton Candy Burrito.
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Incredible Popcorn is serving up a new sweet treat at the Centre County Grange Fair, the Cotton Candy Burrito.

The Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair doesn’t disappoint attendees with its unique selection of food, but the buzz this year surrounds the one-of-a-kind Cotton Candy Burrito.

Passing fairgoers looked at the creation with wide eyes and giggled at the array of sweets that were packed inside. Bellefonte native Claire Brownson, 9, opened her mouth as wide as possible as she tried to include every part of the jam-packed burrito in her first bite, before giving her approval.

CottonBurrito 2
Claire Brownson, 9, bites into the Cotton Candy Burrito from Incredible Popcorn at the Centre County Grange Fair on Monday, August 20, 2018. The new treat is layers of cotton candy, ice cream, a Twinkie and sprinkles. Abby Drey adrey@centredaily.com

What exactly is a Cotton Candy Burrito?

This elaborate treat consists of two layers of cotton candy, sprinkles, three scoops of ice cream and a Twinkie. The burrito gives off a sweet aroma and is about the size of a football. The sweetness of the cotton candy is balanced by cold ice cream, making this $6 dessert flavorful but not overpowering.

The burrito was created specifically for this year’s Grange Fair because its creators wanted something big and exciting to showcase. “We figured the burrito would do well with kids and campers,” said Carrie Evans. “There is nothing like The Grange Fair.”

CottonBurrito 6
The Cotton Candy Burrito for Incredible Popcorn has ice cream, sprinkles and usually a Twinkie, all wrapped up in cotton candy. Abby Drey adrey@centredaily.com

Evans and her husband, Jeremy, own Incredible Popcorn, located in Bloomsburg, and they’ve traveled to fairs and sold their unique foods for the last 15 years. The burrito is labeled as “Rick’s Famous Cotton Candy Burrito,” gaining its authenticity from Jeremy’s dad Rick, who also maintains a few stands at the fair.

Britnee McClellan tried this monstrous dessert and was surprised by its taste. “It’s actually good,” she said. “It’s hard to eat since it is so fluffy, but the ice cream tastes very rich and homemade.”

The Cotton Candy Burrito has been a big seller since its creation in July of this year. At Incredible Popcorn, they are known for their Super Shakes, which are elaborate milkshakes that are personalized by customers who can pick their ice cream flavor along with different add-ins, such as cookies, candy and lollipops.

Jeremy and Carrie Evans wanted to try a similar idea with different sweet treats, thus the Cotton Candy Burrito was born. The Incredible Popcorn stand is located near the Garbrick rides at the fair and also features edible cookie dough, lemonade, candy and caramel apples, 31 flavors of popcorn and many other treats.