A Centre County bridge is closed until further notice. Here’s why

A bridge in Haines Township that leads to Route 45 is closed until further notice, due to an incident with a tractor-trailer.

The bridge is on Fiedler Road over Pine Creek, between State Route 45/Penns Valley Road and Pine Creek Road, said Haines Township Secretary-Treasurer Susan Wenrick.

It is a low-volume bridge, said Wenrick, but a tractor-trailer over the bridge’s weight limit of 10 tons coming from Penns Valley Road on Monday clipped and removed the railing on the west side of the bridge.

Access to Penns Valley Road or Pine Creek Road will terminate at the closed bridge, Wenrick wrote in a legal notice.

Haines Township Roadmaster Mark Hosterman said on average, the road probably serves about 15 cars a day, mostly locals. The people who would be affected by the bridge closure would most likely just be the people living on Fiedler Road, Hosterman said.

The township won’t know how long the bridge will take to fix until the inspector comes, Hosterman said, and they don’t know when he’s coming.

Fiedler Road is one of several in the Penns Valley area that connect Pine Creek Road — a main township road that runs from Coburn to Woodward — and Route 45/Penns Valley Road.

Sarah Paez covers Centre County communities, government and town and gown relations for the Centre Daily Times. She studied English and Spanish at Cornell University and grew up outside of Washington, D.C.