The CDT’s expanded weekend edition launches Friday. Here’s what to know about the changes

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Over the past few months, it’s been eye opening to hear from so many readers, many of whom understand the challenges facing our industry. Some, like an energetic group who came out for last month’s meet-the-CDT event at the Inglebean in Millheim, have offered ideas and possible solutions.

Others, though, float impossible suggestions on how to improve and thrive in a digital world. One of those I’ve heard several times is to go back in time, look in our archives and replicate what we did 20 or 30 years ago.

Sounds easy, right?

But since those days of 24-page sections, much has changed. Most notably, the entire business model of the newspaper industry, a little thing called the internet and, perhaps most critically, reader habits.

Our new weekend edition — expanded papers on Fridays and Sundays and digital-only Saturdays — is one of the ways that we’re responding to changes in reader habits, and one of the tough decisions we’ve made to ensure our future.

We now reach more readers than ever before, and print is only one way people find our journalism. From your phone, you can read breaking news coverage such as the announcement of Allegiant Air’s arrival at University Park Airport. From your tablet, you can read in-depth coverage of topics that are important to our readers, including gaps within Centre County’s mental health system, or weather impacts on local farmers, broadband access for rural communities and more.

Go to our YouTube channel for behind-the-scenes looks at our stories, tours of new businesses, sports events, new development and more. When there’s a fire, road closure or something else that you need to know about immediately, sign up for breaking news alerts or log in to Facebook for live videos.

Unlike the all-print days of decades past, we’re truly 24/7 on CentreDaily.com and social media platforms.

Today, we launch our CDT expanded weekend edition for print, with more content in Friday and Sunday print papers and a Saturday eEdition. Here’s what’s new:

  • Four pages of the feel-good news many of you have asked for in a new section called Uplift. Find that every Friday in the B section.
  • Four pages of kids content — coloring pages, craft ideas and more — and puzzles and comics. Kids & Puzzles will be a separate section in every Sunday paper.
  • The return of the Opinion page on Mondays.

Without a Saturday paper, you’ll be able to find your Saturday sudoku and bridge in the Sunday Kids & Puzzles section. Saturday’s comics will be there, too. Lottery results will be in Saturday’s eEdition with expanded lottery results in Sunday print. The Saturday TV grid and On the Air will be printed in Friday’s paper.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to the new delivery method, please give us a call at 888-237-3801, or email us at customerservice@centredaily.com. We will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

As much as the ways people read us has changed, we know that the print habit is still strong for many of our readers. I get it. My dad has probably not been more than 20 feet from a newspaper for as long as I’ve known him. When he visits State College, he spends an hour every Sunday driving to every Sheetz, collecting newspapers.

So, for those who feel the Saturday Eedition is not an option, we hope you enjoy the expanded Friday and Sunday papers. Important local stories that might have been printed in Saturday’s paper will be included in later print editions.

For all of our readers, we invite you to CentreDaily.com on Saturdays, and to subscribe to newsletters and breaking news alerts to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Our eEdition, in addition to being a digital replica of the newspaper, includes dozens of ExtraExtra pages full of sports scores, market watch, national and international news and much more.

Thank you for your continued support of local journalism and our continued evolution.

Jessica McAllister is the executive editor at the Centre Daily Times. Contact her at 231-4617.