‘Walk away with something unique.’ New store opens in downtown State College

There’s a new addition to East Calder Way, and it’s unlike any other store in downtown State College.

Family-owned Cape Escape, with a colorful and inviting atmosphere at 244 E. Calder Way, primarily sells superhero capes and handmade dress-up items for all ages. All capes can be personalized on the spot, you get to choose whatever you’d like on it.

“We wanted to have a store downtown that offers a place for families and college students to come and make fun capes that are personalized,” Cape Escape co-owner Dawn Rivera said. “We try and make sure they aren’t generic like the things you find in big name-brand stores.”

Beyond superhero capes, Cape Escape sells customized tutus, handmade skirts, plush toys that can be dressed up, cape accessories and handmade soaps.

“Dawn has made these for a while, and after years of making it just for friends and families we both thought, ‘What if people could come in and buy our items instead of looking at a picture online?’ ” co-owner Rich Robert said. “Dawn and I opened this store so people could touch and feel our items, design it themselves, and walk away with a fun, unique gift for themselves or someone else.”

In the future, Cape Escape hopes to add hosting birthday parties to activities they offer, Robert said.

The couple hopes their store will draw more people to shop downtown and shop locally for handmade items.

“Greater scale I hope we’ll be able to offer something unique,” Robert said. “It’s something fun, something different. It’s a place where families can go and have a few minutes of fun and walk away with something unique.”

The capes can also be used for 5Ks, fundraisers or for Thon, Rivera said.

“Capes are easy costumes that students or kids could wear that aren’t a hindrance to what they’re doing,” Rivera said. “It’s just fun and show who they’re representing. Students can put the kids names on them and give them to the families.”

While the store officially opened this month, the owners said there will always be new things to check out.

“When you walk by our store, you shouldn’t expect that all we have are capes for kids. Come in, take a look around, and you’ll see that we have something to offer for anyone’s that interested,” Robert said. “Our inventory is growing as we continue to grow here. As time goes on, we’ll have more and more to offer.”