State College police offer students, residents safety tips for the winter break

State College police reminded both student and non-student residents to help reduce property loss and damage during the winter break by following a series of tips.

▪ Secure your residence: Lock all doors and windows and close all blinds and curtains.

▪ Secure valuable items: Take valuable items and small electronics with you if possible. Don’t leave valuable items in plain sight.

▪ Secure your vehicle(s): Lock car doors and park in a well lit area. Remove all valuables and electronics.

▪ Hold mail and newspapers: Don’t make it obvious that you are away.

▪ Don’t hide spare keys

▪ Ensure sufficient lighting: Buy a motion-sensitive light or a timer for exterior lights.

Police also request that the public remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious behavior or activity, such as:

▪ Unknown people knocking on multiple doors of houses or apartments for no apparent reason.

▪ Occupied vehicles parked in alleyways or along the street for an extended period of time.

▪ Vehicles driving down a street or through a neighborhood slowly or several times.

▪ People inexplicably loitering in a residential area.

The State College police provides a vacation home check service when manpower and calls for service permit. To request a vacation home check, visit the police website at http://www.statecollegepa.us.