New ice cream shop aims to fill a void in Spring Mills

A new ice cream shop is set to open Aug. 8 in Spring Mills.
A new ice cream shop is set to open Aug. 8 in Spring Mills. TNS

Residents of Spring Mills will no longer need to leave town to enjoy a tasty frozen dessert. Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop is set to open Aug. 8, between Pizza Heaven and the YMCA.

Owners Andy and Kristen Riddle were inspired to open the business after searching for a family entrepreneurial opportunity for several years.

“There’s not what I call a typical ice cream shop in our area. There’s no Dairy Queen or anything like that. We all like ice cream a lot and we were traveling a pretty good distance to get it. We were looking for something as a family business and decided, why not open an ice cream shop, for not only us, but also our friends and neighbors to enjoy?” Andy Riddle said.

While the couple’s prior business experience is primarily in the landscaping and concrete industries, they’re excited about the new venture and creating a space that’s more than just ice cream — it’s a community hub and resource.

Andy Riddle said the area doesn’t offer much in the way of jobs for local high schoolers and, so far, the couple has hired 10 to work at the shop, alongside their own two daughters. “There’s not a lot for kids to do out here, work-wise. We’re hoping we can employee as many as possible, help them out and work around their schedules.”

Working with his daughters has been one of Andy Riddle’s favorite aspects of opening the shop.

“It’s going to be a family business,” he said. “We’ll all be working there at different times and, for me, that’s been one of the most enjoyable things: bouncing ideas off each other, seeing what works ... I think just the family aspect of it has been the most rewarding for me.”

However, above and beyond providing employment opportunities, the family’s goal is to create a place for the community to converge, where neighbors and families can talk and socialize, while enjoying a sweet treat.

“We’ve (lived) here for 15 years and this is a pretty close-knit community,” Andy Riddle said. “We’re hoping we can almost be like a coffee shop, where people can come and see their neighbors and family that they haven’t seen for a while ... somewhere to meet your friends and family and just enjoy yourself.”

Riddle’s Ice Cream Shop will offer old-fashioned soft serve in the form of cones, shakes, sundaes, floats and more. Though the family expects to be open seasonally, through the end of October, they say they’re playing it by ear and may stay open through the winter season if business remains consistent through the colder months. Otherwise, it will re-open for the 2019 season in March. The shop offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with accommodations for 12–15 indoors and up to 20 outside.

In an effort to source locally, the shop features ice cream from Galliker’s in Johnstown and other items from W.A. DeHart Inc. in Lewisburg.

The shop’s hours will be 3-9 p.m. Monday–Thursday, 1-9 p.m. Friday and noon-9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.