Share our heritage | Confers football team

This photo shows the Confers.
This photo shows the Confers. Photo provided

Today’s photo is from Ralph Gray.

Gray wrote: “Here is a pic from the Dec. 14, 1936, edition of the Bellefonte High School newspaper, the Red and White.”

The article had the headline: Confers con-fer for picture

The article read: “Not many families can boast a complete football team made up entirely of the father and 10 sons. The Confer clan, renowned athletes, is such a family.

“For the past 15 years there have been Confer boys starring on the Bellefonte High School football team.

“The football family includes Captain Joe and Albert, of this year’s team. James, Clarence, Sam, John Jr., George, Harry, Earle, Claude and John Sr., father of this all-star family.

“Earle and Claude will undoubtedly become the stars of future Bellefonte High school football teams.

“Reading from left to right, the line includes James, Clarence, John Sr., Sam, John Jr., George and Harry. In the backfield are Albert, Earle, Claude and Joseph.”


Each Monday the Centre Daily Times will publish an installment in our “Share our Heritage” series, featuring photos from Centre County’s past.