State College cat predicts soccer winners

Dirk and Linda Copland’s family cat, Cass, is the star of YouTube videos choosing the winner of European Soccer games.
Dirk and Linda Copland’s family cat, Cass, is the star of YouTube videos choosing the winner of European Soccer games.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line.

And all Cass can think about are treats.

Cass, State College’s resident psychic cat, recently predicted the outcomes of Euro 2016’s first round. She only needs some food for motivation.

“Cass is a she and is very much a diva,” her owner, Dirk Copland, said. “Cass and I don’t get along that well. Only when it involves food she seems to come around. But she loves everything football. Cass and I have being doing these predictions for a couple of years, starting with the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. She had mixed fortunes and blames either the weather or the food for any incorrect predictions.”

Copland, who served in the British Royal Air Force and was recently sworn in as a United States citizen, uses his free time to set up videos of Cass “predicting” the outcomes of sporting events.

There isn’t an exact science to being a psychic cat.

“I lay down a football-pitch-type cloth with two plates of evenly matched identical food with the two flags of the represented countries playing in that match,” he said. “If Cass selects a nation, that counts as a win, which would equate to 3 points. There are four nations in each group and six groups.”

Some days, normal wet cat food works.

“Other days we had to use bits of cheese, and on occasion we tried pork cracklings,” Copland said.

If Cass has success, she could follow in the footsteps of famous animal psychics like Paul the Octopus.

“We are doing the Euro 2016 Championships, because I am a football nut,” Copland said. “We also did the Super Bowl, however Cass opted for the Panthers. Because she is a cat, I don’t think she was thinking straight that day.”

Copland is rooting for Germany — his mother is German — to win the Euro 2016. Cass predicted the Germans would make it to the second round, and the duo will make another set of videos in June.

He believes Cass may choose “Puuuurtugal” as the champion.

“We hope to explore further sporting avenues after the Euros,” Copland said.

Cass will take a stab at something pollsters haven’t quite figured out this election cycle — who will be the next president of the United States.

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