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‘Watch anywhere’: Communitywide effort underway to find dog missing from Port Matilda

Rosie, a Golden Retriever from the Port Matilda area, has been missing from her home since Aug. 16, owner Jennifer Lichty said.
Rosie, a Golden Retriever from the Port Matilda area, has been missing from her home since Aug. 16, owner Jennifer Lichty said.

When a Golden Retriever named Rosie was rescued from a breeding program two years ago, she was desperately in need of a good home.

“She was kept in a kennel her whole life, just bred for litters of puppies,” owner Jennifer Lichty said Thursday. “Once she was unproductive, they were looking to get rid of her.”

When Lichty got to her, she was “very thin and terrified of everything and almost everyone,” refusing to eat, drink or come out of a guest bedroom at Lichty’s Brothers Court residence in Port Matilda. Over the weeks, Rosie warmed up to the family, but was still frightened of several things, particularly thunderstorms.

That’s where the problem was, Lichty said. A storm rolled through the area on Aug. 16 and spooked Rosie, who ran from the yard and hasn’t been seen since.

Since then, Lichty said she’s been putting up fliers all around her neighborhood, notified local police departments and has left food and clothing on her porch, but no luck.

The Pet Recovery of Centre County Facebook page reported a single sighting in the Ridgemont development just east of Brothers Court on Aug. 18, saying Rosie was spotted in an open garage. Her family and a pet recovery team member went to the location, but Rosie had disappeared into the field area that connects to Buffalo Run Road.

Rosie is 10 years old wearing a pink collar with tags and is microchipped.

“We really need everyone’s help that lives near Skytop and Buffalo Run,” the page says. “We need another sighting and we need more shares.”

The pet recovery page has been posting updates on the search, noting that cameras and fliers have been distributed further into the surrounding neighborhoods and has asked everyone to keep an eye out.

“Please everyone keep watching those fields along 550 around Port Matilda/Stormstown and Buffalo Run Road,” Pet Recovery said. “Watch going over the Skytop Mountain on both sides. Watch along 99/322 especially the Toftrees areas. Watch the Julian Pike and 220 along Eagle Valley Road just in case she made over into those fields. Watch (Bernel Road) Park Area near the airport. Watch anywhere you are driving pretty much.”

The post has almost 2,000 shares on Facebook.

Lichty asked that if anyone sees Rosie, please get a picture and call 412-977-4692, saying not to chase her or make moves toward her at all.

“If she’s on the move, try sitting on the ground and being submissive, or call to her softly,” she said. “She’s very afraid. Don’t chase her, let her come to you.

“I’d be happy for any sighting at this point,” she added. “We just want to get our dog back.”