Historic Centre County building to receive state tax credits

A historic Centre County building is getting spruced up with the help of some state funding.

Gov. Tom Wolf announced a total of $3 million has been awarded in 2017-18 Historic Preservation Tax Credits to 21 projects across the state. And while a majority of these properties lie in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Philipsburg will be receiving a chunk of that money for one of its own buildings.

The Hoffer Building, which sits at 5 N. Front St. and was built in 1904, is set to receive a $75,000 tax credit allocation, Gov. Wolf’s office said, assisting in an estimated $350,000 in construction expenditures to turn the historic building into commercial use and apartments.

“Pennsylvania is proud of the historic buildings that define our unique cities and town,” Wolf said in a news release. “The economic benefits of historic rehabilitation and the impact of the historic tax credit program go far beyond one building and has the potential to spur reinvestment and revitalization in historic communities across the state.”

The tax credit program is administered by the state Department of Community and Economic development and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Rush Township, praised the credits in a Friday news release, saying, “The tax credits awarded through this program will play a vital role in revitalizing the Philipsburg Historic District, which in part will strengthen the local economy and bring new residents to the 77th Legislative District.”

Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe said, as the county has done with historic buildings in Bellefonte, it works to help turn these historic buildings into apartment and office space.

“It’s exciting to see the state taking a similar view to the Hoffer Building,” Pipe said. “The hope is that the investment into that building will spur additional investments into the surrounding properties. I think the Philipsburg community is the right community to make that happen.”