State College

Bear sighted in Patton Township

Patton Township is reminding residents to leave the bears alone.

According to a Patton Township police news release, officers responded to a report of a bear sighting at about 8:45 a.m. Tuesday near the Valley Vista Sheetz. Officers observed a “medium-sized black bear that eventually made its way into the wooded area behind Sheetz.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission offered the following advice to avoid attracting bears:

▪ Do not feed wildlife. Even bird feeders can become “bear magnets.”

▪ Don’t put garbage out until pick-up day.

▪ Keep your distance. If a bear won’t leave, call the Game Commission or local police for assistance.

▪ Stay calm. If you’ve surprised a bear, slowly back away — don’t turn and run.

To report nuisance bears, contact the Game Commission at 570-398-4744.